Lucky Blue Smith: Male Model of the Moment 2016

Lucky Blue Smith is undoubtedly the male model of the moment. From shooting campaigns for Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger to being a guest on TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and having garnered over 2 million Instagram subscribers by the tender age of 17, whether you know his name or not, you most definitely have encountered Lucky Blue in some manner. Scouted at the age of 10, signed at the age of 12 and joined by his 3 model sisters, Lucky Blue’s life certainly has a fairytale-esque feel to it. For instance, not only was the model signed at just 12 years old, but his first shoot was for Vogue Hommes Japan. Yes, you read that correctly – a 12 year old boy’s first ever photoshoot was for Vogue. It’s time like this where I begin to question my productivity in the past decade of my life…

12 year old Lucky Blue’s Vogue Hommes Japan shoot by Hedi Slimane:


One could argue that he is the Jennifer Lawrence of the modelling world; one day a regular person like you and me and then suddenly plucked from the walks of normality to take his modelling field by storm. What are undeniable, are Lucky Blue’s undeniable talent and his unique looks. Beginning with his peroxide hair at the top of his 6′ 3″ stature, you need only drop an inch or two until you gaze into his enchanting ice-blue eyes and though he carries a somewhat cookie-cutter all American look, there is most certainly something intriguing about the youth, which makes him stand out from the pack.

Not only are his looks attractive, but so is his personality. Having already allotted the world with the information that he is interested in pursuing acting, Luck Blue is also a drummer, and a pretty good one at that. One fourth of the family band ‘The Atomics’, on top of ambition, looks, youth and star quality, Lucky Blue can officially add cool to his repertoire. In fact, the foursome of siblings are all pretty impressive and combined form a magnetic troop.

Lucky Blue with his sisters Pyper America, Daisy Clementine and Starlie Cheyenne:

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Though the Smith family are a powerful bunch, we are here primarily to speak of Lucky Blue, so let’s get back to business. Evidently not affecting his career thus far, one interesting fact about Lucky Blue is that he is a mormon. Obviously, not directly correlated with modelling, I find this engaging as Lucky Blue is clearly a strong role model. Self-described as a rebellious type it will be intriguing to see if his religious background will aid him in maintaining his purity in the modelling world.

More important for this post, however, is his amazing body of work so far. Though beginning his modelling at 12, Lucky Blue’s career really became busy at the age of 14 and has exploded since the beginning of 2015. Here we’ll look at some of his work that both grabbed my attention and illustrate different sides to Lucky Blue.

Lucky Blue the handsome, young model:

The high-fashion starlet:

The cheeky boy next-door:


The modern man:

The understated cool:

As well as being a multi-faceted model, Lucky Blue has worked for multiple brands and covered an array of magazines. This, perhaps more than anything else, is what has cemented his title as a current leading male model.

Numerous models, both male and female, have a hoard of social media followers, have strutted down more catwalks than they can remember and have host a stunning shots in their portfolios. When you add television appearances and magazine covers to this, however, you are not a mere working model, you are on your way to becoming a household name. Below are some of Lucky Blue’s high-profile shoots:

Covering Elle UK:

Elle UK

Tom Ford Campaign:


GQ Turkey Cover:


Tommy Hilfiger’s latest campaign with Hailey Baldwin:

Shoot for DAMAN by Mitchell McCormack – one of my favourite Lucky Blue shoots:

Penshoppe Summer 2016 – whose model for the female line is Kendall Jenner by the way, enough said!


A more muted Lucky Blue for Isenberg Korea SS16:


I feel like that might be enough Lucky Blue Smith for one post. The last thing that I would want to do is oversaturate your mind with the brilliant model! That said, it is clear from the discussion and shots about that Lucky Blue Smith is a force to be reckoned with. A triple-threat with youth, looks, talent and popularity on his side, I have a feeling that 2.1 million Instagram followers and a lucrative modelling career may just be the beginning for this starlet.

