Fashion Highs and Lows at this Year’s MTV’s Video Music Awards

Following the trend of recent Music award show fashions this year’s MTV VMAs left me utterly underwhelmed. Full with tacky, trashy, barely-there ensembles, the red carpet was an overall disappointment. As always, however, some rose above and others sank to the depths of the titanic and here I am going to discuss my highs and lows of the anticipated award show.

To bring an heir of optimism to the article let’s start with those who shone on the carpet. Beginning, perhaps controversially, with my favourite of the night; Solange Knowles. Known for her hit and miss high fashions Solange is always one to keep an eye on, whether she sink or swim. Last night she soared, however, in a gorgeous, glittering H&M studio pant-suit paired with full, wavy hair and a bare chest. Although there to support her sister, Solange stole the show for me, in her fashion choice of course.

Solange Knowles in H&M Studio:


The next starlet who impressed is reality star and high fashion  model, Kendall Jenner. Kendall also donned a black, suit inspired ensemble showing us that she is both sophisticated and sexy. Wearing a combination of Alone Livne and La Perla, Kendall looked absolutely perfect. My only critique on the starlet’s style is that at 18 I think she could liven it up a bit and dress in a more fun, flirty look, especially at an awards ceremony such as this.

Kendall Jenner in Alone Livne and La Perla:


The third addition to my list is Beyoncé, proving that black was indeed the colour of the night. Beyoncé looked efforless in a Nicolas Jebran sequined, floor-length gown. The star of the night looked elegant and beautiful in the fitted gown with statement earrings and her go-to, simple hair. It was a bit demure and perhaps even a tad drab for the evening in it, but all in all Queen Bey looked stunning.

Beyoncé in Nicolas Jebran:


Enough positives for now, time to discuss the utter disasters worn on the night. I’m going to begin with the absolute, undoubted worst, namely; Amber Rose. Amber epitomized tacky, tasteless and tattered in a horrific, bejeweled dress – if you could call it that! Trying to take Miley’s crown for the worst outfit ever at the VMAs, Rose came very, very close in this almost nude ‘ensemble’. Have a look for yourself:

Amber Rose in Laura Dewiitt:


Hot on her tail were 2 other catastrophes of the night: Katy Perry and Rita Ora. Katy and her arm candy, Riff Raff, donned a modern interpretation of Britney and Justin’s matching denim tragedy and, if possible, looked even worse. Yes, Katy’s body looked great, but asides from that the duo look as stupid as they were unfashionable i.e. very. Brace yourself for the images below – they’re pretty horrific.

Katy Perry and Riff Raff in their shocking denim looks:



Finally, we have Brit Rita Ora with the slit of all slits showing that although she may be talented, she certainly is not a class act. Rita is slim, beautiful and talented, but with this flimsy, red silk gown none of the aforementioned attributes can be seen. Not only does she look tacky and unfashionable, but the horridly placed slit makes her leg look more like a Christmas ham than a long, luscious limb. Thus, overall, she did not hit the mark.

Rita Ora in Donna Karan Atelier:



To end things, I am going to leave you guys with some people who I was undecided on on the night: Victoria Justice, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. Vitcoria looked stunning, young and fashionable, when you look at her face, top and clutch at least, but her skirt just threw it away for her. The mullet inspired black, leather skirt ruined her look in my opinion, but I still think that her top half is stunning! JLo is in a similar fix in her Charbel Zoe dress. Although Lopez looks gorgeous and everything came together perfectly, I think that she is showing a bit too much skin. Yes, she is amazing looking for her age so she should show it off, but this gown leaves too little to the imagination, even someone half her age. Finally we have Taylor in a look which I certainly do not love, but am not sure if I dislike or not either, let me know what you think below!





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Author: Padraig Power.


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