#TrainwreckTuesday: 06/01/2015.

OK, so it may seem like I dog on Rita Ora a lot, but that’s simply because… I do! Today, we yet again have Rita in a horrific look which is not only unflattering and the opposite of stylish, but also makes her look like a fool. In fact, I am so infuriated with the starlet that yes, I have one picture to talk about, but I am also going to show you two more of her recently hideous looks. I get that she is young, wants to be funky and likes to have fun with style, but she seriously needs to either sack her stylist or just stay at home because none of these looks are wear worthy.

1) Rita at the Jingle Bell Ball:


There’s nothing really to say about this, but that it is ill-fitting, looks like a costume, makes her legs look huge and completely juxtaposes between slutty and classy (for Rita like…).

2) Walking the streets:


This might be a bit mean, but the only way in which I can describe this look is that Rita looks like a rocker lesbian who has raided a thrift store! Between the shoes, the pants, the top, jacket, lipstick and jewellery this can only be described as a hot pink mess. I honestly just don’t understand why somebody would want to dress like this.

3) Rita’s ‘Christmas look’:


Finally, we have a red, over-sized bathrobe to end the article. Yes, her hair and make-up might be beautiful, but there is nothing fashionable about the dress. It’s all good to stand out and be different, but there’s a line to be drawn and wearing something which resembles a towel is definitely not within the realms of fashion forward.

All in all, I think that you’ll agree that Rita’s sense of style is just shocking, appalling and ridiculous. I’m not a religious person, but if you would be so kind, I think that if we all join hands and say a prayer to the Gods that someone will smite whoever ‘dresses’ Rita then the world will be a better place!

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Author: Pádraig Power.


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