#FridayFashionFix: 12/02/2015 – The Man Bun.

I have succumbed to the bun.


The man bun is literally everywhere and try as you may, there is no hiding. Honestly, I have loved it from the get go, but the every-growing popularity and non-stop photos have fully instilled my adoration. In fact, it has even made me think about growing out some luscious locks of my own. I mean I already have the facial hair – why not right?

The man bun is exciting because unlike women’s fashion, new and innovative hairstyles for men are far and few between. This new hair horizon has sparked much and more interest, and for good reason. The man bun is a sexy, cool, lazy way for men to look good and be confident in their appearance, more importantly however, it oozes style. In this, the modern age of the metro-sexual, change such as the man bun is embraced with open arms because it gives us a new way to express ourselves. Another reason why I love it is because, in recent years, it has become more more typical to see men incorporating formal wear into their everyday attire. The addition of some scruff and a messy man bun juxtaposes the formality of the skinny tie and tux combo to a tee and brings the look back into the realm of casual, whilst remaining super stylish. In saying this, I don’t think that the man bun is a style that every man should try to emulate.

Why should some steer clear I hear you ask? Well some people, myself included, just don’t have the right look to pull this off, which is why although I would love to add the bun to my list of hairdos, I highly doubt that I will. Personally, I think that to have a man bun, you need the bone structure and more importantly, you need a good profile. If like me, you lack a strong jaw line or don’t have a straight, model-esque nose, then I think that you should join my bandwagon and leave it to the professionals. As we’ve seen with the women’s balayage movement, it’s better to stay off the train than to hop on the back and do it badly. By all means though, if you have the basics, if you have the style and if you have the balls (pardon the pun), then please go for it – it’s a look that will get you noticed and I guarantee that all of the girls, boys or whomever you desire, will be lining up to join you for a coffee.

For a little treat, have a look at some stylish man buns (‘muns’ maybe?) below:





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Author: Pádraig Power.


#FridayFashionFix: 09/01/2015.

#FridayFashionFix resumes with Emily Blunt looking absolutely stunning at the Into The Woods gala screening in London. Here Emily knocks the ball out of the park and definitely steals the spotlight in this David Koma dress with Stuart Weitzman shoes and Jennifer Fisher jewellery.

The asymmetric skirt paired with the ombre metallic and the perfection pattern placing all adds to an absolute winner and leads to Emily being the undoubted victor in this week’s fashion stakes. Have a look below:



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Author: Pádraig Power.

#FridayFashionFix: 21/11/2014


Continuing with style from ‘The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1‘ premiere, we have Jennifer Lawrence in a stunning Christian Dior: Haute Couture gown. Jennifer had all eyes on her in this gorgeous silver/white bell-bottomed gown. I have to say,whoever has been doing her hair and make-up recently has been spot on and has made the star look effortless and beautiful every single time.

Although the voluminous lower half may be a bit too big for many of your liking’s, I personally love it. Especially so because this was a full-length skirt which draped along the floor, but Jennifer chopped it up to mid-calf length and also pulled up the bust area a little bit, both of which have made it perfect for her figure. The accessories are simple and understated also which finish the look off with ease and even though I wouldn’t usually be one for a strappy sandal, this is lovely with the dress.


Perhaps the only thing that I would change would to get rid of the sheer aspect of the back of the dress and just have skin showing, or else make it a tad more sheer instead. Still though, this is a 100% win for me! Let me know what you guys think as always.


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Author: Pádraig Power.

#FridayFashionFix: 03/10/2014


Effortless chic is the only phrase that comes to mind when viewing this breath-taking look by Amal Alamuddin.

The lawyer and author donned the perfect look for her civil ceremony with George Clooney this week. I honestly think that there is no way in which she could have looked better. Amal personifies elegance and has an heir of regality in almost everything that she wears, but for me this outfit takes the biscuit. The simplicity of the Stella McCartney suit and clutch is just breathtaking. What I love even more about Amal is that she is a real woman. Yes, she is gorgeous and yes she its perfectly into Hollywood’s body ‘norm’, but there is something relatable about her. This leads to her fashion being inspiring to woman everywhere and trust me, she is setting a fantastic example!

So there you have it. If you are looking for an elegant suit for a special occasion this is how to do it. Crisp, clean and well tailored – oh, and I love the hint of navy!



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Author: Pádraig Power.

Photos from: nydailynews.com and http://www.thegloss.com

#FridayFashionFix: 26/09/2014


This week’s #FridayFashionFix goes to our favourite, sassy, stylish New York writer… Carrie Bradshaw!

In all seriousness though, this look is definitely a winner for me. When I saw this at first I didn’t know whether to love it or hate it, but in the end, that’s the main reason why I fell for it! The Mary Katrantzou gown is a piece which could be pulled off by very, very few and Sarah Jessica Parker is certainly the perfect pick. Just looking at this picture, she looks stunning. The pulled back hair, slight drop earrings and funky, metallic bracelets are the perfect accessories for the busy gown, but what really sets it alight is the oh so perfect tailoring. This dress fits SJP’s body like a glove, showing the design in all its glory. As well as this, the fashionista knocks on a few of the moment’s hottest trends with ease by incorporating the dainty, blue pastel and a rich deep burgundy – which is a difficult thing to do!

Overall, I love this Romanesque, carpet patterned beaut, and the more that I type, the more I love it!

If you don’t like it, just do yourself a favour and have a look again in a few minutes and I’m sure that you’ll start to like it more and more 😛

That’s it for now!

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#FridayFashionFix: 19/09/2014


I absolutely adore this look by Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2015 and although it is designed for next summer, think that women should take inspiration from it for their upcoming winter wardrobes. Siriano is a designer who, for me, can be hit or miss, but I think that  he knocked the ball out of the park with his newest collection! This gown is utter perfection for a fancy dinner or glitzy event this winter and would certainly make you stand out of the crowd. While everyone else is in LBDs, golds, reds and green, you would without a doubt be the bell of the ball and I also think that the sparkle on top with the matte, floor-length skirt is just a stunning combination.

Moral of this post – stand out and make sure that all eyes are on you 😉

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Photo from: http://www.fashionising.com

Author: Pádraig Power.

#FridayFashionFix 12/09/2014


Hilary Rhoda looked absolutely stunning this week at 3.1 Philip Lim’s new store opening. The 27-year-old model proved that it is indeed possible to look sophisticated, stylish and chic whilst being covered head to to. The clean pants go perfectly paired with the sleek, paneled top and open-toed shoes, but what really sets this look apart is that gorgeous leopard print belt. This is a look which proves that although anyone can be fashionable, it’s your own unique style which makes you stylish, thus enabling Rhoda to grab the title of this week’s #FridayFashionFix. Have a look at a full pic of Rhoda and a pic of her with the designer of the night below:



Keep an eye out for my best of NYFW coming in the next few days.   Photos are courtesy of: http://www.zimbio.com http://www.wmagazine.com http://www.harpersbazarr.com