Emmys 2015 – Worst of The Night.

So unlike my prior post on the fashion seen at this year’s Emmys, this post might have just a tad bit of negativity thrown into the mix!

As always, we expect to see the good bad and in-between at all award shows and boy oh boy did the Emmys not disappoint. For all of the dazzling beauts of the evening have a look here at my Best Dressed post, but for some horrendous looks, some of which will curl your toes, then continue on and scroll to find the horror below.

Let’s kick things off with the worst of the worst…

Heidi Klum in Versace dress and shoes with Lorraine Schwartz jewellery:


Where on earth did this canary yellow disaster pop out of?! Heidi is a stunning supermodel with beauty and brains to boot and then she comes out looking like someone made her dress out of some very distressed canaries – this is an absolute disaster. Although it still wouldn’t have been nice, she could have at least taken off that God awful sleeve and lapel combination, I mean it’s not like she trying to cover anything up! From shoulders to toes this is a horrendous and tacky ensemble. Genuinely all that I can think of is that if I was a canary I’d rather be in a coal mine than be associated with this dress. One positive: at least this wasn’t designed by any of her Project Runway designers because that would have been the start and end of their career in one foul swoop! Heidi… get a stylist!


Dascha Polanco:

Dascha Polanco

Following on from our supermodel in distress we have Dascha Polance from Orange Is The New Black. Dascha is a beautiful, curvy woman, but here she is doing herself zero favours. Although the voluptuous form isn’t your usual Hollywood stereotype, you can make the best of your body no matter what shape or size you are and unfortunately, that is exactly the opposite of what Dascha is doing. That sheer skirt and slit just isn’t pretty. The dress as a whole is boring and not that cute, but if Dascha had just lowered the slit a few inches (maybe like 8…) then this would flatter her so  much better. This just isn’t good.

Kathryn Hahn in Vivienne Westwood with Eva Fehren jewels:

Kathryn Hayn

I hate to be mean, but Kathryn’s dress is hideous! This macabre frock is genuinely one of the worst things I have laid my eyes upon. I would say that perhaps this would look good on a model or someone, but being honest, I can’t find any good qualities about it. It looks like someone found two pairs of their nanna’s old curtains, sowed them together, threw on some make-up and hoped that no one would notice… #DIYCinderella!

Julianne Hough in Marchesa with a Jimmy Choo clutch:


Julianne looks like a modern day wicked witch of the west gone wrong in this ensemble. This dress just is not nice on her and 100% is not for an occasion like this. The sad thing is that I do think that the dress could be stunning on someone with model proportions to a different event though (I know I’m obsessed with her, but Sophie Turner perhaps?). One saving glory for Julianne is that although that head-band sucks, her hair is cute from the back!


Amy Schumer in Zac Posen:


Fair play to Amy for her amazing Emmy win, but this look was certainly not worthy. Like Dascha, Amy has some curves, but apparently doesn’t know how to use them. I find this look very surprising because even though Zac Posen isn’t always my favourite designer, he usually sculpts beautifully to the body – something which he didn’t quite get here. This gown hugs Amy in all the wrong places, her hair looks like she just had sex in the limo before hopping out and I can just tell that she had to keep pulling it up at her chest region all night.


Danielle Brooks:


Looking more parrot than canary, it seems like Danielle Brook and Heidi Klum were birds of a feather at last night’s Emmys. Tropical bird puns aside, Danielle certainly wasn’t looking too tasty on the night (sometimes I just can’t help myself). This dress was too tight on the thighs and adding extra fabric to a larger woman is never a good idea. Even twirling couldn’t help her case… next!


Christine Marzano:

This woman is absolutely stunning, but there is no excuse for this dress. Obviously trying to make a name for herself, Marzano walked the carpet in this next to nothing attire. Now, I am never one for this as I just think that it’s tacky, but asides from that, there are literally children at this event and you rock up practically naked – really Christine? If I was on the Emmy committee I wouldn’t have let her in – it’s not like she’s important anyway…

Next we have 3 dresses which, although I don’t like anyway, are here for their terrible fabric choices. This fabric should never be seen on a red carpet:

Elizabeth Moss in Oscar de la Renta:


Uzo Aduba in Jonathan Cohen:


I don’t even know who this woman is…


Carice Van Houten:

Carice Van Houten

Judging from this look, I think that maybe the red lady should stick to her colour. Carice is a beautiful woman and has killed it on the red carpet before, but unfortunately here she just isn’t looking her best. This colour washes her out, it doesn’t fit nicely and when you look at it closely, parts of the dress even look unfinished! For someone who has see in the future she really should have seen this one coming. Not a good look for her at all.

