Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture Highlights

Elie Saab has just presented his Spring 2014 Couture collection and I have to say that it was stunning. The whimsical yet impacting show certainly left its mark with me and here I shall discuss some of my favourites in the collection.

As already stated, the show was full of whimsical pieces which were playful yet classic and it was evident that inspiration was drawn from many different areas. This was seen in the variety of colours and styles displayed from reds, to golds, to blacks and from bejeweled pieces to laced and striking draped dresses. It has to be said that 2 of my favourite items in the collection were these gorgeous draped gowns in which both the fit and every single line in the dresses were spectacular, perhaps making this theme the highlight of the collection for me.


Another major focal point in the collection was the aforementioned bejeweled ensembles. Seen below is a beautiful, strapless blue dress with sleeves placed just below the shoulders, adding a sophisticated touch of elegance along with another strapless, black, bejeweled beauty which has gradual frosting from the top to the bottom of the gown.



Finally, to end off this summary of Saab’s Spring Couture collection are 2 more colourful pieces. The first is a huge statement gown with a more than voluminous lower half. This gown is speckled with colours varying from orange to red and pink to purple all lying on a background which fades from black into white and certainly makes an impact on the runway. And the final dress to be seen in this post is another alluring strapless garb with an interesting neckline which flows from the more sophisticated bodice of the dress into a more whimsical, colourful, almost fairy-like lower-half.



Thus, overall this show was a huge success with not 1 disappointment to be seen.

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