#TrainwreckTuesday: 17/02/2015 – Kim Kardashian West.


I take it that most of you have seen Kim’s latest stint in LOVE magazine at this stage? Even so, I felt an overwhelming need to add Kim to my #TrainwreckTuesday library as this shoot was an absolute mess. Personally, I am a huge KUWTK fan and think that Kim is adorable, this does not affect my disdain for this fiasco however.

For those of you who have missed out on the scandal, Kim basically did yet another nude shoot and this time it was a full on full frontal! What makes it so much worse though, is the fact that it was not tasteful in the slightest. At this stage in her career, Kim has a multi-million dollar fortune, is a household name and both is and has a huge brand. Not only are all of the aforementioned pretty big reasons as to why Kim should keep her panties on, but she has recently become a wife and a mother – keep your clothes on for goodness sake! I don’t understand why she would feel the need to do a shoot like this? The only fathomable conclusions for me are: 1) vanity, 2) her insecurity that Kendall has taken her spotlight and 3) the fact that she is starting to get that little bit older,thus is afraid of loosing her sex appeal.

Unfortunately, all of the reasons above make her decision that much more pathetic. Fashion is a vast world and yes, nudity does comes into the fold here and there, but for the sake of your 1 year old and our eyes, please keep your vagina between you and your husband. Cheers.



What I find even more ridiculous is the fact that not only does she do nude shots, but she also tries to appear young and cool in a ‘sexy, rebellious teenager’ type of way which is just laughable.

kim-kardashian-nude-love-magazine-00003-960x626 (1)

Coincidence that she did this shoot in the same magazine that Kendall was in with Cara Delevingne? I think not!

P.s. that is a horrible picture of her bum…

One thing which I will say however, and something that adds to my frustrations immensely, is the fact that some of the shots in the spread were actually really fashionable. In fact, it was pretty much half and half in my opinion. Steven Klein got some gorgeous pics of Kim where she looked fashionable and tasteful, all of which worked beautifully. I only wish that these were the sole pictures chosen and that her full frontals were edited from the issue. Here are the stills which I have no problem with, and actually quite like:




All in all, I’m just really disappointed in Kim’s taste level and even though we’ve now seen it all, hopefully she will realise that it’s actually sexier to be demure and cover up her bits. What do you think of the shoot?

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Author: Pádraig Power.


#TrainwreckTuesday: 13/01/2015

So, you may have already seen this picture of Melissa McCarthy in my ‘Golden Globes Worst Dressed’ post, but i had to include it in this week’s #TrainwreckTuesday.

This is not to completely dog on the star, but more so as constructive criticism for people to dress for their bodies. It is literally my worst pet peeve in the entire fashion world when people don’t dress well for their shapes. Firstly, I have nothing against bigger people, skinnier people, taller people, smaller people, anyone – BUT no matter if you are bigger/smaller than normal, or even if you are textbook perfection, you need to dress for what you’ve got, something which is the opposite of what Melissa is doing here.


Let’s begin with the general silhouette. Melissa is stout and short yet she decided to wear an outfit which covered her from her neck to her toes – this is not a good idea. The button up paired with the floor-length skirt only cuts off her proportions. The combination drowns her. Then she decided to wear a full sleeved shirt which only added to the sea of fabric, especially because of the fact that it was baggy. I know that it is cuffed at the wrists, but it’s just a case of too little too late. In addition to the baggy shirt a big, black piece of fabric was added onto the front. Now I know that this was to add to oomph and embellishment to the garb, but all it does is continue to add more weight to her.

After this entire fiasco we go to the lower half of the look. Here, not only does she have the floor-length skirt, but on top of that, it is shapeless and has ruffles! Ruffles are rarely a good idea on bigger women as they add layers, texture and thickness, but paired with a baggy shirt and a baggy skirt which reaches the floor, they are a fashion hazard. In fact (I wouldn’t like the look either way), but maybe if the skirt was a mid-calf pencil skirt it might have looked better. It would have given her legs a sexy shape and that would have balanced with the baggy upper half.

Now, I know that she wore a brighter colour on top, but it still does not make up for the rest of the look (Sidenote: the lighter colour draws attention to her face and the dark neck-piece as opposed to parts of her body which she might find unflattering).Overall, this is just a prime example of how not to dress for your shape. I just think that it’s silly because everyone should make the most of what they’ve got!

Finally, just to show a little diversity, I want to add in a picture of Laura Prepon from Orange Is the New Black. Laura is known for her role as a sexy, dark-haired lover on the show and we all know that she is a striking woman. In her Christian Siriano gown, however, I do not think that she is making the most of her body. Yes, she looks fine, but when you look at her mid-section you see that this silhouette gives her a very straight up and down physique. I know that this may just be how her body looks, but there are ways to counterbalance that to enhance your body on the red carpet. Perhaps an a-line skirt, a belt, a corset or fabric which drapes diagonally into the waist (see Anna Kendrick’s look below). All of these things could have given her a sexier, slightly more curvaceous shape which would have made her look even better on the night.


Sorry guys for the super long post, I just really needed to get it off of my chest. I might continue to do this every now and again if you’d like me to because I honestly believe that dressing for your body is such an important part of fashion.

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#TrainwreckTuesday: 06/01/2015.