Emma Myles:


Her hair and make-up are pretty, but I honestly can’t even begin to comment on the dress… This are so many things wrong with it that there’s no point in even trying!

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar de la Renta:

Maggie Gyllenhal

A bad night for the Oscar de la Renta brand, this is yet another dress designed with horrific fabric. Maggie is accustomed to donning garments with her own off-beat personal style and I completely encourage that, but not with this fabric. What is up with everyone picking these crinkly, unflattering textiles?

Alan Cumming:

Alan Cumming

The worst male of the night, Alan came with enough spare fabric for a whole other suit! I’m wondering if he’s ever come across the world ‘tailoring’? Quirky tie and pants aside, the weather at the Emmys yesterday was beautiful and really warm, which begs the question – why on earth is he wearing crocs and holding an umbrella?!

Julie Klausner:

Julie Klausner

If January Jones showed us all how to rock a green jumpsuit, Julie Klausner has shown us exactly how not. The general theme of this post so far, Julie is wearing something with both bad fit and bad fabric. This jumpsuit makes Julie look much bigger than she is and then her hair just looks like she’s going to the shop to buy dinner. Overall, this is not a good look and the sleeves don’t certainly don’t help.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Jane Krakowski:

Neithr Tracee nor Jane chose the right looks this time round. Both stars are wearing gowns which are uncomfortably tight to the extent that they can’t even stand how they normally do. Tracee’s is sucking her in in the torso and flattening her chest while Jane’s just looks uncomfortable all round.



Helen McCrory:

Helen McCrory

I’m sorry Helen, but you’re at a celebrity award ceremony, I don’t care if it’s sunny – take off the God damn glasses. Oh, and your dress isn’t nice either.

Chelsea Peretti in Gabriela Cadena:

Chelsea Perretti

Finishing off our fashion failures is Chelsea Peretti in a gown which just isn’t right. I don’t particularly like this dress anyway, but asides from that it just doesn’t suit her, and you can tell by her face that she thinks the same thing! At the end of the day, you can get the most stunning dress in all of existence, but if it doesn’t suit you then I’m afraid you just need to let it be and that’s what Chelsea should have done here. Two positives though – her leg looks amazing and I really like her shoes too!

Well that’s that folks! If you made it to the end of this post then congratulations because I’m sure you’re as tired as I am after looking at all of those looks 😛

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Author: Pádraig Power.


Photos from: huffingtonpost.com, eonline.com and edition.cnn.com


Landofpod – Visuals.

As you guys know, writing posts is a huge passion of mine. Unlike other bloggers, I do not pride myself on taking pictures of me or others, more so on my writing skills and being relatable in my viewpoints/opinions. This, of course, takes a lot of time – between finding appropriate pictures, writing, re-writing, editing and proof-reading – so naturally, I can’t update posts on a daily basis. Something which I do love though is pictures. Simply pictures. Alone, with no caption, no opinions – essentially standing on their own. What you may not know is that this is something that I also do. On my tumblr I blog/reblog pictures daily which grab my attention, which hold my interest and which undoubtedly, I fall in love with. I find this to be an inspiring, much easier, faster way to keep in touch with fashion and also a way to do it on a daily basis.

For this reason, I am doing a post based solely on some of my favourite pictures from my Tumblr blog : http://landofpod.tumblr.com/. I want you guys to check this out, follow it if you have a tumblr of your own and if not, then just visit it daily, weekly or monthly, just to see what inspires me and will hopefully ignite some fashion flares in your own heart. To end my introduction, below you will find some of my most beloved pictures that I have posted in the past month alone. Have a look, enjoy and tell me how you feel about this other aspect of my blogging:

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset









tumblr_nkeqncR9Ip1r9ziiio2_500 (1)














Best Dressed of Met Gala 2015: Through The Looking Glass.


Fashion’s most anticipated night of the year, is back and with it is Landofpod. Everyone fashion savvy character knows the insides and outs of the Met Gala and like me, has been waiting very impatiently. For those of you who may be unaware of the night in it, this is an event run by nonetheless, the queen of fashion – Anna Wintour. What really sends the Met Gala into the stratosphere, along with its boastful quantity of stars and fashionistas, is the always amazing and ever-changing theme that comes with it. First and foremost this is a charity for the Costume Institute which along with the themes, enables everyone to take huge fashion risks and to make fashion history – some of which was made last night. From rock to goddesses and punk to superheroes, the theme is always thrilling and this year’s theme, “China: Through The Looking Glass,” certainly did not disappoint. Without further adieu, let’s begin with some of 2015’s most stunning fashions to date.

