Landofpod Springtime Style: Delpozo SS 2015.

The 4th post in my Springtime Style collection brings me onto hip fashion house, Delpozo. Founded in 1974 in Madrid, although around for just over 40 years, Delpozo maintains a fresh, funky vibe which sets it apart from many other designers. In their SS collection, Delpozo focuses on amazing graphics, beautiful fabrics and an abundance of colours, all which lead to a stellar show.

Although, fresh funky and stylish, many of you might not like some of the pieces, but for those of you who do, you will fall in love. Many of the looks are for a very specific style viewpoint, but I adore the contemporary fashions displayed in this collection. Have a look below at my favourite looks, some of which are purely for fantastic fashion and others which starlets should be knocking each other over to try and get their hands on.



This could be cute on a funky, supporting actress at a premiere!


This is one of the looks for fashion, but I adore it!




Such a cute and unusual crop top!




This look could be a hit or a miss, but on the right starlet I think it could be very chic indeed.delpozo-spring-summer-2015-nyfw20

Possibly my favourite look from the collection, this look needs to be worn by a starlet – it is stunning!



This is definitely one of the looks which is more so for fashion, but I personally think that the crop jacket could be a stunning addition to a chic look. I love the cropped circle pattern!



This dress has actually already been worn by Julianne Moore earlier this month at the Palm Springs International Film Festival!


Another look which is more fashion than function, this orange and peach ensemble begins to bring in the ever popular sheer element which I have been constantly telling you about – you genuinely need to get your hands on something sheer for spring guys!




A super risky look and very fashion forward, I think that tailored correctly, and paired with the perfect accessories, this could be a red carpet winner – it would be very difficult to get right though, only for the brave!delpozo-spring-summer-2015-nyfw32

Another vibrant cocktail dress – I am in love with the material that they used here and in other parts of the collection. I love the fact that it appears rigid, yet soft and that it has a slight shimmer to it.


Cate Blanchett anyone?


I don’t think that this dress would actually be wearable or would look good on a carpet, but there is something that intrigues me for some reason. Perhaps it’s the attachment at the bust as it is very reminiscent of the Delpozo look worn by Margot Robbie last year (seen below), which I loved:



Finally, we have this almost entirely sheer, blue dress. I do not like the fit, and don’t really like the lower half either, but I am obsessed with the sheer shirt on top. It is sublime and oh so chic!

That’s it for day 4. As always, make sure to let me know what you thought about the post and make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook – and follow the actual blog of course!

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Author: Pádraig Power.


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