Best Dressed | The Met Gala 2016 – Manus vs Machina

My favourite red carpet occasion of the year raised its stunning head and left us with a vast array of fashion at our finger tips.

The Met Gala is Anna Wintour’s night to shine and with an outlandish theme it always allows fashion’s bravest to push the boundaries and test their creative prowess. Let me begin this post by stating my 2 non-disputable rules for Met Ball attendees:

Rules for the Met Ball:

1) If you are going to attend the Met Gala then you follow the theme!

I don’t care who you are or what you do. If you are forking out thousands of dollars for a ticket to attend a fashion exhibition then you owe it to the event to at least abide by the rules. Just as important to remember is that that includes pushing yourself. Wearing a simple metallic dress does not meet my standards of following the theme… If I see you in a plain silver dress for a Manus vs. Machina theme – next!

2) If you do abstain from the theme then your outfit needs to be perfect.

If you are going to irritate spectators and be brazen enough to turn your back on the wondrous theme, that I’m sure has been painstakingly chosen for you, then you at the very least need to make sure that your off-beat outfit is absolutely flawless. If not, then why be awkward in the first place? If you’re not going to follow the theme and you wear a boring outfit then you might as well have stayed at home. This is a fashion event, darling.

That being said, the majority of stars and fashionistas alike did me proud this year and I was more than pleasantly surprised when scrolling through Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair online (where the pictures in this post were sourced from). Thus, let’s get into it.

Best Dressed Fashionistas of the Met Gala 2016:

Zendaya in Michael Kors Collection


Everyone tends to think of Zendaya as a little child star, but at almost 20 years old, she’s less than a year younger than Kendall Jenner and is a woman in her own right. She made this more than evident on the night. Her Michael Kors Collection gown fits her to absolute perfection and is stunning on her skin tone. What really sets the ensemble alight, asides from the fit however, is her hair and make-up. The chic bob/bowl-cut combination frames her face in the most fashion-forward of ways and the smokey brown eye adds the perfect warmth to pull it back into the realm of sultry, as opposed to purely futuristic. Zendaya is an amazing fashion ambassador and she was actually one of my top picks at last year’s Met Ball too – I can’t wait to watch her show us how it’s done every single time!

Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa

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Poppy Delevingne absolutely slayed the red carpet. Poppy always appears regal and has a certain sex appeal to her, but here she was just perfect. She is one of the few stars who took the theme and ran with it. There were so, so many models who simply wore a shimmery, metallic dress in a mundane, run of the mill silhouette and it severely frustrated me. If you are a model/supermodel then you have no excuse not to shake it up a bit. Poppy’s look was unapologetic, made an impact and embodied everything that the Met Gala stands for. Top marks!

Kendall Jenner in Versace

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This look thrilled me! This, for me, is the best that Kendall has ever looked. Her body is outstanding, the dress is beautiful and edgy and her hair slicked back gave us that wind-tunnelled face vibe that let you focus on every single one of her flawless facial features. When you look at this, all you think of is wow. I mean, think about this dress on the majority of the population – it would be hideous! Lucky for Kendall, she has all of the right parts to make it a sweet success.

Beyonce in Givenchy

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Head to toe amazing. From her hair, to her make-up, to her body, to her dress, to her booty – wow. This would never be a dress that I would pick up off a rack, but oh my would I be missing out. Beyonce looks ridiculously good here and I love that she went for a simple, elegant silhouette to juxtapose her recent harsh, tough image in her new album release. She epitomises the girl who can do both and has given life to the term pearl necklace (disclaimer: if you do not know what this is, then you’re probably better off not looking it up…).

Claire Danes in Zac Posen

Lady of the night Claire Danes stole the show in her marvellous, fable-like, fibre optic gown. Looking like a modern day Cinderella who simultaneously arrived from a mythical, future land, Claire was most definitely the main talking point of the evening. I have to admit that I sometimes find Zac Posen’s creations a little drab, however this was anything but. The construction on the bodice was otherworldly and everything combined resulted in the fairytale dress that many little girls and boys aspire to strut their stuff in one day. She truly was the belle of the ball.

"Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals



Florence  Welch in Gucci



Now this is a real fashion pick. Florence is not one to bow to the wants and whims of designers or the sex-thirsty consumer mass market. Her number 1 priority always has been and always will be fashion – her take on fashion. I adore this look due to the opposition between the style and the fabric. Here, Florence chose a traditional, almost medieval shape and placed it in competition with a modern, futuristic fabric. For many, this could have proved disastrous, but Florence and Gucci have managed to marry both eras in a blissful, effortless manner. It’s true that sometimes opposites do in fact attract.

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen with vintage Fred Leighton jewels


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This look is drama. A cape, cut outs, various patterns and stones and Nicole still manages to pull it off with ease. Nicole is another whom I admire for her strong fashion point of view. I don’t believe that this look will be to everyone’s tastes, but I think that she looks amazing and commend her for killing it once again.

Anna Wintour in Chanel

What would the Met Ball be without Anna Wintour? I’m not exactly sure what this dress has to do with the theme, but Ms. Wintour looks undeniably great and the gold branching is offset beautifully by her hair (weird to say, but oddly true)! She is one of the few who gets a pass for ignoring the theme – she did create it after all.


Lucky Blue & Pyper America Smith in H&M

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What a striking pair of siblings. Neither of these 2 swung the door off its hinges, but I do love their outfits. Though Lucky Blue’s look is relatively simple for such an event, I adore the little details such as the embellished buttons on his tuxedo jacket. His pants and boots are what make his outfit for me though.  The embellished, cropped pant with the sleek boot adds a sense of androgyny that is such a huge part of making him so cool.

Pyper America on the other hand went all out. She took a risk, she showed plenty of flesh and, as a model on the rise, she  stood out from the crowd with her pink hair. Granted I don’t like her shoes and parts of her dress are a little similar to tinsel around the Christmas tree, but I think it’s an overall win.

Looks who didn’t win then night, but were commendable:

To finish off, I have some looks that didn’t steal the show, but whom I enjoyed. Have a look:

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Fashion at Landofpod:

That’s it for my take on the best dressed of this year’s Met Gala, but keep an eye out to see my worst post tomorrow night.

Also, if you liked this post and would like to check out my post of the best dressed from last year’s Gala then click here to refresh your mind.

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Goodbye for now from your Irish fashion blogger,

Pádraig Power.



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