Top Street-Style: Paris Fashion Week AW 2015/16.

Continually looking for new posts to publish, this week I have been particularly inspired by street-style and where better to find your inspiration than from Paris Fashion Week? Of course, the week has given us a multitude of fantastically fashionable runways to discuss, but for now, I’m going to take a step back from the catwalk and show you some luxurious ladies with some sickening style. Now, I’m sure that there will probably be plenty of looks that you don’t agree with here, but in my opinion, that’s the whole point of personal style. Even though there is a crazy mix of silhouettes and signature styles, I honestly love them all and think personal expression is the true nature of fashion. Enough talking for now, let’s get into it!


This is quite a simple look with the magic happening in the details. What brings this into wow territory are those moms jeans and ankle boots, paired with the highlight of the look – the gorgeous pop of colour! This is exactly why a coat’s lining should never go overlooked. Overall, this look is head to toe ease and I am also in love with the over-sized, square-rimmed glasses.


I don’t think that this look needs much explaining. This woman is chic and sexy and her platforms are everything. Again, this look is all about personality as those cheeky cheetah print sunnies show.


Looking like she came straight from the catwalk, this woman is style incarnate. The ‘overalls’ styled jumpsuit is so chic and what polishes off the look is her hair tucked into that pop of colour neck scarf. This is without a doubt one of my favourites and shows us again that colour is something which can really give your look that extra oomph!


Simple and pretty whilst pushing the boundaries just enough for a little edge. Fringe is back this season, particularly with street-style, and this woman has nailed the trend. The quiet colour palette is beautiful and pretty yet the white detailing adds a modern twist.


Talk about a bright outfit! I love this look because all of these colours together could easily be a big mistake, but with the placement of both colours and patterns, it works beautifully. This is a really well executed look with her natural make-up being the perfect choice and the cute bird-faced bag is a fantastic personal touch. Quirky and colourful is always a hit when paired with great editing.


This can simply be described as exquisite. The precise tailoring displayed is outstanding and the flattering silhouette is transcendent. What really sends it into the stratosphere however is that ravishing red – this is clearly a woman who opts for quality. Amazing!


Like above, this is a look which, due to exquisite tailoring, stands out with a bang! What makes this look even better for me though is the contemporary twist given with those gorgeous black shoes, her slicked back pony and the over-sized sun glasses (another huge trend). This quilted dress could just be my favourite street-style look from Fashion Week.


Bringing us back to casual clothing, this is the epitome of a cool, refreshing look. The modern day motorbike chick feel is knocking my socks off, especially with those electric blue pants. So, so cool.


A different type of cool, this look is more ‘street’ with her shin-pad boots really funking up her outfit. The red jacket is clearly the star of the show, but I love how she hit the street vibe whit conviction by finishing it off with her beanie.


Combining pop of colour with pop art, this look is vibrant, young and has some added sass too. I love her red trainers and orange eye-shadow. As you can see with other looks in this post, hair and make-up can really make your look and this is another triumph in that category.


Dull, casual, well-accessorized and chic – this look embodies young, Parisian street-style. Her shoes are what really stand out to me. They are so opulent yet simple.


The power of a staple mustard coat should never be overlooked. In theory, sunglasses and coats might not make much sense, but here they are a match made in heaven. The ‘Haim’ hairdo is also right on the money.


Geek chic or simply chic? Everything about this outfit works and I love the sliver of ankle to counterbalance the heaviness of her coat. The vertically striped shirt also contrasts the diagonal lines of her coat beautifully and it is these subtle contrasts which make this so fashionable. This is a look for every woman’s winter wardrobe.


Another colourful gal, what really brings this look to life is texture. The fringe detail on her jacket was clearly extremely time-consuming, but it was completely worth it, especially when paired with her thick, strapped boots. Also, blue and red is always a great combination and I love that this woman clearly likes to take risks.


Nothing in this outfit should work together, but somehow it magically denies the laws of fashion and all melds together sublimely. I don’t know why because when I dissect the look there is nothing that I particularly love, but all together this is a definite win.


Like I said above, fringe is back this season and here is another woman who knows how to wear it. Sienna Miller meets Native American meets fabulous – I adore everything about this. These shoes are another accessory which I am loving and I think that if you can pull them off you should definitely add them into your wardrobe. Also, for anybody out there who feels inspired to add a flare of fringe to their spring/summer wardrobe I know that Zara has some killer pieces in stock at the moment!


Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind. This woman could wear this every day of the week to every event imaginable and I still wouldn’t get mad – it’s just so damn perfect. Before you give out to me, I know that this isn’t suitable for every event, but I just love it. She has very, very good taste.


This jacket is so unique. Another look where clashing patterns and odd combinations can be seen, nothing about this should work, yet somehow it manages to fit together beautifully. I need to figure out how to do this!


Contrasting from some looks above, we have an outfit in which everything was picked to seamlessly fit into place and it does exactly as it says on the tin. With the white triangular pattern saving this ensemble from falling into the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’ territory, this is a chic look which is truly timeless. The pants could have done with a quick steam though… just saying.


Boho chic meets vintage, this is a natural, simple and classic look. Although the individual items could look dowdy, this is exactly how you put together a modern twist on a 70s/80s inspired look. I love the au naturale aesthetic and I think that springtime is the perfect time of year to play around with it.


This is a look which could lie on the edge of boring, but what really brings it together for me are the personal twists. The over-sized lace dicky bow and the bauble shaped purse are very quirky. I’m not 100% sure if I’m in love with the boots though – I would love to try on some ankle boots or pumps instead!ParisstrRF154042

My favourite couple that I’ve seen throughout the week, both looks compliment each other flawlessly. The pastel palette paired with the cream and dim burgundy is a lovely combination and I in love with the fact that they both wore suede shoes. Such a cute couple.


The most modern twist on a statement coat yet, this looks like a woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. I love how her styling creates an instant image of an intelligent, yet edgy business woman and I genuinely feel like she could take on anything in this ensemble. This is a woman who other women want to be.


A chic, minimalistic approach to androgyny, this look is crisp. Again, using little pops of colour to tie everything together, this lady knows how to dress and I love her barely-there balayage. It’s so subtle, yet really effective.


Finally, we have a beauty who combines sexy secretary, evening drinks with the girls and a boyfriend styled jacket all in one. The simplistic scheme of denim, white and camel is always going to be in vogue and the knee-length over the mini-skirt is to die for. Her shoes are also killer, making this another leader of the pack.

That’s it for all of my favourite street-style looks from Paris Fashion Week and I have to say that I in love with them! As this is my first of this type of post, please let me know if you like it and/or what you would change about it, so that if I do more I can make them even better for you.

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Author: Pádraig Power.

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