Resolution: To never change.

OK, I know there have probably been about 50 billion million posts in the last few days about the new year and its resolutions, but yes I am going to join the pack.

The way in which I differ, however, is that unlike most who make resolutions just to make themselves feel better, or those who have decided not to make some because they won’t stick to it, I have decided that I’m not making one because I don’t want to change, not one single bit.

I mean of course there are things about myself which I could improve, I could go to the gym more, drink less alcohol, attend more classes, get better grades… Blah, blah, blah… But why don’t I want any of this? I’ll tell you why. Because I’m young. I’m a young, 20 year old guy who is full of life, has loads of friends and is always up for a party and those are things that I never want to change. OK, it may be a little bit embarrassing waking up the next day in a bed of Tesco cheese balls debating whether giving that bouncer my number or falling into the DJ box (no, not into the side of it,  literally inside into the DJ box) was the most shameful part of my night, but now I pose the question: who cares? These are the moments in life that make memories, that provide us with the stories we will one day tell our children and grandchildren, that make us who we are. We have plenty of time in the future to be nostalgic and think back on these times and you know what, even if our lives get cut short then at least we, and our loved ones, can know that we spent everyday that we had living our lives to their fullest.

Usually I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of rap, but recently I came across a quote from the deceased 2pac which said ‘Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive’ and this really spoke to me. It enlightened me to the fact that although I could do all of the things that one ‘should’ do, I don’t want to. I want to remain a free-spirited and uninhibited youth for as long as possible and, although I will inevitably mature as time goes on (which I do look forward to, don’t get me wrong), I want to love the life I’m living and live the life I love while I have the ability to do so.


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