For the sake of order, I am going to begin with top 3 from last night’s show-stopper. I have to say however, that these 3 looks are all stunning and I cannot justify choosing one over another. All in all, sit back, have a look and enjoy 3 beauties.


(For those of you looking for my Worst Dressed post just click here).

1) Rihanna in Guo Pei:


Rihanna looked absolutely stunning in this ravishing Guo Pei dress. Transcendent, this is a look which breaks all fashion boundaries and creates a moment on the red carpet. For something that could have gone so wrong, Rihanna pulled it off to a tee and I honestly think that nobody else could have come close to the perfection which she achieved in this dress.  The rich colour of the dress, the enormous gown, the simply strapped heels and that headpiece all achieve an unparalleled level of exquisiteness. What I absolutely adore about this look is that it is perfect for the occasion. Like I said above, this is an event which enables everyone to release their inner fashionista. What makes it even better is the fact that although she pushed every envelope. This isn’t some cheap, costume attempt to get you noticed, this is fashion – something which many other people confused on the night. All in all, her hair, make-up accessories and the dress lead to Rihanna absolutely killing it.


2) Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi:


Another of my top 3, Zendaya joins Rihanna in the ranks of supremacy on this red carpet. At only 18, Zendaya has proven herself a huge force to be dealt with in the realms of fashion and this look is gorgeous. Again, traversing the costume path, this is a look which fully embraces the theme and event. What makes this an undeniable winner however, is the fact that it is perfect for her age. This is cute, it is sexy, it is fresh and above all, it is Zendaya. Full proof that you should dress for you and not for others, Zendaya looks stunning and the train and hairband are just amazing.


3) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Atelier Versace with Anita Ko jewels:


Completely different to the first two ensembles, this is a look which is sleek, sexy and demure. Rosie is the embodiment of elegance and looks utterly perfect. Still remaining true to the theme with the swerves of fabric on the bodice, Rosie looks graceful, reminding me of the dignified beauty of a swan, with the trail of fabric caressing the curve of her neck. This is the type of woman that everyone wants to be.

Continuing from these astounding looks, we stay with the rest of my top looks from the night. Although these ladies didn’t make it into my top 3, they still were absolutely gorgeous so have a look below:

Behati Prinsloo in a Tommy Hilfiger gown with a Judith Leiber Couture clutch:


With titles like Victoria’s Secret Angel and Adam Levine’s spouse under her belt, Behati already has a lot to be proud of, and if she keeps dressing like this, ‘fashion icon’ could soon be added to her repertoire. Personally, Tommy Hilfer is not a brand which usually ignites excitement in me, but here Tommy has really hit the mark. The combination of the sexy, sheer panels with the beautiful midnight blue suede and exquisite tailoring is magnificent. On top of the dress, the look is accessorized to perfection. Personally, I am in love with the choker, drop-earrings and that cute yet sexy cat-flicked eyeliner.

Alexa Chung in Erdem:


This look is just so, so chic. Also, what I idolize here is the thoughtful details. The beautiful print of the mulberry bush, which originates from China, paired with the fact that the dress is silk (the product of the worms which live in the bush) is just so brilliant! This is a design which thought behind it and it is just so clever. Like always, Alexa oozes chic and the finishing touches of her hair and the powder blue, grandmother-esque shoes with the ravishing colour of the dress is almost too much to handle. Chic, clever and understated – top marks!

Courtney Eaton in Dolce & Gabanna:

Courtney Eaten

Up and coming Australian actress Courtney Eaton has just landed right on my fashion radar. At only 19 this is such a wow fashion moment for the starlet. A very literal interpretation of the theme, this look is cute, fashion-forward and beautiful all in one. The pale-golden tone of the dress against her bronzed skin-tone is the perfect compliment and her striking face pulls the look together. I am also in love with the head-piece and statement earrings. This look is a lot to pull off, but Courtney did so effortlessly.

Imogen Poots in Alberta Ferretti:


There is something just oh so sexy about this look. The Valentino-esuqe silhouette is stunning with the beautiful lace and sheer paneling all harmonizing in perfect unison. Looking sexy and powerful, Imogen is showing an almost vampire type of beauty yet at the same time I find the dress enchanting. This is a look with could be so blasée, but has avoided that and in the process has really ignited my interest.


Sienna Miller in Thakoon:

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

Always a starlet who brings something unique to the carpet, Sienna is one who never disappoints. Proving her fashion icon status, she wows us in this red Thakoon suit. The combination of the red and black with the tassels, huge chest cavity and slightly cropped tuxedo pants all leads to a resounding yes. This looks is chic, appropriate and something which you would only see on a true fashionista. I also love how she brought fringe into the equation – perfect!

