Alexander Wang NYFW Fall/Winter 2014 Collection: Review.

After what seemed like forever New York’s Fashion Week 2014 finally reared its dazzling head on February 6th and here I will kick things off with one of my favourite runways of the week, namely Alexander Wang’s innovative collection.

From the get-go Wang ensured that his collection would resonate in his guests’ minds being the only designer to show at Brooklyn, thus already taking his show off the beaten track. As expected for Fall/Winter there were a lot of blacks and greys to be seen on the runway, what made Wang’s collection standout however, was his striking, impacting use of neons and stunning leather boots which not only stole the show, but injected a much needed oomph to NYFW. Another aspect which wowed on the runway was the shocking interplay between masculine and feminine which was seen throughout all of his designs. This was amplified by the slicked back, combed over hair and minimalist, barely-there make-up donned by the models. The location, the style, the setting and the quirks i.e. ending his show with a model conveyor belt, all led to Wang’s runway hitting the ultimate high-note.

As already mentioned, Wang showcased greys and blacks, masculinity vs. femininity and beautiful neons. Here we are going to stick to the designer’s vision and go through our highlights from the 1st to the last outfit which stomped down that runway.

Beginning with his harsh contrast between a modern woman and male clothing Wang began with a bang. Here he shows some structured, masculine pieces and even though the outfits are mainly composed of a mundane (yet fabulous) colour pallet hints of what is to come can still be seen with slight pops of colour emerging in both scarves and collars:



Along with the pops of colour and masculine/feminine play 2 other aspects of the above pieces which I love have to be the cleverly chosen brown in the boots which brightens the looks and the interesting introduction of leather, shirt-like panels which add a new dimension to Wang’s outfits.

Next he blows us away by abruptly introducing a huge wave of neons. These are showcased in stunningly executed knit dresses, tops and over-sized coats which can be seen below:


Loving the white soles on the above boots – yet again adding a modern twist to Wang’s styles!


I also absolutely ADORE that Wang has brought the neon colours of his garbs into cut-outs in his boots, yet again making his collection even more playful.


Last but not least we have this over-sized, brilliantly loud coat which is has to be one of the best pieces from the collection for me, along with incorporating almost all of the highlights of Wang’s Fall/Winter show in just one look.

Overall, it has to be said that Alexander Wang certainly did not disappoint on the runway and I’m sure that all of his guests were delighted that they trekked out to Brooklyn to view the awe-inspiring collection. We certainly cannot wait until next season to see what the brilliant designer brings to the forefront.

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