Sasha Luss: Taking The Fashion World By Storm.


Although probably not yet know by the mass market Elite Management model Sasha Luss has been one of, if not the, breakout fashion model of the last year (following Cara Delevingne of course). Luss’s origins match her looks hailing from icy Russia. The striking Russian began her career as a bright eyed, bushy-haired teen and the mousy-brown model certainly did not  have an overnight career, but since her recent colour change to a fierce icy blonde the stunner has sky-rocketed in the fashion realm and is taking no prisoners.

Fresh-faced Luss:


The striking beauty with bone-structure that most could only dream of has worked for some of the biggest names in the business and these fashion superstars include: Dior, Valentino, Vogue Russia, Exhibition Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger and  Elie Saab, amongst more. Here is some of my favourite work from Luss beginning with editorials:

Editorial Shots:








Tommy Hilfiger:


Vogue Russia:



Max Mara:


Exhibition Magazine:



Jean-Paul Gaultier:


Giambattista Valli:




So there you have it guys, one of the top models out there at the moment and, to be blatantly honest, my 100% favourite model of the moment (yes, she even beats Cara and Kendall)!

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3 thoughts on “Sasha Luss: Taking The Fashion World By Storm.

  1. Winona says:

    the fairest out of them all..

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