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors with an Edie Parker clutch:


Looking nowhere near her 36 years of age, Kate shone in this glittering, molten-golden gown. Kate somehow manages to look regal and like the girl-next-door all in one. Again, I am loving her execution of the look with her hair and make-up being perfect – this was a real winner of a red carpet! Another infatuation of mine is that if you look at the dress up close you actually see that it looks as if each gold piece is individually placed on her body. This is another stunner.

Shu Pei Qin in Tommy Hilfiger:


Another striking Tommy Hilfiger gown, Chinese model Shu Pei Qin, looks like a princess. The combination of suede with embroidery on the upper half juxtaposed with the flowey nature of the skirt leads to a very simple, yet effective silhouette. Like Sienna Miller (above), Shu is a flat chested girl making the deep v work perfectly. Finished off with her simple hair and make-up, this is a very easy, pretty yet stylish look.

Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein Collection:


Looking every inch the supermodel, Kendall walked the carpet with ease. This Calvin Klein Collection dress is simple and sexy. Proving that you don’t every bell and whistle, Kendall shows that sleek can be just as effective. Of course the side-boob and lace-detail on the side of the gown is what kicks it up into best dressed territory though. This is a look which could be emulated by many, but pulled-off by few. Kendall looks beautiful.

That’s it for all of my best dressed of the 2015 Met Gala! I will be putting up my worst dressed post soon so please keep an eye out for that. As always, if you liked this post then please like it, comment and/or share it and make sure to follow my facebooktwitter and tumblr accounts!

For now I’m going to leave you with 4 more ladies who impressed on the night, but just missed out on the top spots:

Emily Blunt in Prada:


Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang with Chopard jewels:


So cool!

Helen Mirren:


Lily Alridge in Carolina Herrera:


See you soon on my Worst Dressed post!


Photos in this post are from: huffingtonpost.coom and vogue.com.

Top Street-Style: Paris Fashion Week AW 2015/16.

Continually looking for new posts to publish, this week I have been particularly inspired by street-style and where better to find your inspiration than from Paris Fashion Week? Of course, the week has given us a multitude of fantastically fashionable runways to discuss, but for now, I’m going to take a step back from the catwalk and show you some luxurious ladies with some sickening style. Now, I’m sure that there will probably be plenty of looks that you don’t agree with here, but in my opinion, that’s the whole point of personal style. Even though there is a crazy mix of silhouettes and signature styles, I honestly love them all and think personal expression is the true nature of fashion. Enough talking for now, let’s get into it!


This is quite a simple look with the magic happening in the details. What brings this into wow territory are those moms jeans and ankle boots, paired with the highlight of the look – the gorgeous pop of colour! This is exactly why a coat’s lining should never go overlooked. Overall, this look is head to toe ease and I am also in love with the over-sized, square-rimmed glasses.


I don’t think that this look needs much explaining. This woman is chic and sexy and her platforms are everything. Again, this look is all about personality as those cheeky cheetah print sunnies show.


Looking like she came straight from the catwalk, this woman is style incarnate. The ‘overalls’ styled jumpsuit is so chic and what polishes off the look is her hair tucked into that pop of colour neck scarf. This is without a doubt one of my favourites and shows us again that colour is something which can really give your look that extra oomph!


Simple and pretty whilst pushing the boundaries just enough for a little edge. Fringe is back this season, particularly with street-style, and this woman has nailed the trend. The quiet colour palette is beautiful and pretty yet the white detailing adds a modern twist.


Talk about a bright outfit! I love this look because all of these colours together could easily be a big mistake, but with the placement of both colours and patterns, it works beautifully. This is a really well executed look with her natural make-up being the perfect choice and the cute bird-faced bag is a fantastic personal touch. Quirky and colourful is always a hit when paired with great editing.


This can simply be described as exquisite. The precise tailoring displayed is outstanding and the flattering silhouette is transcendent. What really sends it into the stratosphere however is that ravishing red – this is clearly a woman who opts for quality. Amazing!


Like above, this is a look which, due to exquisite tailoring, stands out with a bang! What makes this look even better for me though is the contemporary twist given with those gorgeous black shoes, her slicked back pony and the over-sized sun glasses (another huge trend). This quilted dress could just be my favourite street-style look from Fashion Week.


Bringing us back to casual clothing, this is the epitome of a cool, refreshing look. The modern day motorbike chick feel is knocking my socks off, especially with those electric blue pants. So, so cool.


A different type of cool, this look is more ‘street’ with her shin-pad boots really funking up her outfit. The red jacket is clearly the star of the show, but I love how she hit the street vibe whit conviction by finishing it off with her beanie.


