Landofpod Springtime Style: Alexander Wang SS 2015.

It might still be winter, but my eye is always on the future and right now my fashionable focus is aimed at spring. Upon evaluating my blog’s success in the last year, I’ve realised that it’s done so much better than I could have ever imagined so to celebrate I’m going to have one spring post everyday for the rest of the month of January, beginning with the A’s, and an old favourite, Alexander Wang.

Alexander is obviously a huge name in fashion and that is because of his clear point of view. This mainly lies in making the masculine feminine. Wang’s androgynous viewpoint is both intriguing and exciting. What I love about it, however, is that, although he can often push the boat on androgyny, he still maintains a spark of excitement, which he often does by using bold, bright colours – something which is of strong use in this collection. In fact, when comparing it to his fall/winter 2014 collection (with my review here), one can see that Wang has essentially used all of the same colours, similar combinations, has preserved his androgynous aesthetic and has still made a successful, individual collection. How is this, you may ask? The answer is details. Alexander is all about structure, precision and fantastic detailing so have a look with me below.

As it’s the beginning of my springtime style collection, I’m going to start on a positive note with the looks which won for me (yes, despite my prior gushing, there are parts of the collection which I don’t like).

First and foremost, as aforementioned, I really like Alexander’s use of androgyny. From tailored pants, sharp lines, defined shoulders and structured silhouettes, this theme was everywhere and was beautiful.




These three looks are gorgeous. I adore the bold, neon colours, the high necks, the detailing and the ankle-strapped shoes. One of my favourite parts of the tops shown above is the texture. The almost stretch-knit fabric of the yellow is beautiful and the tassel-like fabric of the lower two tops adds a dimension which gives the looks that signature Wang stamp. P.s. look at the pants pockets – I told you he has an eye for precision!




Following up, the bold neons shone in these tight, structured dresses. Another aspect brought in here is an element of sheer – something which is huge for this spring and not just in the traditional whites and blacks, but in every colour. If you can find something fashionable and sheer for spring then get your hands on it because it is going to be everywhere! I love all three of these looks, but for some reason my eyes keep being drawn to that stunning halter.



Still focusing on structure, the flirty vibe became apparent with the skirts of the above two looks. This adds another dimension to the collection which I think is striking. If I was a female starlet (and had the body for it) I would die to wear the cut out dress with the sheer skirt, it is stunning. It is by far my stand-out of the show.



Back to the tough look, more sheer, cut-outs, leather and lines bring us back to Alexander’s use of androgyny in a very sexy manner. The biker jacket and sheer top combination is striking and sexy – a modern day Rizzo.




This trio is possibly my favourite. I’m a sucker for white on the runway, but the addition of the blue-green duck egg adornments is God-like. These looks are chic, crisp yet still flirty and I defy anybody to wear them and to not look incredibly stylish. Amazing!



The final two winners for me and these pant-top combos.  The lower half of the outfits are nice, but it’s the tops which steal the show. Let’s face it, everybody is doing the crop-top and it’s certainly not going to disappear anytime soon, but this is a distinctive, fashion-forward way to make this look your own and to out-do everyone else. Again, I am particularly in love with the halter.

Now, it’s time for the looks which I did not like. There were no disasters in the collection, but the definite downfalls were due to a combination of things, namely: lack of a ‘tight fit’ (first look), loose, unattractive fabrics (the long dresses – the worst looks of the collection), odd pattern making (long dresses et al.), very odd boob placement of leather (you’ll see) and lack of imagination (the grey looks). Have a look below:

alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw11 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw13 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw19 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw29 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw30 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw38 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw39

Overall, I adore this collection and think that Alexander has done an amazing job. He is a super talent and is a designer that is not going anywhere. And although I didn’t like some of the looks, I genuinely think that a lot of that was due to my own taste.

Let me know what you think of the looks and my comments and for easy access to all of my Springtime Style follow the blog, my newly active twitter and/or my facebook page.

Photographs are from:

Author: Pádraig Power.


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