Best Dressed | The Met Gala 2016 – Manus vs Machina

My favourite red carpet occasion of the year raised its stunning head and left us with a vast array of fashion at our finger tips.

The Met Gala is Anna Wintour’s night to shine and with an outlandish theme it always allows fashion’s bravest to push the boundaries and test their creative prowess. Let me begin this post by stating my 2 non-disputable rules for Met Ball attendees:

Rules for the Met Ball:

1) If you are going to attend the Met Gala then you follow the theme!

I don’t care who you are or what you do. If you are forking out thousands of dollars for a ticket to attend a fashion exhibition then you owe it to the event to at least abide by the rules. Just as important to remember is that that includes pushing yourself. Wearing a simple metallic dress does not meet my standards of following the theme… If I see you in a plain silver dress for a Manus vs. Machina theme – next!

2) If you do abstain from the theme then your outfit needs to be perfect.

If you are going to irritate spectators and be brazen enough to turn your back on the wondrous theme, that I’m sure has been painstakingly chosen for you, then you at the very least need to make sure that your off-beat outfit is absolutely flawless. If not, then why be awkward in the first place? If you’re not going to follow the theme and you wear a boring outfit then you might as well have stayed at home. This is a fashion event, darling.

That being said, the majority of stars and fashionistas alike did me proud this year and I was more than pleasantly surprised when scrolling through Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair online (where the pictures in this post were sourced from). Thus, let’s get into it.

Best Dressed Fashionistas of the Met Gala 2016:

Zendaya in Michael Kors Collection


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Oscars 2015: Best Dressed – Landofpod.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

As you’ve seen from my Worst Dressed post, this year’s Oscars red carpet encompassed a flurry of styles. There was a lot to live up to compared to last year with Lupita’s Cinderella inspired gown, Emma Watson’s grungy Vera Wang ensemble and Kate Hudson’s sexy caplet all knocking it out of the park. From good to bad, slutty to demure and chic to drab, every style was explored on this year’s carpet however, and there were certainly some style winners. I am extremely excited to share my favourite looks with you guys, so without further adieu, here are my best looks from the 2015 Oscars.

Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta with a Christian Louboutin bag and Forevermark jewels:



Sienna looked absolutely sensational and stole the fashion spotlight for me. Undoubtedly my number one best dressed of the night, Sienna embodies style, class and chic and I could not love this more. What’s amazing about this look for me is that it encompasses so many different aspects which in theory should not work together, but in reality are so beautiful. Velvet, lace, sheer cut-outs, ribbons and bows – I mean if someone described a dress like that to you you would never want to see it, but Sienna and Oscar executed it perfectly. Everything in this dress is perfection and every little detail, such as the stylized lines draping down the front of the dress, effortlessly adds to the overall effect. Sienna’s team then finished her look off with ease with her hair, make-up, Louboutin clutch and Forevermark jewels all exquisite. Well done Sienna – j’adore!

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy with Lorraine Schwartz earrings:


Just wow. Another lady who nosed on perfection, Rosamund was a very close second in the runnings. This red Givenchy is to die for. It is so elegant with the upward bust-line and her easy pulled back hair, yet it also has the perfect amount of sex appeal with a thigh high slit and waist defining panels. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if maybe she needed a little more accessorizing, but the more I looked at it I knew that I was wrong. The simplicity of the diamond drop earrings and those thin strapped shoes are the cherry on the cake and Rosamund looks absolutely breathtaking.


Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen with a Chopard Watch:


Repping it for the men, although not the best poser in the world, Eddie Redmayne looked outstanding for his big night. Throughout the award season, Eddie has made a name for himself as a man who likes to play with fashion and who is very into his clothes – both of which can be seen here. This navy suit is impeccably tailored and the midnight blue works perfectly with his icy blue eyes. What sends this suit to a whole new level however, is the amazing addition of the velvet. And no, not only a velvet lapel, but velvet shoes! Definitely not something seen very often, Eddie has brought something new to the carpet and he genuinely could not have picked a better look to receive his first Oscar in – congratulations Eddie!