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Goodbye for now from your Irish fashion blogger… p.s. I added in some sneaky extra pictures of Lucky Blue at the end of the post!

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#FridayFashionFix: 12/02/2015 – The Man Bun.

I have succumbed to the bun.


The man bun is literally everywhere and try as you may, there is no hiding. Honestly, I have loved it from the get go, but the every-growing popularity and non-stop photos have fully instilled my adoration. In fact, it has even made me think about growing out some luscious locks of my own. I mean I already have the facial hair – why not right?

The man bun is exciting because unlike women’s fashion, new and innovative hairstyles for men are far and few between. This new hair horizon has sparked much and more interest, and for good reason. The man bun is a sexy, cool, lazy way for men to look good and be confident in their appearance, more importantly however, it oozes style. In this, the modern age of the metro-sexual, change such as the man bun is embraced with open arms because it gives us a new way to express ourselves. Another reason why I love it is because, in recent years, it has become more more typical to see men incorporating formal wear into their everyday attire. The addition of some scruff and a messy man bun juxtaposes the formality of the skinny tie and tux combo to a tee and brings the look back into the realm of casual, whilst remaining super stylish. In saying this, I don’t think that the man bun is a style that every man should try to emulate.

Why should some steer clear I hear you ask? Well some people, myself included, just don’t have the right look to pull this off, which is why although I would love to add the bun to my list of hairdos, I highly doubt that I will. Personally, I think that to have a man bun, you need the bone structure and more importantly, you need a good profile. If like me, you lack a strong jaw line or don’t have a straight, model-esque nose, then I think that you should join my bandwagon and leave it to the professionals. As we’ve seen with the women’s balayage movement, it’s better to stay off the train than to hop on the back and do it badly. By all means though, if you have the basics, if you have the style and if you have the balls (pardon the pun), then please go for it – it’s a look that will get you noticed and I guarantee that all of the girls, boys or whomever you desire, will be lining up to join you for a coffee.

For a little treat, have a look at some stylish man buns (‘muns’ maybe?) below:





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Landofpod Springtime Style: Carolina Herrera SS 2015.



Carolina Herrera brightened up the spring/summer runway and has delivered a gorgeous collection to boot. Unlike most of the collections that I have looked at so far, Carolina has brought a fresh, bright feeling to the season. I know that corals, yellows and florals may appear as generic and unimaginative for the time of year that’s in it, but when they are executed with as much finesse as this they are undeniably beautiful.

So far, I have really liked the collections which I have written about, but there were always a few looks which did not sit right with me, Carolina has completely avoided this, however, with a close to perfect runway. To celebrate this, I am going to have a short post just showing you guys my favourites from the show.

Also, along with her exquisite clothing, Herrera has also displayed the best beauty of any runway that I have seen this season thus far. The clean, dewy face with slightly bronzed eyes, a pretty lip and that amazing innovative, sleek hair all add to one of the best beauty looks that I have ever seen hit the runway.

Carolina’s unbeatable beauty:

carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw3 carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw25

Now, let’s glance at my favourite looks from the show.

Show stand-outs:




























This runway could not be any clean, beautiful and fresh and I think that Caroline did an amazing job ❤

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Landofpod Springtime Style: Alexander Wang SS 2015.

It might still be winter, but my eye is always on the future and right now my fashionable focus is aimed at spring. Upon evaluating my blog’s success in the last year, I’ve realised that it’s done so much better than I could have ever imagined so to celebrate I’m going to have one spring post everyday for the rest of the month of January, beginning with the A’s, and an old favourite, Alexander Wang.

Alexander is obviously a huge name in fashion and that is because of his clear point of view. This mainly lies in making the masculine feminine. Wang’s androgynous viewpoint is both intriguing and exciting. What I love about it, however, is that, although he can often push the boat on androgyny, he still maintains a spark of excitement, which he often does by using bold, bright colours – something which is of strong use in this collection. In fact, when comparing it to his fall/winter 2014 collection (with my review here), one can see that Wang has essentially used all of the same colours, similar combinations, has preserved his androgynous aesthetic and has still made a successful, individual collection. How is this, you may ask? The answer is details. Alexander is all about structure, precision and fantastic detailing so have a look with me below.