Combining pop of colour with pop art, this look is vibrant, young and has some added sass too. I love her red trainers and orange eye-shadow. As you can see with other looks in this post, hair and make-up can really make your look and this is another triumph in that category.


Dull, casual, well-accessorized and chic – this look embodies young, Parisian street-style. Her shoes are what really stand out to me. They are so opulent yet simple.


The power of a staple mustard coat should never be overlooked. In theory, sunglasses and coats might not make much sense, but here they are a match made in heaven. The ‘Haim’ hairdo is also right on the money.


Geek chic or simply chic? Everything about this outfit works and I love the sliver of ankle to counterbalance the heaviness of her coat. The vertically striped shirt also contrasts the diagonal lines of her coat beautifully and it is these subtle contrasts which make this so fashionable. This is a look for every woman’s winter wardrobe.


Another colourful gal, what really brings this look to life is texture. The fringe detail on her jacket was clearly extremely time-consuming, but it was completely worth it, especially when paired with her thick, strapped boots. Also, blue and red is always a great combination and I love that this woman clearly likes to take risks.


Nothing in this outfit should work together, but somehow it magically denies the laws of fashion and all melds together sublimely. I don’t know why because when I dissect the look there is nothing that I particularly love, but all together this is a definite win.


Like I said above, fringe is back this season and here is another woman who knows how to wear it. Sienna Miller meets Native American meets fabulous – I adore everything about this. These shoes are another accessory which I am loving and I think that if you can pull them off you should definitely add them into your wardrobe. Also, for anybody out there who feels inspired to add a flare of fringe to their spring/summer wardrobe I know that Zara has some killer pieces in stock at the moment!


Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind. This woman could wear this every day of the week to every event imaginable and I still wouldn’t get mad – it’s just so damn perfect. Before you give out to me, I know that this isn’t suitable for every event, but I just love it. She has very, very good taste.


This jacket is so unique. Another look where clashing patterns and odd combinations can be seen, nothing about this should work, yet somehow it manages to fit together beautifully. I need to figure out how to do this!


Contrasting from some looks above, we have an outfit in which everything was picked to seamlessly fit into place and it does exactly as it says on the tin. With the white triangular pattern saving this ensemble from falling into the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’ territory, this is a chic look which is truly timeless. The pants could have done with a quick steam though… just saying.


Boho chic meets vintage, this is a natural, simple and classic look. Although the individual items could look dowdy, this is exactly how you put together a modern twist on a 70s/80s inspired look. I love the au naturale aesthetic and I think that springtime is the perfect time of year to play around with it.


This is a look which could lie on the edge of boring, but what really brings it together for me are the personal twists. The over-sized lace dicky bow and the bauble shaped purse are very quirky. I’m not 100% sure if I’m in love with the boots though – I would love to try on some ankle boots or pumps instead!ParisstrRF154042

My favourite couple that I’ve seen throughout the week, both looks compliment each other flawlessly. The pastel palette paired with the cream and dim burgundy is a lovely combination and I in love with the fact that they both wore suede shoes. Such a cute couple.


The most modern twist on a statement coat yet, this looks like a woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. I love how her styling creates an instant image of an intelligent, yet edgy business woman and I genuinely feel like she could take on anything in this ensemble. This is a woman who other women want to be.


A chic, minimalistic approach to androgyny, this look is crisp. Again, using little pops of colour to tie everything together, this lady knows how to dress and I love her barely-there balayage. It’s so subtle, yet really effective.


Finally, we have a beauty who combines sexy secretary, evening drinks with the girls and a boyfriend styled jacket all in one. The simplistic scheme of denim, white and camel is always going to be in vogue and the knee-length over the mini-skirt is to die for. Her shoes are also killer, making this another leader of the pack.

That’s it for all of my favourite street-style looks from Paris Fashion Week and I have to say that I in love with them! As this is my first of this type of post, please let me know if you like it and/or what you would change about it, so that if I do more I can make them even better for you.

For now, make sure to have a look at my facebooktwitter and tumblr and share, like and comment on my post. 🙂 More posts coming soon.

Author: Pádraig Power.

Photos from: fashionising.com and vogue.com.

The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet: The Worst And The Not Quite Right.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

The Oscars is unquestionably the biggest red carpet event of the entire year. With that in mind, it is arguably one of the most stressful award ceremonies for which to pick your outfit: it needs to be chic, stylish, stand-out and meet a certain level of class. Due to this, a lot of people seem to get overwhelmed before the big night resulting in a ridiculous number of blasé, yawn-inducing ensembles… Remember Anne Hathaway’s 2013 Oscar dress? Exactly. This year, the boring basics followed its usual trend with actors such as Jessica Chastain choosing extremely mundane looks. Thankfully, we always have those who try to push the envelope, thus ending on either end of the spectrum. So, to start things off, I’m going to being with my worst dressed attendees of the 87th Annual Oscars Ceremony.