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe in Alexander McQueen:


Yes, I know I just spoke about him above, but not only was Eddie my best dressed man of the evening, he was also half of my best dressed couple. Eddie’s wife Hannah has proven herself as quite the fashionista throughout the award season and last night was no exception. I adore this Grecian style gown and the neckpiece, waistband and additional feathers are all perfect. I know that some people are against the feathers at the hip, but I personally love them and think that they make the dress. All of the features combined with her easy hair and the fact that the dress is midnight blue, to match Eddie’s amazing ensemble, results in my unquestionable most stylish couple of the evening.



Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine in Armani Privé:



Another couple who impressed me were Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine, for pure sex appeal alone. I’m not 100% on Behati’s dress, but you cannot deny that the sexuality that you see when looking at this pair is through the roof. They just ooze sex appeal and lust and Adam’s suit is absolutely flawless – here’s my second favourite pair of the night!

Jenna Dewan in Zuhair Murad Couture with Stuart Weitzman shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a Lee Savage clutch:


Jenna would not be one that I would usually look out for on the carpet, but wow did she take me by surprise at the Oscars. This Zuhair Murad creation is stunning on the petite beauty. Showing us and others (*coughs* Chrissy Teigen) the perfect amount of sex appeal for this ceremony, Jenna shines with her gorgeous embellishments, somewhat edgy jewels and the pop of colour with her lip which finished this off to a tee. Full marks Jenna!

Meryl Streep in Lanvin with a Salvatore Ferragamo bag and Fred Leighton jewels:


Flaunting a stereotypical Meryl look, Ms. Streep looks amazing and this is definitely one of her best looks in the last few years. She looks gorgeous from head to toe with every accessory being en pointe, in particular her earrings, belt and shoes. What this look shows us is that accessories can make or break an outfit and in Meryl’s case the accessorizing was sublime.




Chris Evans in head-to-toe Gucci:



This was another show-stopping moment for me. Chris is the epitome of a Hollywood class act here and could easily pass for an old Hollywood icon. This Gucci  ensemble is gorgeous and with his classic hairstyle and well-trimmed beard he looks devastatingly handsome.

Cate Blanchett in John Galliano with a Tiffany & Co. necklace:



No surprises here as Cate is the definition of style personified, but yes Cate Blanchett is another of my winners. This John Galliano gown is everything with the unrefined shoulders adding a slight touch of boho. Clearly, what gives this look its oomph is that amazing turquoise Tiffany necklace though – divine.

Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein with Chopard earrings:



After what I would call a rocky start to the awards season, Lupita came back fighting and once again has triumphed in this white Calvin Klein number. This dress is one which looks simple, yet upon inspection has so many intricate details. Although simple, it is a lot of dress for someone to pull off and Lupita does so flawlessly with her ebony skin creating a gorgeous juxtaposition with the gown.

Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford with Tiffany & Co. jewels:



This is one of those looks which will always be in style. When one attempts to wear a dress as minimal and simplistic as this the execution needs to be exquisite, something which Reese has nailed. The corsetry in this dress is impeccable, showing that a lot of fittings were needed. It all was worth it though with this being the perfect look to finish off Reese’s simple, but stylish award season fashion choices.

That’s it for my best of the best from this year’s Oscars ceremony, but I also have just a few more who almost made the mark that I’d like to discuss with you quickly.

The Almost Best Dressed:

Anna Kendrick in Thakoon with Norman Silverman jewels:



This look seemed to get quite a bit of slack for being lack-luster, but I have to say that I really like it. I think that Anna looks gorgeous here and the chain part of the dress, dark eye and messy hair all add a touch of sex appeal. All in all though, I do agree that it needs something more make its way into the best dressed category. I give this look a 7/10.

Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent with a Bally bag:



Like Anna’s dress, this is one which is very pretty, but just didn’t quite make it to the top spot. What I do love about this dress, however, is the asymmetric bust-line and corset which are very flattering on Dakota’s tiny frame. The shoulder strap is clearly also to die for and her slightly messy hair with the red lip polish the look off with ease.

