Sample of Favourite Men’s Looks for Fall/Winter 2014 Collections.


I know that a lot of men out there are seeking to let their inner style king emerge, but are a bit too shy to go all out for fear of heckles from the other ‘lads’ so to keep in spirit with this I am going to ease you guys in gently with a post mainly showing some of my favourite looks from this year’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collections with just a little bit of text. To add to my transition into the male fashion realm I am going to begin with some more high-street brands and ease my way into the high-end world.

Although I haven’t had much time to research, some of the male looks which have caught my eye the most are from brands Bespoken,  Bosideng, David Hart and Michael Bastian. Each of these designers have proven to produce stylish, fashion-forward designs without going too far out of the box which is something that I like to see in men’s fashion. So here it goes, have a look at my men’s favourites based on what I have seen thus far from including looks from New York Fashion Week:



Although more high-street than I usually include in posts, Bespoken produced classy-casual with ease and has some looks which could be pulled off by the every-day fashionable man whilst introducing some play with accessories.



I absolutely love the 2 above looks! The suit of the left shows an emerging trend with the medium-lined box patterned grey suit and is paired perfectly with the navy shirt and tie matched with the brown-red shoes which prevent it from being too dull. Alongside the gorgeous suit we see an effortless day look with the short-legged yellow pant really brightening up the grey knit jumper.


Seen above are 2 suits which, again, carry on the stylish, slate grey theme whist also introducing another – red suit shoes! I am obsessed with this new look which can be seen in a multitude of Fall/Winter collections from high-street to high-end and is a trend which I myself will definitely be following.


Finally from Bosideng, we have another grey suit paired with an ordinary jumper and light brown take on the Oxford shoe showing that not only can you dress up in suits, but you can also dress them down somewhat for a more informal, yet still stylish, event.

David Hart:


Although only showing 1 look from Hart’s collection this has to be one of my favourites thus far. In my opinion the scarf paired with the red suit jacket and back pants is gorgeous and yet again it incorporates my most prized trend of the season – the red Oxford.

Michael Bastian:

From starting with high street we are going to end with designer luxury from Michael Bastian. Bastian effortlessly showcased cool, class and sophistication in his collection with layering, accessories and quality being seen throughout the show. Here are a few of my most desired looks:


Again highlighting the grey and red combo this polished look changes things up a bit with some golden mocassins.


Cool, stylish, effortless. From the hat to the belt to the 2 shirts… I don’t think that there is anything for me to say.


Incorporating accessorizing yet again this looks just nails effortless chic!


To finish things off we have a gorgeous, show-stopping outfit. Yes there is a lot going on and yes this might look a slight bit odd on someone walking down the street, but you have to admit that every element of this outfit is exquisite. This is an example of what layering and accessorizing are all about and just how good they can look when done right.

OK, so that’s it for my 1st ever men’s fashion post and I certainly hope that you guys liked it!

As always, comment, like and share and make sure to let me know if you agree or disagree 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sample of Favourite Men’s Looks for Fall/Winter 2014 Collections.

  1. Loving the first look from Michael Bastian! I’m sure my wallet won’t love it though 😉

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