Blanca Blanco:


I didn’t know who Blanca Blanco was until last night and my God do I wish I still didn’t know who she is now. What a horribly hideous dress this is. Usually one wears their hair up to let the dress do the talking, but in this case this dress needs to shut up. My only honest criticism is why didn’t somebody help her out by burning it before she put it on?

Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo Couture:


What was Gwyneth thinking with this? I usually adore Ralph & Russo and as they are a very chic, elegant brand they would be a good choice for a ceremony such as the Oscars. This does not mean that they don’t make mistakes however, with this dress being one of them. The base of the dress is ugly in itself, but the addition of that flimsy rose shoulder detail is just horrendous. If you’re going to go for a boring silhouette with extremely unimaginative design then please Gwyneth, just leave it at that. Adding bells and whistles only makes the dress even worse.

Rachael Harris:


Is there any real excuse for this? I don’t think so! Get some God damn contacts Rachael and if not, at least buy a stylish pairs of specs like Meryl…

Diane Warren:


Last night being her seventh Oscar nomination, Diane Warren is clearly an immense talent. It’s just a pity that the same can’t be said for her stylist… The hair is what really kills me.



Bringing some men into the fold, last night was not a shining moment for the male Hollywood scene. Will.i.am is clear proof of that in this train-driver meets baseball team look. You’re at a black tie, red carpet event Will, throwing on a blazer does not take your look from music awards to classy. Give it up!


Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad:


Another person who clearly thought that they were going to the Grammys is Chrissy Teigen. She undoubtedly looks gorgeous and the colour is perfect for spring, but she is showing off way too much skin for the Oscars. What I’m trying to say is, put the leg away,you’re not shooting for Sports Illustrated tonight…!

Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton:


I am so disappointed in Nicole Kidman’s Oscars dress. When the words Nicole Kidman and red carpet come to mind it’s automatically an exciting mix and something which I usually can’t wait for. At this year’s Oscars however, I was extremely let down. The dress, the hair, the make-up, the bag, the accessories – everything is so dull, so tedious and so tiresome. Where is the spark and where is the flare of style? I certainly can’t see them. Teamed up with her husband’s girly locks, they add up to my worst dressed couple of the 2015 Oscars ceremony!


Jared Leto in Givenchy with a Fred Leighton brooch and a Cartier watch:


Many people out there seemed to love this look, but I for one hated it. Firstly, we have the powder blue colour which might be in season right now, but doesn’t do it for me here. I also dislike the shirt. I think that the suit jacket and closed up shirt matched with his Jesus-style hair and full beard leads to a whole lot of problems. Basically, it completely swallows him, and suffocates his upper body – he has no neck in this whatsoever and it makes his upper half look squat. Finally, the biggest crime here is his shoes. The combination of the short pant and those optic white shoes is a catastrophe. All in all, it’s not going to go down in the hall of fame as one of the worst Oscar looks, but I am extremely disappointed in Jared.

Ansel Elgort in Prada:


Another man who failed to impress me was Ansel Egort and here’s why: I know that Ansel is young and that I always preach about dressing for your age, but in my opinion Ansel needs to grow up a little in his style. He is only 20, but he is still a man whereas here he looks like a little boy. The tux is not tailored properly to his body, his dickie bow is crooked and he’s still sporting a 15 year old boy haircut. I get that his fan base is quite young, but if Ansel wants to start getting some more mature, adult roles then he needs to begin by showing that he can look like one in person. Ansel, your first step is to ditch the oversized suit and get a fresh new haircut, I promise you that it will do you wonders!

Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent with Van Cleef & Arpels jewels:


This is a look that I have seen some bloggers rave about, but for me it does the exact opposite of Ansel’s look above. This is so ageing on the star. Let’s all remember that Margot is only 24. This dress could be easily be seen on someone 15 years older than her and still been seen as a bit mature. The only youthful part of it is the low cut in the front, but even that is ruined by the chain which also reads old to me. Perhaps if she had done a twist on the Jennifer Aniston chest-chain which Jen has been sporting recently it would have added some much need youth into the equation? I get that Margot is trying to become a style icon, but this heavy black gown is not the way to get there.

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa:

202215-cc-red-carpet-Karolina Kurkova

Gwyneth Paltrow 2.0, Karolina dons another tight, wrinkly pale pink gown which misses the mark. Let’s face it, this dress is as bland as a tray of hospital food. The dress is boring, her hair is boring and her make-up is boring. To add to the casualties, the fabric is wrinkly, it puckers in places and her toes sneaking out at the bottom are really creepy. This dress is one for the bin.

Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen:


I am so disappointed in this look. In fact, I have been hugely disappointed in Felicity’s overall style for the red carpet season. An undoubted talent, Felicity finally had her break-out role this year and this was her time to seize her moment. Instead however, she has faded into the background of every carpet that she has walked thus far. On top of that, the bottom part of the dress is hideous. I almost wish that she wore her Vanity Fair afterparty dress to the actual event, it had much more drama and was actually something interesting – I think that it would have been a far better choice:


Rita Ora in Marchesa:


This isn’t the worst dress of the night, but there is also nothing that I like about it. The gold appliqué doesn’t do anything for me and without it the dress is yawn-inducing. Another bore.

Lorelei Linklater in Gabriela Cadena:


Saving you one of the worst for last, Lorelei Linklater sunk her Oscars red carpet debut. The mash-up of three different dresses into one is just not a good idea and what’s even worse is that, I wouldn’t have liked one of those dresses even by themselves! Tragic.

That’s it for my worst of the night (thank God), but have a look at some of my not quite there looks below:

Looks Which Failed To Hit The Nail On The Head:

Julianne Moore in Custom Chanel:


This is so difficult for me. I love Julianne and I love her style, I just don’t love this dress. Honestly, I don’t think that the background helps as it denies her body definition, but the nail in the coffin for this look is the band of embellishment below her waist. Do yourself a favour and just pace your thumb over the middle embellishment on the screen… infinitely better!

Josh Hutcherson in Ermenegildo Zegna Couture with Christian Louboutin shoes:


Josh naturally has a somewhat squat physique. What I think would have helped him to make the best of his body would be if he pulled in both his sleeves and pants just that little bit more. If both were a slight bit tighter and the pants were a little shorter then I think that he would look a lot better on the carpet. I do like that he went for a classic look however.

Anna Faris in Zuhair Murad Couture with Judith Leiber clutch:


OK, so this look was never going to be a best dressed winner, but I do genuinely think that if Anna had slicked her hair back into a simple up-do that it could be really pretty. It is a beautiful dress, I just think that if she slicked back her hair and deleted some of the train it would elevate the look to a whole new level.

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab with Neil Lane jewels:


Another princess gown which hit the carpet. This dress is beautiful. It has whimsy, it has elegance and I love the nude tone with Jennifer’s skin. What I don’t love is the deep plunging neckline. We get it, you’re gorgeous and you have great boobs, we don’t need to see them at every red carpet. Personally, I just think that if you’re going to put in the effort to finally wear some clothes and go for a full ballgown look, then you need to commit, not be half slutty, half princess. Also, it’s not like she was planning on being demure later in the night, she wore a completely sheer Zuhair Murad to the afterparty! Just once, try and keep the girls tucked away a bit Jen.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab with Christian Louboutin shoes and Tiffany & Co. jewels:


This is another look which is tough for me. Emma is one of my ultimate style crushes and she definitely looks beautiful. What I’m not sure about here though is the colour. Normally Emma’s porcelain skin can pull off even the more daring of colours, but this one just doesn’t sit right. I think that maybe if the colour was stronger it would be nicer? It’s just a bit too similar to her own tone for me and because of that it doesn’t work. Also, it may be sacrilege to say this about Louboutins, but I hate the shoes.

Jamie Chung in Yanina Couture:


This dress shows promise, but also has some issues. The first is that the bottom half is too full. I think that if she took off one layer of mesh or just lowered the volume of the final layer then it would be much more effortless. Also, the pattern is a bit too literal ‘4th of July’ for me. The little firework explosions are all a bit carnival. I do think that the top half of the dress is gorgeous on her though and is something unique which could definitely work in a different context.

Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture:


Another ‘close, but no cigar’ ensemble. This is fresh, different and something which nobody else could have pulled off. What’s in question here is: did Marion actually pull it off? Although interesting, I think that the back might be a bit too odd and as it was in the same colour as the front, when you looked at her straight on she had no shape. One thing that is so important on the red carpet is highlighting your body and that’s something which Marion did not quite manage, thus hers is an iffy look for me.

So there you have all of my commentary for the worst and oh so close looks of the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet! Please let me know if you agree or disagree by liking, commenting on or sharing the post and make sure to keep your eye on my facebook and twitter for updates on my Best Dressed which WILL be up later this evening.

Thanks for reading guys.

Author: Pádraig Power.

Photos from: huffingtonpost.com

#FridayFashionFix: 12/02/2015 – The Man Bun.

I have succumbed to the bun.


