#TrainwreckTuesday: 16/09/2014


Nicki Minaj you are not… This week’s #TrainwreckTuesday goes to Spice Girls starlet and reality TV veteran Mel B.

This look is just not good. To start off, the overall outfit is way too young for the 39 year old. Secondly, it is too tight! I also often make the mistake of thinking that things look fitted when in fact they are just too small which is what she did here. Everything in the look is too small. The skirt could use a size bigger and the top probably 2 sizes. I mean look at all of the stretched material at her armpits… :/ Unfortunately the only thing that’s too big about this outfit is her padded bra!

Last, but not least, the hoops, hair and make-up are all just way too young and are the cherry on top to this mutton dressed as lamb ensemble. As I said above, “Nicki Minaj you are NOT!”

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Author: Pádraig Power.


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