MTV Movie Awards: Disasters.

As stated in my previous post, this year’s MTV Movie Awards Ceremony was a fashion nightmare. Not only did numerous ‘stars’ such as J-wow et al. assault our eyes with their terrifying wardrobe choices, but fashion favourites such as Lupita Nyong’o and Holland Roden also left us down, donning outfits which were not appealing to the eye in the slightest! Multiple stars seemed to forget that, although this is one of the most fun award ceremonies, fashion still comes first and that you can have fun whilst still letting your fashion prowess shine through. We are going to kick things off with our worst of the night (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) – Lupita Nyong’o.

Although Lupita’s outfit did entail more fashion than others and obviously had some thought put behind it, it is my worst purely due to sheer disappointment. The 12 Years A Slave actress has been the one to watch throughout every 2014 red carpet and has shone, leaving everybody else in her shadow, which is why I was so shocked when I laid my eyes upon her mutli-coloured, horrifically patterned, paneled dress. Even though her hair and make-up were flawless they could not compensate for her failed fashion choices with this ugly dress and badly matched shoes. What’s worse is that there is something about this dress that could work, but with the way it was put together, it needs to be put straight into a bin-bag and incinerated, if at all possible.

Lupita in Chanel:


Next we have another shock with Bella Thorne in a horrible, boring, pastel blue mini – with flat hair to match. At the tender age of 16, Bella can be forgiven for making fashion mistakes, but the budding starlet has been showing promise in the last year which is why I am so disappointed. It must have been difficult for Bella to decide what to wear to this show as she is a role model for young girls everywhere so couldn’t over-sexualize her look, but this is definitely not the right track to go down. I think that she should take a leaf out of her co-star Zendaya’s book and go for pieces which are more fashion-forward and stop playing it safe – after all, if she is going to make some fun fashion mistakes now is the time for her to do it!

Bella Thorne in Versace:


Our final two flops of the evening are singer Pia Mia and MTV Teen Wolf star Holland Roden. Kanye West’s latest protege, Pia, did not hit the mark in any way shape or form. From what I can see, the emerging starlet took her inspiration from ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Hoochie Mama’ and ended up somewhere right in the middle. Rather than making her look like Princess Jasmine, the ugly fabric, massive earrings and horrid heels all led to Mia looking like she got dressed with the lights off, leaving me less than impressed with her and her stylist. Roden, on the other hand, is usually one to knock it out of the park, but she also left me underwhelmed. She hit the carpet in a Ferragamo look, but unfortunately the dress washed her out and the tailoring was a shambles. The uninspiring dress did nothing for her figure and even her pop of colour shoes were an utter disappointment. Check out the two starlets looks here:

Pia Mia and Holland Roden:


To finish off our post, we have the two worst male looks of the night, courtesy of Drake Bell and Tyler Hoechlin. Drake donned a baby blue disaster with wave-like hair and an ugly tie and then confusingly finished the look off with white trainers. I know the fading star must be trying to get some attention, but this is definitely the wrong kind. His outfit looks like something that you might wear to your sisters communion if you were a twelve-year-old, but certainly not something appropriate for someone of twenty-seven years to wear to an awards ceremony. Then we have Hoechlin who needs to realise that just because his Teen wolf character wears clothes which are made for people half his size, does not mean that he should do the same in real life. Here he wears suit pants with a denim jacket (why?!) which appears to be so tight that if he tried to raise one of his arms over his head it would tear to shreds. He then finishes off the look with an ugly pair of brogues which distract from the rest of the look, but (if possible) in a bad way. Both of these looks are less then inspiring and here you can see why:

Drake Bell and Tyler Hoechlin:


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All photos in the post are courtesy of Huffington Post.


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