BAFTAs 2015: The Worst.

Although there were some gorgeous standouts from the evening, there were also those which stood out for the completely wrong reason… As we know, there were two award shows last night and somehow I think that the majority of these disasters attended to the wrong ceremony. Clearly the classy, elegant and sophisticated vibe of the BAFTAs got lost in translation as casual, tasteless, music hoe seems to be the theme seen here. Have a look at my worst dressed below:

Natalie Dormer in Sophia Kah:

The mass proportion of the celebs below are relative unknowns which is why Natalie Dormer is my number 1 worst. With her career booming in the last year and it set to continue on a bright path, one would think that Natalie would put a lot of effort into dazzling us on the red carpet. Unfortunately, she does the opposite and looks like a frumpy, periodic character. The lace gloves, Madame Curie hair and odd boob darts/tassels all combine to an aging, tacky look.


Hofit Golan:



Although it would have been a hot mess either way, this is look is definitely more apt for the Grammys. The tacky/slutty cut-out, short skirt and ugly sheer overlay combine to finish off this tasteless gown to perfection. This really looks like somebody who wants to get attention for all the wrong reasons. Although she might not quite be at the mutton stage yet she is certainly no spring chicken so take some advice from the wise Hofit –  class it up a bit!

Mica Levi:

Sweet Jesus, this one is a state! Granted, she’s not into style so we couldn’t really expect much, but this is just disastrous. I won’t go into it because there’s way too much to say, so just have a look yourself and join me in my dismay.


Titziana Rocca:

Another Grammy-go-lucky shambles was Titzianna Rocca. The definition of distasteful and showing off what you don’t have. Yes, she’s pretty, but she (along with 99.9% of the population) does not have the figure for that slit and cut-out. You can see her entire belly for goodness sake! Finished off with the ‘Real Housewife’ hairstyle, this is a Grade A flop.



Phoebe Fox:


This is one of those looks where there are just too many ideas going on, none of which are executed well. Her hair, earrings and the sheer part of the dress are all beautiful, but, from the bust down, the gown looses all appeal. It does seem to be tailored decently, but the bland beige, unseemly colours and the back tassels are all duds.



Finally, I have Kasabian. The look an absolute mess. The guy on the left and and the two on the right did put in some effort (the hair on the far right is absolutely abominable though), but the member in the middle is just disgraceful. I get it, you’re trying to be ironic. You’re trying to be ‘cool’. Maybe you think you’re even ‘sticking it to the man’. In all seriousness though – please grow up! This literally looks like every 15 year old emo’s wet dream and that is not something to be proud of. You’re going to a black tie event. You’re going to an event with superstars. You’re going to a TV and Film event if though you’re a musician – Please just have a bit more respect in the future and dress for the occasion.

That’s it for this disastrous line-up, but again, check out my facebook and twitter to see the best and worst of the Grammys which I’ll be posting this evening 🙂

Author: Pádraig Power.

Photos from:


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