Landofpod Springtime Style: Elie Saab SS 2015.

Departing from his usual aesthetic, Mr. Saab brought a slight edge into the mix in his Spring/Summer 2015 show. Playing more with patterns, chunky stripes and separates, he still manages to maintain his whimsical signature whilst fringing on a new, exciting point of view. As always, there were looks which didn’t necessarily work for me or that were a tad on the passé side for me, but here I have my preferred looks from the collection (which is about half of the collection in total). Elie’s sexier, more chic perspective is very exciting and it even translates into the darker runway with sensual spotlights. It’s definitely one of the best runways of the season, but hey, it’s Elie Saab, what’s new?

Elie kicked things off in style, immediately showcasing his boulder standpoint with two sexy, striped and patterned numbers:




This look is more reminiscent of stereotypical Elie Saab designs, but with the more reserved use of lace it is slightly more sophisticated.

Bringing back the stripes, this graphic look is a style that really suits the designer. I particularly love the shapes made in the look below:





Next, Elie returns to his signature laced look, but edges it up with some sexy straps. The powder blue ensembles are particularly stunning and I love how his lace effect appears only as an addition to the looks as opposed to being what they are all about.



This blue look is literal perfection ❤





elie-saab-spring-summer-2015-pfw19 (1)

Highlighting, once more, just how good Saab can be with separates, this white ensemble (below) is outstanding. Style and sophisticated with an almost rocker edge, this look just screams Parisian chic!


Next, was a swift return to Elie’s usual aesthetic with this gorgeous beaded gown. Although, this dress is his staple, what I actually love most about this look is the shoes. Not usual being a shoe man per say, these sandals are absolutely stunning and bring the dress to a whole new level – amazing.





Then cut-outs were brought into the equation in a cheeky manner. I’m not sure if I love these or not, but it has to be said that the cut-out placement is on point and that they definitely add something to the collection.



Finally, we end the show returning to Elie’s roots and let’s be honest, there’s no better way. Bejeweled, sexy and still ethereal, there isn’t much to say about these looks, but that they’re Elie’s staples for a (very fabulous) reason.



I absolutely love my highlights from Elie Saab’s Spring/Summer 2015 show and hope that you guys do too! Make sure to follow me on facebooktwitter and instagram.

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Author: Pádraig Power.


Landofpod Springtime Style: Delpozo SS 2015.

The 4th post in my Springtime Style collection brings me onto hip fashion house, Delpozo. Founded in 1974 in Madrid, although around for just over 40 years, Delpozo maintains a fresh, funky vibe which sets it apart from many other designers. In their SS collection, Delpozo focuses on amazing graphics, beautiful fabrics and an abundance of colours, all which lead to a stellar show.

Although, fresh funky and stylish, many of you might not like some of the pieces, but for those of you who do, you will fall in love. Many of the looks are for a very specific style viewpoint, but I adore the contemporary fashions displayed in this collection. Have a look below at my favourite looks, some of which are purely for fantastic fashion and others which starlets should be knocking each other over to try and get their hands on.



This could be cute on a funky, supporting actress at a premiere!


This is one of the looks for fashion, but I adore it!




Such a cute and unusual crop top!




This look could be a hit or a miss, but on the right starlet I think it could be very chic indeed.delpozo-spring-summer-2015-nyfw20

Possibly my favourite look from the collection, this look needs to be worn by a starlet – it is stunning!



This is definitely one of the looks which is more so for fashion, but I personally think that the crop jacket could be a stunning addition to a chic look. I love the cropped circle pattern!



This dress has actually already been worn by Julianne Moore earlier this month at the Palm Springs International Film Festival!


Another look which is more fashion than function, this orange and peach ensemble begins to bring in the ever popular sheer element which I have been constantly telling you about – you genuinely need to get your hands on something sheer for spring guys!




A super risky look and very fashion forward, I think that tailored correctly, and paired with the perfect accessories, this could be a red carpet winner – it would be very difficult to get right though, only for the brave!delpozo-spring-summer-2015-nyfw32

Another vibrant cocktail dress – I am in love with the material that they used here and in other parts of the collection. I love the fact that it appears rigid, yet soft and that it has a slight shimmer to it.


Cate Blanchett anyone?


