Best and Worst Dressed of the 2014 Grammy Awards.

OK, so although this year has proven to be great so far with regards to red carpet style there always has to be one downfall and unfortunately last night led to many red carpet flops for some of music’s biggest stars. Along with initial disappoint due to the absence of numerous stars on the carpet, such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Gaga and Miley Cryus, the frocks which were donned left most feeling more than underwhelmed.

Although this is true, I’m going to start off with the few saviours of the night who pulled out their inner fashion goddesses and left us wanting more. 2 stars who looked beautiful on the night were the pregnant Ciara and American model Chrissy Teigen who both shone in golden, metallic, figure-hugging gowns which definitely drew all eyes on them. My undoubted winner for the best dressed lady at this year’s Grammys, however, is Taylor Swift. Taylor continued the metallic trend, but triumphed over her peers in a stunning chain-mailed, Gucci, floor-length gown which was both elegant and effortless. The gown paired with her simple, yet fresh and beautiful hair and make-up led to the star dazzling on the night. My 3 best dressed ladies can be seen here:

Ciara in Emilio Pucci:


Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson:


BEST DRESSED: Taylor Swift in Gucci:


Now we will regrettably discuss the worst dressed of the evening. As previously stated, this Grammys red carpet was more than disappointing and here are some of the reasons why, namely: Lorde, Madonna, Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield and Tasha Cobbs (whoever she may be…). Lorde opted for a full-sleeved, full length, ill-fitting black dress which did absolutely nothing for her figure. As a 17 year old girl one hoped that she would have been a little more fun and daring, or at least somewhat interesting, but the New Zealand songstress failed to deliver on every count. Her senior, Madonna, ‘followed suit’ in a ridiculous black tux, equipped with hat, cane and all, which led to a look resembling a costume as opposed to making a style statement. Bedingfield and Bareilles also greatly dissatisfied. Beddingfield was dressed in a yawn-inducing orange gown matched with hair that didn’t seem too sure whether it was matronly or beachy. Bareilles, however, tried to flare things up a bit with a rather youthful look, but this ‘brave’ look let us down with a surplus of feathers, an unnecessary train and casual, braided hair. Even though there were multiple fashion crimes to be seen the absolute worst on the night, for me, was Tasha Cobbs. The American singer wore a tight, blue gown with badly placed peplum and an odd fish-tail bottom which (OK, this might be a bit on the harsh side) instantly reminded me of a tightly wrapped, blue quality street sweet that I avoid at all costs come Christmastime. All of aforementioned worst looks can be seen here:

Lorde in Balenciaga:


Madonna in Ralph Lauren:


Natasha Bedingfield in Christian Siriano:


Sara Bareilles in Bluemarine:


Tasha Cobb : (see the resemblance?)



As always, let me know if you guys agree of disagree and which types of my posts are your favourites. Thanks for reading and remember, to keep in touch with the latest fashions just follow this blog. 🙂

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