Oprah in Vera Wang:



I think that Oprah looks marvelous here – she is glowing. Again, this look wasn’t quite a best dressed winner for me, but what I am absolutely in love with is how this fits her body. This is exactly how to wear a dress when you are a bigger lady. This Vera Wang gown hugs Oprah in all of the right places, it shows off everything that it should and the illusion created from the draping is stunning. This is an absolute 10/10 for dressing for your body and I am so happy that someone has finally shown how it is done. Thank you Oprah!

Keira Knightley in Valentino with Chanel accessories:



This dress screams Valentino. The whimsy and ethereal nature of this dress is beautiful and soothing which is why it is the perfect choice for the pregnant Keira. It is so, so pretty and what makes it even better is that it fits is perfectly with Keira’s periodic style which she can be known for. All in all, she manages to radiate the perfect aura for both her and the event.





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Author: Pádraig Power.

10 Things I’m Obsessed With From Vogue, The September Issue.

Yes, it is September and yes, New York Fashion Week has hit us with just about all of the fashion that we can handle, but let’s be honest, what is the most important thing about fashion in September? You got it – the holy grail and style bible itself, Vogue’s September Issue!

This year’s issue is absolutely glorious and although it did take quite a lot of weeding down, I have found my ultimate top 10 obsessions and here they are below:


Itouch 783 Itouch 786 Itouch 792

Pastels are huge this season, and to my delight! Imagine how much prettier the streets would be with everyone wearing light pastel shades at winter as opposed to heavy blacks and greys. I absolutely adore the blush pink and dusted blue shades shown above and think that they would be gorgeous on any skin tone.

Leather by Gucci:

Itouch 819  Itouch 823Itouch 822

Gucci’s stunning use of supple leathers is to die for. This soft, plush approach just amplifies the beauty of the leather in my opinion and again, I love the use of pastel shades and also the green and brown – it just looks so much better than if it were in black!

These stunning stills:

Itouch 844Itouch 798

I absolutely adore both of these shots. The Coach model (left picture) epitomizes fresh and beautiful. Fun fact, she is also in the latest Balmain campaign so is certainly one to watch. The 3.1 Phillip Lim picture on the right also captivates me. The simplicity of the shot combined with the contrast of the model’s camel and burgundy colours compared to the background result in a very interesting shot.

Giselle’s freckles and young Kate:

Itouch 800 Itouch 801 Itouch 828

I just love these shots. FYI this was Kate back in 2007!

The Fact that Kendall Jenner made the cut!

Itouch 790

OK, this one is admittedly a little bit sad, but I am a self obsessed Kardashian-a-holic and I am so fricking excited that my favourite young model has made it into the September issue (and she was in it more than once)!


Itouch 816 Itouch 818

For me, the ‘Call of The Wild’ feature was breathtaking. I can feel the atmosphere from the pictures and the icy blue eyes of the model and canines alike are magnificent. Also, huskies are my favourite dog which might have swayed me that little bit more.

Jimmy Choo’s Shoe Collection:

Itouch 829 Itouch 831 Itouch 834

I have fallen head over heels with Jimmy Choo’s new collection (see what I did there…?). My 2 favourites, however, have to be the shoes shown, particularly the ankle boots. I think that these are gorgeous and adore both the thick heel and thin ankle strap which, in my opinion, completely elevate them. As with the ankle boots, I also love the full-size leather boots and my favourite aspect has to be the heel which separates them and puts them in a league of their own (click on the image if you’d like to see the heel closer up).

Chanel’s Eye Make-Up:

Itouch 796

Dramatic yet soft and perfect for the party season. This beauty look displayed by Chanel is something that all girls out there should be keeping an eye on (I did it again…). This look would go with almost anything, from your LBD to the pretty pastels above certainly earns some attention.

Menswear-inspired Pieces by Giorgio Armani:

Itouch 837 Itouch 839 Itouch 841

Although not to everyone’s taste, I also love these menswear inspired looks by Giorgio Armani. The are edgy and masculine yet sexy and I think that the deep red lip really adds to each look.

Finally, this shot for Vera Wang:

Itouch 793

Raw, sexy, edgy, oozing allure – not something that you’d expect from Vera Wang. This picture is so sexy and so stunning that it deserved a spot all by itself.