I don’t think that this dress would actually be wearable or would look good on a carpet, but there is something that intrigues me for some reason. Perhaps it’s the attachment at the bust as it is very reminiscent of the Delpozo look worn by Margot Robbie last year (seen below), which I loved:



Finally, we have this almost entirely sheer, blue dress. I do not like the fit, and don’t really like the lower half either, but I am obsessed with the sheer shirt on top. It is sublime and oh so chic!

That’s it for day 4. As always, make sure to let me know what you thought about the post and make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook – and follow the actual blog of course!

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Author: Pádraig Power.

Landofpod Springtime Style: Carolina Herrera SS 2015.



Carolina Herrera brightened up the spring/summer runway and has delivered a gorgeous collection to boot. Unlike most of the collections that I have looked at so far, Carolina has brought a fresh, bright feeling to the season. I know that corals, yellows and florals may appear as generic and unimaginative for the time of year that’s in it, but when they are executed with as much finesse as this they are undeniably beautiful.

So far, I have really liked the collections which I have written about, but there were always a few looks which did not sit right with me, Carolina has completely avoided this, however, with a close to perfect runway. To celebrate this, I am going to have a short post just showing you guys my favourites from the show.

Also, along with her exquisite clothing, Herrera has also displayed the best beauty of any runway that I have seen this season thus far. The clean, dewy face with slightly bronzed eyes, a pretty lip and that amazing innovative, sleek hair all add to one of the best beauty looks that I have ever seen hit the runway.

Carolina’s unbeatable beauty:

carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw3 carolina-herrera-beauty-spring-summer-2015-nyfw25

Now, let’s glance at my favourite looks from the show.

Show stand-outs:




























This runway could not be any clean, beautiful and fresh and I think that Caroline did an amazing job ❤

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Author: Pádraig Power.

Landofpod Springtime Style: Balmain SS 2015.

Obviously a huge fashion house, Balmain has become even more prominent in the past year with stars such as Shailene Woodley, Alessandra Ambrosio and every Kardashian/Jenner imaginable donning their sharp designs. Thus, with their undeniable success and stellar collection, it is only fitting that they beat out the others and join in on my springtime style party.

Known for their strong style aesthetic, Balmain brought this is abundance to the Spring/Summer collection with lines, shapes, symmetry and cut-outs being the major themes seen throughout. Like Alexander Wang’s collection (seen here), Balmain used black, white and colour to piece his collection together so let’s do this in good old chronological order and begin with the start of the collection.



Balmain kicked things off with these two stunning white ensembles – talk about a strong opening! The first look seen embodies many aspects of the show with the crisp white, deep plunging v and the triangular cut-out. What pulls the look together for me, however, is the gorgeous choker accessory and the sheer, flowing skirt, which makes the model look like she’s walking on air. If ever there was a Naomi Campbell moment for a young model, this is it. The lower look is also eye catching with the strong shoulders, deep v and chunky belt all adding up to be more than pleasing to the eye.

Here’s a closer look at that choker:






Next, Balmain brought bold lines into the equation with black making a major impact, but with different results in my opinion. In the top picture, the black lining is definitely what gives the outfit its oomph. Although clean, impactful, stylish and a strong look, it’s not my favourite in the show, however. Moving onto the blue ensemble, this is a low point in the show. Yes, there is nothing necessarily wrong with it, but what is there that’s good to say? It’s boring, forgettable and I don’t like the shoes. Essentially, it’s just underwhelming. Finally, the third look saves this part of the collection. The strong concept, the reoccurring deep plunge, the stunningly designed striped pant – everything about this design is a win. The model simply looks chic and sexy and this is a look which can be sexed up even more as shown by Cara Delevigne during Paris Fashion Week 2014 when she removed the bra top and added a chunky belt.





Returning to white, it’s as if Balmain can do no wrong. With killer style, amazing designs and those exquisite cut-outs, all of these looks are eye catching. Yes, the middle one might have a bit much going on, but what I like about it is that all of the pieces are individually stylish, easily enabling ladies to inject their own personal style. Of the three, the latter is the out and out winner. The four band top is just sensational and again, the accessorizing in beyond perfection.



