Margot Robbie: Red Carpet Style Evolution.


OK, so most of you probably remember this blonde, Ozzie, bombshell as Donna from the one and only, Australian soap opera, “Neighbours,” but Margot Robbie has certainly come a long way since then, in both fashion and stardom. Granted, when Robbie first appeared on our screens she was a sweet, innocent, 17 year old girl and now she is a mature 23 year old young woman, which naturally  is bound to lead to some growth, but it has to be said that her style alone has grown exponentially in recent years. Margot has transformed from a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, naive teen to a smoldering, siren and this can be seen below. When she 1st began to grace the red-carpet she donned a not-so-there, pretty, yet childish and utterly underwhelming style which left her overlooked in the realm of fashion. Clearly lacking a stylist, the Queensland-born beaut also lacked luster and was in serious need of a style overhaul. Here are some images showing her earlier looks:

Here is young Margot wearing a strapless, pink, cocktail dress with open-toed white heels and sporting a terrible hairstyle entailing a wide, white hairband slicking back her golden locks at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in ’09:


Next she dons an ill-fitting, tiered, maxi dress which left the starlet with a lot of room for improvement: 


Soon after this Robbie tried to combat her flat style by kicking things up a notch and adding a flare of maturity into her wardrobe. Unfortunately, however, she ultimately lacked the finesse to pull off her more mature look resulting in outfits which either went over-board on sex appeal or left her looking much more than that of her 19 years:

Robbie in a horrific, over-sexualized, black and orange strapless, corsetted dress which went from short to long from front to back and showed off far too much skin, especially for someone trying to make it as a serious actress:


A neither here-nor-there look with poor hair, make-up and shoe choice which left us utterly underwhelmed:


Going to the complete opposite of the spectrum, Robbie then sported a secretarial, skirt and top combo which I wouldn’t put on someone even 20 years her senior. If possible, the addition of her huge, fake diamond earrings makes the look even more mature, thus badly finishing an already flailing look: 


Thankfully for the beautiful starlet, however, both her style and career blossomed hand-in-hand. Once the stunner’s career began to bloom her style swiftly followed. Along with her stateside move, Robbie began playing more mature, sexy roles, such as Pan Am’s Laura Cameron and the Wolf of Wallstreet’s Naomi Lapaglia, which reflected amazingly on her wardrobe. In recent years, she has become a style icon in her own right and has left the poorly dressed, little girl known to the masses as ‘Donna from Neighbours’ far behind her enabling both her career and fashion come ablaze. From cute to sexy, chic and effortless, Robbie has finally found her own with regards to her fashion choices and is now setting the world of style alight. Here are some of her recent looks which prove what a strong force the new Margot Robbie has become:

Margot in a cute, flirty, floral number at Disney ABC Television Group Host Summer Press Tour in 2011:


Pictured at a 2013 Vanity Fair event in a stunning, embellished, cocktail dress with perfectly swept back hair and gorgeous drop earrings:


Here we have Robbie wearing an Elie Saab jumpsuit at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards and cream Gucci gown with a plunging neckline paired with emerald green shoes at the Golden Globes:


Finally, we have Robbie’s collection of chic showstoppers at the Wolf of Wallstreet premieres:


Obviously, this talented actress has really come into her own in the past few years and we here at Landofpod wish her all of the best in both her fashion and acting ventures! We will most definitely be keeping a keen eye on her career and even more importantly, her red carpet looks which go along with it.

As always, let me know if you guys agree or disagree and to keep up with today’s fashion follow this blog.

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