OK, so it may seem like I dog on Rita Ora a lot, but that’s simply because… I do! Today, we yet again have Rita in a horrific look which is not only unflattering and the opposite of stylish, but also makes her look like a fool. In fact, I am so infuriated with the starlet that yes, I have one picture to talk about, but I am also going to show you two more of her recently hideous looks. I get that she is young, wants to be funky and likes to have fun with style, but she seriously needs to either sack her stylist or just stay at home because none of these looks are wear worthy.

1) Rita at the Jingle Bell Ball:


There’s nothing really to say about this, but that it is ill-fitting, looks like a costume, makes her legs look huge and completely juxtaposes between slutty and classy (for Rita like…).

2) Walking the streets:


This might be a bit mean, but the only way in which I can describe this look is that Rita looks like a rocker lesbian who has raided a thrift store! Between the shoes, the pants, the top, jacket, lipstick and jewellery this can only be described as a hot pink mess. I honestly just don’t understand why somebody would want to dress like this.

3) Rita’s ‘Christmas look’:


Finally, we have a red, over-sized bathrobe to end the article. Yes, her hair and make-up might be beautiful, but there is nothing fashionable about the dress. It’s all good to stand out and be different, but there’s a line to be drawn and wearing something which resembles a towel is definitely not within the realms of fashion forward.

All in all, I think that you’ll agree that Rita’s sense of style is just shocking, appalling and ridiculous. I’m not a religious person, but if you would be so kind, I think that if we all join hands and say a prayer to the Gods that someone will smite whoever ‘dresses’ Rita then the world will be a better place!

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#TrainwreckTuesday: 02/12/2014.

"Olive Kitteridge" New York Premiere - Arrivals

Girls may be a hip, young programme with attitude and style to boot, but unfortunately it appears that starlet Zosia Mamet is unable to portray that quirky New York edge on the red carpet. Here Zosia is at the Olive Kitteridge premiere and to my dismay, she looks a mess.

Androgyny is certainly a huge trend and has become more and more prominent in recent years, cementing its place as a major fashion zeitgeist. However, this is only relevant when it is done correctly. Between the horrid, wide-spaced stripes, ill-fitting tailoring, severe lack of a steam-iron and ankle boots which cut off her legs at a horrible length, this look is a disaster – and I’m not going to even mention the horrendous dye job and patchy eyebrows (whoops)!

Overall, this look doesn’t do anything for the starlet. Anyone who watches the show will know that she has a BANGING body and, although never straying from uber-preppy, her character’s style is always cute and on point. She needs to hire a stylist, take some inspiration from her on screen self and remember to never wear a risky look unless it is styled to perfection. By the way, I couldn’t find where the other pieces came from, but the skirt is a Rebecca Minkoff piece.

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#TrainwreckTuesday: 18/11/2014


We all know Lorde for being weird, wacky and wonderful (whether in a good way or not is up to you), but here the 18 year old has taken the biscuit. She is rarely ever stylish to be fair and is definitely known more for her cool, somewhat dark music and deranged dance moves than her fashion etiquette, but there is no excuse for this. None. 

This over-sized tuxedo look literally has nothing going for it. It completely swaps her and is so poor. It looks like, instead of picking up a tux from a major fashion label, the songstress borrowed her clothes from a Biggest Loser contestant – pre competition. The overall look is a disaster, with the pants winning the award for most outrageous fashion catastrophe. They genuinely look like what a sumo wrestler should be wearing. The only thing that I actually kind of like is the red lip. She should use that again in the future.

At least she wore it to The Hunger Games premiere though – here’s hoping that Katniss got a clean shot at it with one of her fire arrows 😉

What do you think?

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#TrainwreckTuesday: 23/09/2014


OK, I am one of those people who adores Hilary Duff! She is such a good role model, from cutesy Lizzie Maguire tween idol to amazing mom to comeback sweetheart. Unfortunately, however, she is the opposite in this Anthony Vaccarello disaster.

As much as I love the American idol, her style taste is less than desired – especially at red carpet events. Here, at the iHeart Radio Music Festival she looks more streetwalker than red carpet vixen. I appreciate the effort to sex things up with the boob cut-out, but this is an out and out fiasco. The dress does absolutely nothing for her body and is the definition of tacky! Then we get to that silver ‘material’… It literally looks like the designer ran out of ideas, grabbed some leftover tinfoil for their nearest kitchen press, stuck it on her side and called fashion. It simply does not work.

Overall, I love you Hilary, but please get a stylist and if you have one already SACK them because anyone who puts you in this is certainly no friend.

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Author: Pádraig Power.

#TrainwreckTuesday: 16/09/2014


Nicki Minaj you are not… This week’s #TrainwreckTuesday goes to Spice Girls starlet and reality TV veteran Mel B.

This look is just not good. To start off, the overall outfit is way too young for the 39 year old. Secondly, it is too tight! I also often make the mistake of thinking that things look fitted when in fact they are just too small which is what she did here. Everything in the look is too small. The skirt could use a size bigger and the top probably 2 sizes. I mean look at all of the stretched material at her armpits… :/ Unfortunately the only thing that’s too big about this outfit is her padded bra!

Last, but not least, the hoops, hair and make-up are all just way too young and are the cherry on top to this mutton dressed as lamb ensemble. As I said above, “Nicki Minaj you are NOT!”

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Author: Pádraig Power.