The man bun is literally everywhere and try as you may, there is no hiding. Honestly, I have loved it from the get go, but the every-growing popularity and non-stop photos have fully instilled my adoration. In fact, it has even made me think about growing out some luscious locks of my own. I mean I already have the facial hair – why not right?

The man bun is exciting because unlike women’s fashion, new and innovative hairstyles for men are far and few between. This new hair horizon has sparked much and more interest, and for good reason. The man bun is a sexy, cool, lazy way for men to look good and be confident in their appearance, more importantly however, it oozes style. In this, the modern age of the metro-sexual, change such as the man bun is embraced with open arms because it gives us a new way to express ourselves. Another reason why I love it is because, in recent years, it has become more more typical to see men incorporating formal wear into their everyday attire. The addition of some scruff and a messy man bun juxtaposes the formality of the skinny tie and tux combo to a tee and brings the look back into the realm of casual, whilst remaining super stylish. In saying this, I don’t think that the man bun is a style that every man should try to emulate.

Why should some steer clear I hear you ask? Well some people, myself included, just don’t have the right look to pull this off, which is why although I would love to add the bun to my list of hairdos, I highly doubt that I will. Personally, I think that to have a man bun, you need the bone structure and more importantly, you need a good profile. If like me, you lack a strong jaw line or don’t have a straight, model-esque nose, then I think that you should join my bandwagon and leave it to the professionals. As we’ve seen with the women’s balayage movement, it’s better to stay off the train than to hop on the back and do it badly. By all means though, if you have the basics, if you have the style and if you have the balls (pardon the pun), then please go for it – it’s a look that will get you noticed and I guarantee that all of the girls, boys or whomever you desire, will be lining up to join you for a coffee.

For a little treat, have a look at some stylish man buns (‘muns’ maybe?) below:





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Author: Pádraig Power.

BAFTAs 2015: The Worst.

Although there were some gorgeous standouts from the evening, there were also those which stood out for the completely wrong reason… As we know, there were two award shows last night and somehow I think that the majority of these disasters attended to the wrong ceremony. Clearly the classy, elegant and sophisticated vibe of the BAFTAs got lost in translation as casual, tasteless, music hoe seems to be the theme seen here. Have a look at my worst dressed below:

Natalie Dormer in Sophia Kah:

The mass proportion of the celebs below are relative unknowns which is why Natalie Dormer is my number 1 worst. With her career booming in the last year and it set to continue on a bright path, one would think that Natalie would put a lot of effort into dazzling us on the red carpet. Unfortunately, she does the opposite and looks like a frumpy, periodic character. The lace gloves, Madame Curie hair and odd boob darts/tassels all combine to an aging, tacky look.


Hofit Golan:



Although it would have been a hot mess either way, this is look is definitely more apt for the Grammys. The tacky/slutty cut-out, short skirt and ugly sheer overlay combine to finish off this tasteless gown to perfection. This really looks like somebody who wants to get attention for all the wrong reasons. Although she might not quite be at the mutton stage yet she is certainly no spring chicken so take some advice from the wise Hofit –  class it up a bit!

Mica Levi:

Sweet Jesus, this one is a state! Granted, she’s not into style so we couldn’t really expect much, but this is just disastrous. I won’t go into it because there’s way too much to say, so just have a look yourself and join me in my dismay.


Titziana Rocca:

Another Grammy-go-lucky shambles was Titzianna Rocca. The definition of distasteful and showing off what you don’t have. Yes, she’s pretty, but she (along with 99.9% of the population) does not have the figure for that slit and cut-out. You can see her entire belly for goodness sake! Finished off with the ‘Real Housewife’ hairstyle, this is a Grade A flop.



Phoebe Fox:


This is one of those looks where there are just too many ideas going on, none of which are executed well. Her hair, earrings and the sheer part of the dress are all beautiful, but, from the bust down, the gown looses all appeal. It does seem to be tailored decently, but the bland beige, unseemly colours and the back tassels are all duds.



Finally, I have Kasabian. The look an absolute mess. The guy on the left and and the two on the right did put in some effort (the hair on the far right is absolutely abominable though), but the member in the middle is just disgraceful. I get it, you’re trying to be ironic. You’re trying to be ‘cool’. Maybe you think you’re even ‘sticking it to the man’. In all seriousness though – please grow up! This literally looks like every 15 year old emo’s wet dream and that is not something to be proud of. You’re going to a black tie event. You’re going to an event with superstars. You’re going to a TV and Film event if though you’re a musician – Please just have a bit more respect in the future and dress for the occasion.

That’s it for this disastrous line-up, but again, check out my facebook and twitter to see the best and worst of the Grammys which I’ll be posting this evening 🙂

Author: Pádraig Power.

Photos from: huffingtonpost.com