Grammys 2015 Red Carpet: The Worst And The Oh So Close.

This year’s Grammys was a huge success and got everyone around the globe talking. From Taylor’s dancing, to Beck beating Queen Bey, and Sam Smith stealing the show, there was no lack of theatrics and fortunately for us, the same can be said for the red carpet. So to get things going, I might as well start off with the post which usually gets you guys excited the most – my worst dressed of the evening.

Worst Dressed Goes to: Kim Kardashian West in Jean Paul Gaultier:



I’m sorry, but for me this is just a hot mess. Kim is one of the most famous celebrities in the entire world, she can literally wear anything that she wants from any renowned designer and this is what she chooses? This look comprises of too much clothing and all in the wrong places. To start off, we get it – you’re proud of your body. We don’t want to keep seeing it however! The seemed center of this robe barely covers from her belly-button to her lady parts, leaving way too much on show. Then she goes and wears the rest of the look like a throw which has way too much fabric, thus swamps her. The addition of shoulder pads, embellished pockets and cuffs all aid in completely swallowing her and make her look even more stumpy than she actually is. Finally, she finishes off the look by covering half of her face, which is usually her only saviour. Where is the fashion in this look? The only positive is that she wore glitter to the Grammys…

Joy Villa:

Joy Villa

When deciding what to wear for an award show the phrase ‘snow fence couture’ should never be one which pops to mind. Not only does this dress look ugly as hell and show us all that Joy’s career must be in serious need of a boost, but it also looks incredibly uncomfortable! Who in their right mind would want to sit in this for the evening? I didn’t think that it was possible for someone to wear a bigger outfit and have more skin on show that Kim, but Joy certainly rose to the occasion. What really gets me are those nipple pasties though – vomit worthy.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Iggy Azalea in Giorgio Armani:


This one is tough for me. Iggy undoubtedly looks a mess. The milkmaid braid is just dire and quite frankly makes her look a fool. The sheer compartment of the skirt is also horrible and cheapens the entire look. What I find difficult is that if you look at this from the neck to the knees only, it is perfection. The dress fit flawlessly and her body is outstanding. This is one of those looks where editing and styling would have made all of the difference. Let’s face it though, the mistakes are too grave and this look is horrible. Every-time I see it all I can think of is this:




I don’t know who she’s wearing and frankly I don’t care. I love Sia, I love her music, I love her talent, but I have become sick of her. This ‘anonymity’ thing is so annoying and so fake. If you don’t want anyone to know who you are fine, but then why are you walking the red carpet? Why are you putting yourself in the position to be criticized like this? I’ll tell you why, because you like the attention! Between walking the red carpet and your new stunt of getting A-listers to be in your videos and performances, I honestly don’t think that you want your music to do the talking for you, you want the fame.

Meghan Trainor in Galia Lahav:


Meghan may be all about that bass, but she clearly isn’t all about her fashion. This is hideous. I try to be constructive, but the only constructive criticism for this dress is to burn it.

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell:


Another red carpet hoe, Lady Gaga manages to look like a walking advertisement for safe sex. Unfortunately for Gaga, old Hollywood glamour was lost somewhere between the fabric choice, her make-up, her wonky boob and and those ‘strategically placed’ cut-outs.

Rihanna in Giambattista Haute Couture with Chopard jewels:


This one is difficult for me. Rihanna looks beautiful. In fact, I think she looks jaw-droppingly stunning. That is from the bust up, however. I can see the fashion behind it, but she has just lost it for me with the scale of the gown. The combination of the colour and the size of the skirt look like a pregnant teen trying to hide her bump at her quinceanera.

Rita Ora in Prada:


This is one of the biggest tragedies of the night for me. Her hairdo is Liza Minnelli gone wrong and her dress is oh so blasé. This look shows a serious lack of style and there is nothing that I like about it.

Michelle Pesce:


Every time I come across this picture I cringe. It looks to me like the DJ should stick to her decks because this is a very, very bad look. I almost feel sorry for the crater.

Madonna in Ricardo Tisci:


How could I not include Madonna? She’s 56, has a teenage daughter, is a superstar and this is how she walks the carpet. There’s nothing to say really, I just smile when I see her looks at this stage. She’s always going to be a hot mess, but I guess that’s why we love her!

Jane Fonda in Balmain:

From one oldie to another, Jane has an amazing body. She probably has the best body of any woman her age in the entire world. As well as that, her face is striking. A good body does not a stylish woman make however, as we can see here. This is a classic case of trying to show off your body purely just to show it off. There is very little, if any at all, style in this look and the chain is disastrous.


Kat Graham in Yanina Couture:


Sheer it may be, but chic it is not. There is too much going on here. I definitely appreciate a floral pattern here and there, but this is too big and is unflattering. The addition of the white shoes aids in the overkill. Her hair and make-up is stunning, but this is not a nice dress at all. I would actually even prefer it if it was a plain black sheer and there was no pattern.