So there you have it, all 10 of my obsession from The September Issue!

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Favourite Suits from NYFW Fall/Winter 2014.

For all of you fashion forward, style inspired men out there here is a list of my favourite suit looks from New York Fashion Week. From sporty to stylish and geek chic to punk all of these suits have something special which catches the eye and makes them absolute knock-outs in each of their designers’ collections.Have a look below:

Dolce & Gabbana:

Proving the D&G truly is the king of style the brand presented numerous expensive, red carpet suits, for very important occasions which showed class, style elegance and power:







Corneliani displayed a more casual line of suits focusing more-so on the stylish business man who takes his fashion just as importantly as he takes his job. Seen below are 2 day-time looks which would make sure that both all eyes are on you and that you are taken seriously in the workplace:




In line with Coreliani’s work Gucci displayed this gorgeous dusted blue suit and neutral shirt which would work beautifully on a younger man trying to kick-start his career while maintaining his flare for style:


Michael Bastian:

The final designer that I am going to discuss which presented this classy, businessman attire is the ever-amazing Michael Bastian. For more on Bastian’s collection have a look at one of my previous posts: :


Bottega Veneta:

For a more casual, day-time suit look which does not necessarily have to be office wear Bottega Veneta is definitely the designer for you. He portrayed layed-back chic with an array of intriguing deep green outfits:



Victor Rolf:

Next we have the ever amazing ‘geek-chic’. This was portrayed effortlessly by Victor Rolf who displayed various sportswear inspired suits whilst maintaining some nerdy appeal:




John Varvatos:

Finally, we are going to grunge things up with John Varvatos. The Kiss inspired collection added a much appreciated flare to NYFW and his designs are definitely suited to those who like to take some risks while still looking sexy and cool:





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Margot Robbie: Red Carpet Style Evolution.


OK, so most of you probably remember this blonde, Ozzie, bombshell as Donna from the one and only, Australian soap opera, “Neighbours,” but Margot Robbie has certainly come a long way since then, in both fashion and stardom. Granted, when Robbie first appeared on our screens she was a sweet, innocent, 17 year old girl and now she is a mature 23 year old young woman, which naturally  is bound to lead to some growth, but it has to be said that her style alone has grown exponentially in recent years. Margot has transformed from a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, naive teen to a smoldering, siren and this can be seen below. When she 1st began to grace the red-carpet she donned a not-so-there, pretty, yet childish and utterly underwhelming style which left her overlooked in the realm of fashion. Clearly lacking a stylist, the Queensland-born beaut also lacked luster and was in serious need of a style overhaul. Here are some images showing her earlier looks:

Here is young Margot wearing a strapless, pink, cocktail dress with open-toed white heels and sporting a terrible hairstyle entailing a wide, white hairband slicking back her golden locks at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in ’09:


Next she dons an ill-fitting, tiered, maxi dress which left the starlet with a lot of room for improvement: 


Soon after this Robbie tried to combat her flat style by kicking things up a notch and adding a flare of maturity into her wardrobe. Unfortunately, however, she ultimately lacked the finesse to pull off her more mature look resulting in outfits which either went over-board on sex appeal or left her looking much more than that of her 19 years:

Robbie in a horrific, over-sexualized, black and orange strapless, corsetted dress which went from short to long from front to back and showed off far too much skin, especially for someone trying to make it as a serious actress:


A neither here-nor-there look with poor hair, make-up and shoe choice which left us utterly underwhelmed:


Going to the complete opposite of the spectrum, Robbie then sported a secretarial, skirt and top combo which I wouldn’t put on someone even 20 years her senior. If possible, the addition of her huge, fake diamond earrings makes the look even more mature, thus badly finishing an already flailing look: 


