College Bells

Yes everyone, Christmas is looming just around the corner. In fact, it is only 5 days away and yes, you’ve guessed it – I have bought NONE of my Christmas presents yet, absolutely nothing… :/ But no, not due to the usual procrastination, due to college. This year my course co-odrinators decided to change our Final Year Project times to a very intense 10 weeks with the submission time@ 5pm on December 20th, 5 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! This has literally taken over my life and I have not had time to breath, particularly in the last 3-4 weeks. Although this has been stressful to say the least, my silver lining has finally arrived. I literally just submitted it. Printed, bound and beautiful I felt like I was sending my child off into the big, bad world and in one split second the world seemed like a much easier place to live in just by dropping it, no, not dropping it, placing it very VERY carefully, into the collection box. 


With all of the stress out of the way it’s now time to do exactly what the little baby Jesus intended – drink, eat and be merry! Tonight I’m going to my friend’s house and we are going to party like we’ve never partied before. I’m looking forward to 2 weeks of utter relaxation in which I sit in front of the fire, watching bad Christmas movies in the most comfortable clothes imaginable whilst eating my weight in Ferrero Roché – I am literally salivating as I type. Of course I now still have to get all of my presents and I have to study for the exam that’s on the 2ND DAY AFTER WE GET BACK (my course co-ordinators are dick-heads), but for now those problems are tomorrow’s. 


Here’s hoping that all of you guys are ready to take on Christmas with as much excitement as I am and for those of you who still have deadlines in the next few days, don’t worry – there is a silver lining 😉


Now, I’m off to the chipper to begin my long awaited affair with my Christmas diet.


Talk to you all later,



Pádraig 😉


5 thoughts on “College Bells

  1. “I have bought NONE of my Christmas presents yet, absolutely nothing… :/” I did that once…. After I recovered from the ulcer it gave me, I swore never again. Now I try and do it online sometime after Halloween.

  2. Ieonaa says:

    I have not bought anything for X-mas (except a fluffy toy dog which I shown mom, the one I bought it for, as she insisted…). Besides that…nothing. And it seems Santa won’t be visiting me either. No parties or anything planned, just a boring day at home.

    PS: Ferrero Roché are amazing but awfully expensive. I do accept those yummy things as X-mas presents if you can’t conquer them all.

  3. Katie Renee says:

    I can so totally relate. My professors, as awesome as they were, always thought that their one class was the only one I had. Therefore, I had tons and tons of time to do the huge projects they would dump on me come near the end of semester… not. So glad those days are over, but I miss that feeling of accomplishment and pride I used to get when handing in those huge projects. I might not have slept for a few days, but I knew an A was coming my way. And I could eat chocolate because I’d done something good. 😀

    Good luck with the Christmas shopping! You might want to go now. Like, right now. Because the weekends are scary and Christmas eve is going to be nightmarish. And I think it’s too late to do online ordering unless you want to sell out one of your unborn children in exchange for overnight shipping. The cute, small shops are always awesome, and way less stress than huge retail stores. Perhaps that might be a good place to start 🙂

  4. landofpod says:

    Haha, I went shopping yesterday and got ALL of my Christmas shopping done. It may have been a bit hectic with people bumping off of me left, right and centre, but it’s all over now so the only thing that’s left to do is sit back, chillax and eat allll the sweets 🙂

  5. So glad you got the present shopping completed with time to now enjoy the festive season…

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