Favourite Fashion Trends, Autumn/Winter 2014

As with every season in fashion, this year’s Autumn/Winter styles have been highly anticipated. What’s unfamiliar, however, is the new, fresh look on fashion which can be seen on this year’s hottest runways. When one thinks of Autumn/Winter fashions they automatically veer into the land of stereotypes. Trench coats, jumpers, blacks and greys are just some of the thoughts which spring to mind. This drab look on fashion is finally about to change, however, with a major influx of colour and embellishment into the wardrobes of Irish women everywhere. Of course we can’t completely deviate from our staple black winter coats and LBDs, but without a doubt, my favourite trends this season are those which brighten up our world that little bit more.

As stated above, colour is one of the main changes this year – but in what way? Not only do we see a vast array of colours this season, but also a huge variation as to how they are showcased. From pretty pastels, crisp whites and bold, neon invasions, from entirely colourful garments to our fundamentals accented with beautiful greens, blues or pinks, colour is everywhere!

Here is a look at some of my favourite colourful creations to strut their way into my fashion story:





Now it’s time for our aforementioned embellishment. As previously stated, it is not just colour which has given life to our winter wardrobes, but also that touch of glitz which can only be added with every Irish girl’s favourite accessory – jewels. Like the injection of colour, embellishment was illustrated in many forms by numerous top designers. The main aspect that I love about embellishment, however, is that it is personal and enables everyone to put their own twist on it.

Personally, I know so many girls with so many different styles, and whether they prefer to be demure, bejewelled beauties or glistening goddesses this trend offers everything that they need. What I particularly love about it is that, like colour, it is something to play with and something that, if you are meek in your fashion choices, is the perfect escape to become that little bit more daring and to expand your fashion horizons. Look here to see the best of embellishment for this season, and some designers who married my two favourite trends – colour and glitz.




And finally, my favourite look of the season, proving that the LBD can indeed be replaced:


Original photos in this post are from: http://www.fashionising.com

And check this post out on the rsvp magazine page here: Landofpod Cork Fashion Week Blogger 2014 Shortlist


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