Lucky Blue Smith: Male Model of the Moment 2016

Lucky Blue Smith is undoubtedly the male model of the moment. From shooting campaigns for Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger to being a guest on TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and having garnered over 2 million Instagram subscribers by the tender age of 17, whether you know his name or not, you most definitely have encountered Lucky Blue in some manner. Scouted at the age of 10, signed at the age of 12 and joined by his 3 model sisters, Lucky Blue’s life certainly has a fairytale-esque feel to it. For instance, not only was the model signed at just 12 years old, but his first shoot was for Vogue Hommes Japan. Yes, you read that correctly – a 12 year old boy’s first ever photoshoot was for Vogue. It’s time like this where I begin to question my productivity in the past decade of my life…

12 year old Lucky Blue’s Vogue Hommes Japan shoot by Hedi Slimane:


One could argue that he is the Jennifer Lawrence of the modelling world; one day a regular person like you and me and then suddenly plucked from the walks of normality to take his modelling field by storm. What are undeniable, are Lucky Blue’s undeniable talent and his unique looks. Beginning with his peroxide hair at the top of his 6′ 3″ stature, you need only drop an inch or two until you gaze into his enchanting ice-blue eyes and though he carries a somewhat cookie-cutter all American look, there is most certainly something intriguing about the youth, which makes him stand out from the pack.

Not only are his looks attractive, but so is his personality. Having already allotted the world with the information that he is interested in pursuing acting, Luck Blue is also a drummer, and a pretty good one at that. One fourth of the family band ‘The Atomics’, on top of ambition, looks, youth and star quality, Lucky Blue can officially add cool to his repertoire. In fact, the foursome of siblings are all pretty impressive and combined form a magnetic troop.

Lucky Blue with his sisters Pyper America, Daisy Clementine and Starlie Cheyenne:

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Though the Smith family are a powerful bunch, we are here primarily to speak of Lucky Blue, so let’s get back to business. Evidently not affecting his career thus far, one interesting fact about Lucky Blue is that he is a mormon. Obviously, not directly correlated with modelling, I find this engaging as Lucky Blue is clearly a strong role model. Self-described as a rebellious type it will be intriguing to see if his religious background will aid him in maintaining his purity in the modelling world.

More important for this post, however, is his amazing body of work so far. Though beginning his modelling at 12, Lucky Blue’s career really became busy at the age of 14 and has exploded since the beginning of 2015. Here we’ll look at some of his work that both grabbed my attention and illustrate different sides to Lucky Blue.

Lucky Blue the handsome, young model:

The high-fashion starlet:

The cheeky boy next-door:


The modern man:

The understated cool:

As well as being a multi-faceted model, Lucky Blue has worked for multiple brands and covered an array of magazines. This, perhaps more than anything else, is what has cemented his title as a current leading male model.

Numerous models, both male and female, have a hoard of social media followers, have strutted down more catwalks than they can remember and have host a stunning shots in their portfolios. When you add television appearances and magazine covers to this, however, you are not a mere working model, you are on your way to becoming a household name. Below are some of Lucky Blue’s high-profile shoots:

Covering Elle UK:

Elle UK

Tom Ford Campaign:


GQ Turkey Cover:


Tommy Hilfiger’s latest campaign with Hailey Baldwin:

Shoot for DAMAN by Mitchell McCormack – one of my favourite Lucky Blue shoots:

Penshoppe Summer 2016 – whose model for the female line is Kendall Jenner by the way, enough said!


A more muted Lucky Blue for Isenberg Korea SS16:


I feel like that might be enough Lucky Blue Smith for one post. The last thing that I would want to do is oversaturate your mind with the brilliant model! That said, it is clear from the discussion and shots about that Lucky Blue Smith is a force to be reckoned with. A triple-threat with youth, looks, talent and popularity on his side, I have a feeling that 2.1 million Instagram followers and a lucrative modelling career may just be the beginning for this starlet.

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Kendall, Kylie and Kesha: Best Dressed Billboards Awards 2014

Last Night’s Billboard Music Awards was a show not to be missed with excitement found at every corner. From Jennifer Lopez being the FIRST EVER female recipient of the Icon Award and Michael Jackson performing in hologram form, it certainly was a feast for the eyes. Something which was not so amazing however, was the fashion displayed on the night. Thankfully some of our starlets picked up the slack and these shall be shown below.


To kick things off we having the sibling duo who stole the show on the carpet: the up-and-coming Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie.


Both girls rocked it on the night in stunning ensembles with just the right amount of edge for the cool awards show. My best dressed gong has to go to Kendall though as she just knocked it out of the park! Dressed in sequined, leather pants, a white halter crop-top and some killer heels the now famous model looked every bit the part of a young beauty making her mark and looked ever so sultry whilst doing so.


Kylie was hot on her heels, however, in a figure-hugging white dress paired with some cool accessories (don’t know if I love or hate the shoes though)! What really made Kylie’s look pop for me was her collected, laid-back green hair, maintaining her own edge. The fading green tips added that extra oomph to her look and I commend her for sticking to it, especially as she is a young girl and now is the time for her to take major fashion risks!


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the next lady on my best dressed list is… Kesha! Kesha looked elegant and almost had a regal air to her in a sweetheart neck-lined, figure hugging, mermaid tailed gown. The grey dress with black lace overlay looked absolutely stunning on the singer, but the cherry on top had to be her absolutely flawless hair and make-up. Although the gown itself isn’t necessarily my favourite in the world, it has to be said that Kesha looks amazing compared to how she usually presents herself and I am glad to give her the credit she deserves.


Two other stars who looked lovely on the night, but who I don’t quite get the hype over are Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. Both stars did look beautiful, but for me their outfits were just a tad too much on the boring side. Neither of the looks were in any way new or innovative with Jenny’s dress being typical of her throughout the decades and Nicki’s being far too reminiscent of the black gown that she wore recently to this year’s MTV Movie Awards! Have a look below and let me know what you think:



Finally, I’m going to add in one constructive criticism in this piece purely because I love her, namely; Iggy Azalea. Iggy is an amazing talent, but her style has always been either too sexy or lack luster and last night it proved to be the latter. The Australian rapper donned a gown similar to Jennifer Lopez’s, but it just did not hit the mark. What could have made the look so much  better, however, and what could have perhaps even made it a best dressed, would have been if she cut off the damn sleeves! This would have completely transformed the red halter gown and paired with a high pony or some slicked back blonde locks would have turned the outfit from drab to fab in a heartbeat. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to put your own twist on the designs Iggy!


So there you have it, my best dressed of the 2014 Billboard Music Awards with a few random bits thrown in!

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