Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Spring 2014 Review.

Upon endlessly scrolling through the Spring Haute Couture lines at this year’s Paris Fashion Week I decided to bundle both my favourites and my least favourites of the season and unfortunately for Alexandre Vauthier he has stumbled to near the bottom of the heap. Vauthier, known for showing both style and sex-appeal in his garments, took the phrase ‘sex sells’ a little too seriously this time round which ultimately resulted in a string of scantily dressed and horrifically styled models strutting what little modesty they had left down the runway. Seen below are some of the ‘outfits’ displayed at the show, including a very booby leopard print gown, with midrift and leg fully on display, and a completely see through body suit styled with more jewels than could be found in the crypts of Cleopatra herself :




Although Vauthier took the phrase ‘high-class hooker’ to a whole new level there were some items of the collection which were chic and stylish and almost (I repeat, almost) saved the collection, including this powerful, structured white piece and this flowing yet structured green cocktail dress (although both are a bit short in my opinion):



Sadly though, nothing could compensate for the overall lack of style and ‘Pretty Woman meets 2014’ garbs produced by Vauthier on the day. For now I’ll leave you with another piece of the collection that you are bound to remember:


Let me know if you guys agree or disagree with my thoughts on this collection and make sure to follow this blog for more fashion updates.

Here’s a link to my previous post:


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