#TrainwreckTuesday: 18/11/2014


We all know Lorde for being weird, wacky and wonderful (whether in a good way or not is up to you), but here the 18 year old has taken the biscuit. She is rarely ever stylish to be fair and is definitely known more for her cool, somewhat dark music and deranged dance moves than her fashion etiquette, but there is no excuse for this. None. 

This over-sized tuxedo look literally has nothing going for it. It completely swaps her and is so poor. It looks like, instead of picking up a tux from a major fashion label, the songstress borrowed her clothes from a Biggest Loser contestant – pre competition. The overall look is a disaster, with the pants winning the award for most outrageous fashion catastrophe. They genuinely look like what a sumo wrestler should be wearing. The only thing that I actually kind of like is the red lip. She should use that again in the future.

At least she wore it to The Hunger Games premiere though – here’s hoping that Katniss got a clean shot at it with one of her fire arrows 😉

What do you think?

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Author: Pádraig Power.


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