Kelly Osbourne in Christian Siriano:


30 going on 60. Perhaps the beaded gown might have translated better in person, but as Kelly herself has said, you should dress for the cameras, not for the carpet. She is just too covered up in my opinion and it’s extremely drab. I’m not only upset at Kelly for this Amish-in-the-city look though, I’m also quite disappointed in Christian Siriano. For such a talented designer and for someone who did an amazing job at dressing celebs during last year’s awards season (remember Sarah Hyland in that crop top and skirt number?), he’s really slacked off this year and has yet to land a hit.

Soli Olds – Worst Dressed Man of The Evening.


I have no idea who this man is, but he looks so, so silly. Soli, you are not black, you are not hip and (from the look of things) you are not young – why on earth are you wearing those shoes? I don’t know what he is aiming for, but everything in this look scream ‘wannabe’. Sadly, whatever it is that you’re aspiring to, you’ve missed the mark by a mile Soli.

That’s it for my full on worst dressed list, but I do have two or thee more who I just want to discuss quickly…

Debatable Looks Of The Night:

Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier:


This look frustrates me so much. Miley’s hair, face and body all look beautiful. The gown itself is gorgeous as well, what I can’t deal with though, is the cut-outs. If you filled in all of these cut-outs Miley would have looked so chic, simple and stylish. Of course, if the cut-outs were filled in then it wouldn’t be an Alexandre Vauthier gown, but I think that she would have looked so much more beautiful!

Katharine Mcphee in Emilio Pucci:

This look is another editing disaster.


This would have been a perfectly pretty look if Katharine’s stylist had edited out the accessories. The earrings, her hair and the metal straps all bring this look from polished to tacky and they ruin all of the work put into the tailoring. Next time don’t try so hard Katharine and I think you’ll be happier with the outcome.

Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad:


Katy is one of the looks that doesn’t quite work for me and I don’t know why. I know that I don’t like the shoes and think that her underwear is not right for this dress, but asides from that I’m totally confused. What do you guys think of this look?

Ariana Grande wearing Versace:


Ariana’s looks is so near perfection that it hurts. The white gown is dazzling, her make-up is flawless and I also adore all of her accessorizing, it’s the extra flap of silver material that ruins the gown. I actually don’t even mind the addition of the silver into the dress, it gives it an extra oomph, it’s the dangling material that doesn’t fit the bill.

Beyoncé in Proenza Schouler:


She is my queen and like everyone else on the planet, I worship Beyoncé. What I don’t worship is this look. I like her hair, the more I look at it, but this dress has been done. Not only has everyone and their mother worn this lace styled gown, but Beyoncé herself has even worn similar looks to it! For such a stylish woman and an icon and idol, she could definitely work on her red carpet style.

So that’s the end to my (very long) worst dressed Grammys post! Apologies about the length, but there were just so many messes on the night and I was really enjoying taking them apart 😛

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SAG Awards Red Carpet: Best Looks.

This morning I woke up wondering whether last night’s SAG Awards would prove to be a further disappointment, continuing on from the Golden Globes. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong! The SAG Awards have brought style back to the carpet in abundance and have set my fashion spark alight. Of course there were some shocking ensembles, but for once the positives balanced out the negatives and, although it was tough, I have picked my best of the night for you.

I know that I constantly say this, but to try and change it up a little I’m going to write as little as possible and let you guys decide what you think of the looks yourselves. I can’t promise that I will be able to completely keep my fingers off the keys though 😛 Have a look at my favourite looks below:

1) Sarah Hyland in Vera Wang with Lorraine Schwarz jewels:


So fashion forward and beautiful.

The next 3 looks complete my top 4 of the night:

Emmy Rossum in Giorgio Armani paired with Cartier jewelry:


Lupita Nyong’o in Elie Saab:


Lupita’s gown was one that took me a minute to appreciate, but I have to say that I love everything about this aesthetic. The bold colours, voluminous skirt and full-length sleeves all combine perfectly with her jewelry giving the outfit that finishing signature stamp. Also, Lupita’s beauty look was one of my top two favourites of the night with her hair, make-up and Fred Leighton earrings leading to utter perfection.


Reese Witherspoon wearing Giorgio Armani and Harry Winston:

Effortless and classic – and just look at how happy she looks:


Next, we’re going to move onto some other stunners of the evening. These looks didn’t quite make it to the very top of the pack, but they are all gorgeous and well worth a mention. As I said earlier, the style from the night was amazing in comparison to recent award ceremonies!

Camila Alves dons Donna Karan Atelier:


 Julianne Moore in Givenchy:


The red hair and emerald green can be seen as such a classic or such a stereotype, but either way it’s for good reason – as flawlessly illustrated by this goddess.