As it’s the beginning of my springtime style collection, I’m going to start on a positive note with the looks which won for me (yes, despite my prior gushing, there are parts of the collection which I don’t like).

First and foremost, as aforementioned, I really like Alexander’s use of androgyny. From tailored pants, sharp lines, defined shoulders and structured silhouettes, this theme was everywhere and was beautiful.




These three looks are gorgeous. I adore the bold, neon colours, the high necks, the detailing and the ankle-strapped shoes. One of my favourite parts of the tops shown above is the texture. The almost stretch-knit fabric of the yellow is beautiful and the tassel-like fabric of the lower two tops adds a dimension which gives the looks that signature Wang stamp. P.s. look at the pants pockets – I told you he has an eye for precision!




Following up, the bold neons shone in these tight, structured dresses. Another aspect brought in here is an element of sheer – something which is huge for this spring and not just in the traditional whites and blacks, but in every colour. If you can find something fashionable and sheer for spring then get your hands on it because it is going to be everywhere! I love all three of these looks, but for some reason my eyes keep being drawn to that stunning halter.



Still focusing on structure, the flirty vibe became apparent with the skirts of the above two looks. This adds another dimension to the collection which I think is striking. If I was a female starlet (and had the body for it) I would die to wear the cut out dress with the sheer skirt, it is stunning. It is by far my stand-out of the show.



Back to the tough look, more sheer, cut-outs, leather and lines bring us back to Alexander’s use of androgyny in a very sexy manner. The biker jacket and sheer top combination is striking and sexy – a modern day Rizzo.




This trio is possibly my favourite. I’m a sucker for white on the runway, but the addition of the blue-green duck egg adornments is God-like. These looks are chic, crisp yet still flirty and I defy anybody to wear them and to not look incredibly stylish. Amazing!



The final two winners for me and these pant-top combos.  The lower half of the outfits are nice, but it’s the tops which steal the show. Let’s face it, everybody is doing the crop-top and it’s certainly not going to disappear anytime soon, but this is a distinctive, fashion-forward way to make this look your own and to out-do everyone else. Again, I am particularly in love with the halter.

Now, it’s time for the looks which I did not like. There were no disasters in the collection, but the definite downfalls were due to a combination of things, namely: lack of a ‘tight fit’ (first look), loose, unattractive fabrics (the long dresses – the worst looks of the collection), odd pattern making (long dresses et al.), very odd boob placement of leather (you’ll see) and lack of imagination (the grey looks). Have a look below:

alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw11 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw13 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw19 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw29 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw30 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw38 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw39

Overall, I adore this collection and think that Alexander has done an amazing job. He is a super talent and is a designer that is not going anywhere. And although I didn’t like some of the looks, I genuinely think that a lot of that was due to my own taste.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Favourite Red Carpet Looks.

This year’s highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has arrived and, even with the noted lack of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, it did not disappoint. With Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and our very own Hozier performing, along with the best known Angels such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr in their midst the show was as wonderful as ever. What I’m more interested in in this post, however, is the red carpet style shown at the event. Have a glance below at my favourite looks of the night:


First and foremost we have Taylor Swift, my best look of the night. Proving that you don’t have to be an Angel to soar above the rest, Taylor stole the show in floor-length, white gown with a sheer patterned top and a slit to the Gods. She looks amazing here, and so do her boobs!


Next we have Alessandra Ambrosio looking ever the vixen in this figure hugging, bondage style dress, showing that although she is one of the oldest Angels, she is still one of the sexiest.


Candice A also looked AMAZING on the night. This usually would not be the kind of dress that I would go for, but when you’re at a Victoria’s Secret event and you are blessed with that body and that face then why the hell not? Bringing ice-skater realness into the mix, Candice oozes sex appeal.


