#FridayFashionFix: 12/02/2015 – The Man Bun.

I have succumbed to the bun.


The man bun is literally everywhere and try as you may, there is no hiding. Honestly, I have loved it from the get go, but the every-growing popularity and non-stop photos have fully instilled my adoration. In fact, it has even made me think about growing out some luscious locks of my own. I mean I already have the facial hair – why not right?

The man bun is exciting because unlike women’s fashion, new and innovative hairstyles for men are far and few between. This new hair horizon has sparked much and more interest, and for good reason. The man bun is a sexy, cool, lazy way for men to look good and be confident in their appearance, more importantly however, it oozes style. In this, the modern age of the metro-sexual, change such as the man bun is embraced with open arms because it gives us a new way to express ourselves. Another reason why I love it is because, in recent years, it has become more more typical to see men incorporating formal wear into their everyday attire. The addition of some scruff and a messy man bun juxtaposes the formality of the skinny tie and tux combo to a tee and brings the look back into the realm of casual, whilst remaining super stylish. In saying this, I don’t think that the man bun is a style that every man should try to emulate.

Why should some steer clear I hear you ask? Well some people, myself included, just don’t have the right look to pull this off, which is why although I would love to add the bun to my list of hairdos, I highly doubt that I will. Personally, I think that to have a man bun, you need the bone structure and more importantly, you need a good profile. If like me, you lack a strong jaw line or don’t have a straight, model-esque nose, then I think that you should join my bandwagon and leave it to the professionals. As we’ve seen with the women’s balayage movement, it’s better to stay off the train than to hop on the back and do it badly. By all means though, if you have the basics, if you have the style and if you have the balls (pardon the pun), then please go for it – it’s a look that will get you noticed and I guarantee that all of the girls, boys or whomever you desire, will be lining up to join you for a coffee.

For a little treat, have a look at some stylish man buns (‘muns’ maybe?) below:





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Author: Pádraig Power.


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