Jennifer Aniston in John Galliano 1998 with an Amrit body chain:


Love it or loathe it, this is a look that got people talking. Personally, I adore the fact that Jen took this look from the fashion archives and brought 1998 into 2015! She looks beautiful, her body looks amazing and that Amrit body chain is just everything.

21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Sophie Turner:


Granted, I am a bit Sophie Turner obsessed, so she could literally wear a bin bag and I would love it, but I think that this look is young, fresh and shows promise for where her fashion point of view is heading. It’s a very urban look for the SAG Awards, with her hair and hoops bringing in that ethnic vibe. I love that she’s keeping it youthful and although I didn’t initially like them, the shoes do add a personal flare.

Keira Knightley in Erdem:


This will most definitely be a controversial choice and yes, I see why – just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you need to look like you’re wearing a moo moo! What I do love about this dress, is the colour and the sheer panel, both of which are beautiful on Keira. The only reason that this made it into my best dressed looks, however, is because of her beauty look. This is my favourite beauty of the entire night and I am just loving the Repossi ear-cuff with that bed-head hair and smokey eye – utter perfection.


Last, but not least, is probably another controversial pick, but one that I stand by.

Maisie Williams:


Maisie is only 17 and on anyone else I might not like this, but it is perfect for her age, her body and her style. She looks beautiful, young and stylish all whilst maintaining an element of class which young starlets often seem to forget when trying to grab the fashion headlines. Simply put, this look is pretty and I love her hair.


Well that’s all from me folks! Please let me know if you agree or disagree and if there’s anybody that you feel I left out.

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10 Things I’m Obsessed With From Vogue, The September Issue.

Yes, it is September and yes, New York Fashion Week has hit us with just about all of the fashion that we can handle, but let’s be honest, what is the most important thing about fashion in September? You got it – the holy grail and style bible itself, Vogue’s September Issue!

This year’s issue is absolutely glorious and although it did take quite a lot of weeding down, I have found my ultimate top 10 obsessions and here they are below:


Itouch 783 Itouch 786 Itouch 792

Pastels are huge this season, and to my delight! Imagine how much prettier the streets would be with everyone wearing light pastel shades at winter as opposed to heavy blacks and greys. I absolutely adore the blush pink and dusted blue shades shown above and think that they would be gorgeous on any skin tone.

Leather by Gucci:

Itouch 819  Itouch 823Itouch 822

Gucci’s stunning use of supple leathers is to die for. This soft, plush approach just amplifies the beauty of the leather in my opinion and again, I love the use of pastel shades and also the green and brown – it just looks so much better than if it were in black!

These stunning stills:

Itouch 844Itouch 798

I absolutely adore both of these shots. The Coach model (left picture) epitomizes fresh and beautiful. Fun fact, she is also in the latest Balmain campaign so is certainly one to watch. The 3.1 Phillip Lim picture on the right also captivates me. The simplicity of the shot combined with the contrast of the model’s camel and burgundy colours compared to the background result in a very interesting shot.

Giselle’s freckles and young Kate:

Itouch 800 Itouch 801 Itouch 828

I just love these shots. FYI this was Kate back in 2007!

The Fact that Kendall Jenner made the cut!

Itouch 790

OK, this one is admittedly a little bit sad, but I am a self obsessed Kardashian-a-holic and I am so fricking excited that my favourite young model has made it into the September issue (and she was in it more than once)!


Itouch 816 Itouch 818

For me, the ‘Call of The Wild’ feature was breathtaking. I can feel the atmosphere from the pictures and the icy blue eyes of the model and canines alike are magnificent. Also, huskies are my favourite dog which might have swayed me that little bit more.

Jimmy Choo’s Shoe Collection:

Itouch 829 Itouch 831 Itouch 834

I have fallen head over heels with Jimmy Choo’s new collection (see what I did there…?). My 2 favourites, however, have to be the shoes shown, particularly the ankle boots. I think that these are gorgeous and adore both the thick heel and thin ankle strap which, in my opinion, completely elevate them. As with the ankle boots, I also love the full-size leather boots and my favourite aspect has to be the heel which separates them and puts them in a league of their own (click on the image if you’d like to see the heel closer up).

Chanel’s Eye Make-Up:

Itouch 796

Dramatic yet soft and perfect for the party season. This beauty look displayed by Chanel is something that all girls out there should be keeping an eye on (I did it again…). This look would go with almost anything, from your LBD to the pretty pastels above certainly earns some attention.

Menswear-inspired Pieces by Giorgio Armani:

Itouch 837 Itouch 839 Itouch 841

Although not to everyone’s taste, I also love these menswear inspired looks by Giorgio Armani. The are edgy and masculine yet sexy and I think that the deep red lip really adds to each look.

Finally, this shot for Vera Wang:

Itouch 793

Raw, sexy, edgy, oozing allure – not something that you’d expect from Vera Wang. This picture is so sexy and so stunning that it deserved a spot all by itself.

So there you have it, all 10 of my obsession from The September Issue!

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Author: Pádraig Power.