Alex Perry: Spring/Summer 2015 Runway – Stunning Designs and Skinny Models.

Skater-skirts, sheer, leather and chic: the four main words to describe Australian designer Alex Perry’s latest collection.

Perry showcased  his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection at the beginning of this month in Australian Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and it was most definitely a crowd-pleaser. Known for his sexy, fashionable designs Perry did not fail to disappoint with a multitude of short, fitted and flirty numbers strutting their way down the catwalk. With the sizzling Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio opening and closing the show it was bound to be a titillating runway. Perry did not overdo the sex appeal however, with fashion always coming first letting the clothes do all of the talking with nude make-up and simple, unkempt hair accompanying each look.

From simple and striped to bejeweled and sheer Perry showcased a multitude of looks on the day and here are some of my favourite:


First we have Alessandra opening the show in a sexy sportswear look, donning a crop-top and skater-skirt combo paired with a pair of black ankles boots setting the show off to a sexy start.


We have a continuation of the skater-skirt here showing how to mix-and-match with varying tops whilst still maintaining the youthful look and introducing the sheer component (seen above and below).



Next we have chic stripes whilst baring some sexy mid-drift: a key aspect in Perry’s collection!


Broadening the line, Perry adds a cute element with a preppy dress (left) and a more nighttime, fun embellished cocktail dress which I can definitely see on a fashionable starlet at an informal red carpet!


Next the Australian designer injects a flare of sophistication into his collection with four fitted, black, leather dresses, all entailing an almost crocodile skin effect, oomphing up the runway and showing that Perry can easily do nighttime just as well.



Supporting his own, Perry also has Australia’s Next Top Model winner Amanda Ware strutting her stuff down the catwalk in a beautiful yellow dress which is reminiscent of Victoria Beckham’s designs due to its shape and structure, yet still individual as a result of the lace effect patterned down the garb.


Coming towards the end of the collection, Perry displays numerous coy, flirty frocks embellished to the max and including numerous of aspects of the show including the skater-skirt, sheer effect and stripes whilst also adding a fun wave effect in the skirts of some pieces.



Finally, the show was closed in the same way that it opened – with stunning Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio finished the show in another embellished cocktail dress whilst showing how to do the blavy trend to a tee.


Overall, Perry’s collection was a smashing success with most of the garbs proving to be instant winners with critics and fashionistas alike, and I have to say that it is one of my favourites for Spring/Summer 2015 so far. One thing which I was not too fond of, however, was Perry’s use of an ultra skinny model on the runway. I first noticed this myself just from looking at the catwalk, but upon doing research saw that this outraged a huge amount of people in the fashion industry and I am certainly happy that it did – especially as he has been in trouble in the past for calling a size 8 model fat! Thankfully, Perry apologised for the use of the such a small model and said that he ‘recoiled’ at the pictures when he saw just how slim she looked on the runway, stating that, “That’s not the image that I think is a good one to put forward. It’s certainly not what I’ve presented my brand about”. Here is a picture of the featherweight model and I hope that she learns from this backlash and puts on at least a stone:


So there you have it, my view and highlights of Alex Perry’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

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3 thoughts on “Alex Perry: Spring/Summer 2015 Runway – Stunning Designs and Skinny Models.

  1. Matthew Wren says:

    You’re using all my photos without permission…..

    • landofpod says:

      Hey Matthew, I didn’t realise that I needed permission, I’m sorry. Also, I do use them, but I also give you credit for them by stating that that is where I got them in my article. Is that not OK?

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