Au Revoir l’alcool!

For those of you who know me and for those of you who have been reading my blog thus far I think it is pretty safe to say that you all know that I, Pádraig, am a drunken mess. It all started at the tender age of 15 when I first hit the town at a local social and got served without any problem and, more importantly, withot any ID. From that day on my love affair with alcohol continued to blossom until this very day. In fact, it went from me going out maybe once a week when I was younger to easily going on the beer with the lads 2-3 times a week in college! The persuasive thought pattern of ‘We’re young, why not right?’ has led to going out on many a night and to missing many a lecture the next morning. This has now come to an end, however, as I am standing up (actually sitting down on a stool to be honest) and declaring that I Pádraig Power am ending my long-term relationship with alcohol, well at least for 2 months…

It has come to my attention that I have only 2 months of lectures remaining in my entire degree (yes, that’s right I did just say that… ENTIRE DEGREE) and for this minuscule period of time I am going to buck up, attend lectures and, most importantly, stay away from the sweet, liver destroying treat that is my weakness: alcohol. Of course there will have to be some exemptions, namely the annual university’s ‘Clubs and Socs Ball’, St. Patrick’s Day(I am Irish, give a guy a break) and of course the all Ireland dancing intervarsities come the end of February, but this shall be all (I hope).

Asides from the obvious college attendance issues there are some other reasons why I want to give myself a break and perhaps ‘see other people,’ namely the gym and a clear mind in the mornings. Also, I think that maybe a little time alone might make me learn to respect alcohol a tad bit more and in the future I might wake up and actually remember more than one or two moments from the night before.

Of course vanity has come into the equation as well. I mean less beer equals less of a beer belly right? And of course the ever fantastic drunken photos. Think about it, how many days have you woken up to ‘so and so tagged 8 photos of you’ and sat there in desperation trying to remember when you saw this person the night before only to click into these photos and see just how much of a mess you were? This, compared to sober nights when you wake up the next day and think to yourself ‘Oh, some of these would make a nice profile picture’ is a big, big difference. Below you will see some examples of drunk me vs. sober me and you will feel my pain.



Finally, for those of you who will inevitably say to me at some point ‘Ahh you have to drink tonight sure we all are!’ I will direct you to my new music obsession:

Ciao for now,

Pádraig 😉


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