Lindsay A also look gorgeous in a sheer black number with a thigh high slit. Believe it or not, but most of these looks are my favourites because they have more fashion and are a lot more demure than what most of the party-goers decided to don. I know that it’s Victoria’s Secret, but there’s never an excuse to wear so little clothing and look so tacky as some of them did on the night.


Perhaps a tad mish-matched, but Olivia Palermo shows us that you don’t have to show too much skin to be sexy and powerful.


Jourdan Dunn – cool and chic.


Although not the best hair and make-up in the world, Jac Jagaciak is wearing a stunning skirt and top combination here. This is something that, if you have the figure for, I would entice every girl to go buy!

Taylor-Swift (1)

Taylor rocking it again in a sexy mini.


No idea what this girl’s name is, but this is a cute, flirty way to do cut-outs without overdoing it. Definitely a look to keep your eye on if you want to break out of your style barriers, but don’t want to dive straight into the deep-end.


Although not a huge stand-out, I just love this picture because Miranda is owning it. She is a Victoria’s Secret veteran and she looks so comfortable and mature, which to me is super sexy.


Finally, I have Mel B in this menswear inspired look. Looking mature, clean, crisp and chic she wore the perfect look for her on the night.

Let me know if you have any other favourites and/or if you liked or disliked this post.

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Favourite Fashion Trends, Autumn/Winter 2014

As with every season in fashion, this year’s Autumn/Winter styles have been highly anticipated. What’s unfamiliar, however, is the new, fresh look on fashion which can be seen on this year’s hottest runways. When one thinks of Autumn/Winter fashions they automatically veer into the land of stereotypes. Trench coats, jumpers, blacks and greys are just some of the thoughts which spring to mind. This drab look on fashion is finally about to change, however, with a major influx of colour and embellishment into the wardrobes of Irish women everywhere. Of course we can’t completely deviate from our staple black winter coats and LBDs, but without a doubt, my favourite trends this season are those which brighten up our world that little bit more.

As stated above, colour is one of the main changes this year – but in what way? Not only do we see a vast array of colours this season, but also a huge variation as to how they are showcased. From pretty pastels, crisp whites and bold, neon invasions, from entirely colourful garments to our fundamentals accented with beautiful greens, blues or pinks, colour is everywhere!

Here is a look at some of my favourite colourful creations to strut their way into my fashion story:





Now it’s time for our aforementioned embellishment. As previously stated, it is not just colour which has given life to our winter wardrobes, but also that touch of glitz which can only be added with every Irish girl’s favourite accessory – jewels. Like the injection of colour, embellishment was illustrated in many forms by numerous top designers. The main aspect that I love about embellishment, however, is that it is personal and enables everyone to put their own twist on it.

Personally, I know so many girls with so many different styles, and whether they prefer to be demure, bejewelled beauties or glistening goddesses this trend offers everything that they need. What I particularly love about it is that, like colour, it is something to play with and something that, if you are meek in your fashion choices, is the perfect escape to become that little bit more daring and to expand your fashion horizons. Look here to see the best of embellishment for this season, and some designers who married my two favourite trends – colour and glitz.




And finally, my favourite look of the season, proving that the LBD can indeed be replaced:


Original photos in this post are from:

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#FridayFashionFix 12/09/2014


Hilary Rhoda looked absolutely stunning this week at 3.1 Philip Lim’s new store opening. The 27-year-old model proved that it is indeed possible to look sophisticated, stylish and chic whilst being covered head to to. The clean pants go perfectly paired with the sleek, paneled top and open-toed shoes, but what really sets this look apart is that gorgeous leopard print belt. This is a look which proves that although anyone can be fashionable, it’s your own unique style which makes you stylish, thus enabling Rhoda to grab the title of this week’s #FridayFashionFix. Have a look at a full pic of Rhoda and a pic of her with the designer of the night below:



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