Thankfully for the beautiful starlet, however, both her style and career blossomed hand-in-hand. Once the stunner’s career began to bloom her style swiftly followed. Along with her stateside move, Robbie began playing more mature, sexy roles, such as Pan Am’s Laura Cameron and the Wolf of Wallstreet’s Naomi Lapaglia, which reflected amazingly on her wardrobe. In recent years, she has become a style icon in her own right and has left the poorly dressed, little girl known to the masses as ‘Donna from Neighbours’ far behind her enabling both her career and fashion come ablaze. From cute to sexy, chic and effortless, Robbie has finally found her own with regards to her fashion choices and is now setting the world of style alight. Here are some of her recent looks which prove what a strong force the new Margot Robbie has become:

Margot in a cute, flirty, floral number at Disney ABC Television Group Host Summer Press Tour in 2011:


Pictured at a 2013 Vanity Fair event in a stunning, embellished, cocktail dress with perfectly swept back hair and gorgeous drop earrings:


Here we have Robbie wearing an Elie Saab jumpsuit at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards and cream Gucci gown with a plunging neckline paired with emerald green shoes at the Golden Globes:


Finally, we have Robbie’s collection of chic showstoppers at the Wolf of Wallstreet premieres:


Obviously, this talented actress has really come into her own in the past few years and we here at Landofpod wish her all of the best in both her fashion and acting ventures! We will most definitely be keeping a keen eye on her career and even more importantly, her red carpet looks which go along with it.

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Best and Worst Dressed of the 2014 Grammy Awards.

OK, so although this year has proven to be great so far with regards to red carpet style there always has to be one downfall and unfortunately last night led to many red carpet flops for some of music’s biggest stars. Along with initial disappoint due to the absence of numerous stars on the carpet, such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Gaga and Miley Cryus, the frocks which were donned left most feeling more than underwhelmed.

Although this is true, I’m going to start off with the few saviours of the night who pulled out their inner fashion goddesses and left us wanting more. 2 stars who looked beautiful on the night were the pregnant Ciara and American model Chrissy Teigen who both shone in golden, metallic, figure-hugging gowns which definitely drew all eyes on them. My undoubted winner for the best dressed lady at this year’s Grammys, however, is Taylor Swift. Taylor continued the metallic trend, but triumphed over her peers in a stunning chain-mailed, Gucci, floor-length gown which was both elegant and effortless. The gown paired with her simple, yet fresh and beautiful hair and make-up led to the star dazzling on the night. My 3 best dressed ladies can be seen here:

Ciara in Emilio Pucci:


Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson:


BEST DRESSED: Taylor Swift in Gucci:


Now we will regrettably discuss the worst dressed of the evening. As previously stated, this Grammys red carpet was more than disappointing and here are some of the reasons why, namely: Lorde, Madonna, Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield and Tasha Cobbs (whoever she may be…). Lorde opted for a full-sleeved, full length, ill-fitting black dress which did absolutely nothing for her figure. As a 17 year old girl one hoped that she would have been a little more fun and daring, or at least somewhat interesting, but the New Zealand songstress failed to deliver on every count. Her senior, Madonna, ‘followed suit’ in a ridiculous black tux, equipped with hat, cane and all, which led to a look resembling a costume as opposed to making a style statement. Bedingfield and Bareilles also greatly dissatisfied. Beddingfield was dressed in a yawn-inducing orange gown matched with hair that didn’t seem too sure whether it was matronly or beachy. Bareilles, however, tried to flare things up a bit with a rather youthful look, but this ‘brave’ look let us down with a surplus of feathers, an unnecessary train and casual, braided hair. Even though there were multiple fashion crimes to be seen the absolute worst on the night, for me, was Tasha Cobbs. The American singer wore a tight, blue gown with badly placed peplum and an odd fish-tail bottom which (OK, this might be a bit on the harsh side) instantly reminded me of a tightly wrapped, blue quality street sweet that I avoid at all costs come Christmastime. All of aforementioned worst looks can be seen here:

Lorde in Balenciaga:


Madonna in Ralph Lauren:


Natasha Bedingfield in Christian Siriano:


Sara Bareilles in Bluemarine:


Tasha Cobb : (see the resemblance?)



As always, let me know if you guys agree of disagree and which types of my posts are your favourites. Thanks for reading and remember, to keep in touch with the latest fashions just follow this blog. 🙂

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