Like some themes seen thus far, bumblebee yellow seemed to soar on Joan Smalls yet dwindle in the second look. The yellow and black dress is sexy and svelte and the black lining with the high waist cut-outs is a very attractive paring. The top, jacket and pant combination is not one which goes well for me, however. I do think that the model look somewhat stylish overall, but when you dissect the look, the top, the ugly jacket and the neither here nor there pants all fail to impress.

Black and white dominated the next chunk of the collection, with cut-outs, lines and sheer being seen everywhere. All in all, there were just way too many looks to choose from/way too much to say about each, so as to avoid your utter boredom I’m going to pick my favourites and my least favourites and show you them here:

Best of the black and white:

(I love the second look with the quirky model – perfect pairing!)



The downfalls/boring pieces:









The next three looks had colour returning with a bang! These looks may seem a bit odd and I can absolutely see how some people might not warm to them, but I can see a quirky fashionista make these work flawlessly (yes, even the middle one). For some reason, the one starlet who keeps popping into mind when evaluating these looks is Solange Knowles – gorgeous afro and all!





Rouge red then made an appearance and unfortunately so. The colour is chic, sexy and a welcome sight in the first look with the styling and the addition of black once again knocking it out of the park, but that came to a sudden halt in the lower looks. The second and third outfits are just boring, utterly unimaginative and worse than everything else – unattractive. In my opinion, they should have been scrapped from the collection!

balmain-spring-summer-2015-pfw41 balmain-spring-summer-2015-pfw43

balmain-spring-summer-2015-pfw44 balmain-spring-summer-2015-pfw45



Then came the typhoon of colour which was an overall miss. Maybe it’s just me,  but I think that there are way too many colours here.  Personally, I love colour and I believe that it is a way to express who you are, but when there are this many colours with this many patterns I just tend to get a bit of a head ache. The first and third looks are by far the worst, but there is honestly no look here that is a winner for me. I do think that the tops in the last two looks are by far the stars of this section (particularly the second last), but paired with the outfits they loose their chance to shine.



To end my review, I have this spectacular, sapphire blue gown. This look was actually in the midst of the colour sector of the show, but it is so pretty that I didn’t want to lump it in there. There are so many beautiful aspects of this dress; the gorgeous blue colour, the triangular point at which the blue ends, the sheer-effect netting, the sequined black halter, the black belt to finish it off – this is another look which is a collection stand-out and is the perfect way to finish my post.

As always, let me know if you agree and/or disagree with anything in my post and make sure to follow the blog on facebook. Tomorrow, we will move onto the C’s and have even more springtime style for you to fall in love with.


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Author: Pádraig Power.

Landofpod Springtime Style: Alexander Wang SS 2015.

It might still be winter, but my eye is always on the future and right now my fashionable focus is aimed at spring. Upon evaluating my blog’s success in the last year, I’ve realised that it’s done so much better than I could have ever imagined so to celebrate I’m going to have one spring post everyday for the rest of the month of January, beginning with the A’s, and an old favourite, Alexander Wang.

Alexander is obviously a huge name in fashion and that is because of his clear point of view. This mainly lies in making the masculine feminine. Wang’s androgynous viewpoint is both intriguing and exciting. What I love about it, however, is that, although he can often push the boat on androgyny, he still maintains a spark of excitement, which he often does by using bold, bright colours – something which is of strong use in this collection. In fact, when comparing it to his fall/winter 2014 collection (with my review here), one can see that Wang has essentially used all of the same colours, similar combinations, has preserved his androgynous aesthetic and has still made a successful, individual collection. How is this, you may ask? The answer is details. Alexander is all about structure, precision and fantastic detailing so have a look with me below.

As it’s the beginning of my springtime style collection, I’m going to start on a positive note with the looks which won for me (yes, despite my prior gushing, there are parts of the collection which I don’t like).

First and foremost, as aforementioned, I really like Alexander’s use of androgyny. From tailored pants, sharp lines, defined shoulders and structured silhouettes, this theme was everywhere and was beautiful.




These three looks are gorgeous. I adore the bold, neon colours, the high necks, the detailing and the ankle-strapped shoes. One of my favourite parts of the tops shown above is the texture. The almost stretch-knit fabric of the yellow is beautiful and the tassel-like fabric of the lower two tops adds a dimension which gives the looks that signature Wang stamp. P.s. look at the pants pockets – I told you he has an eye for precision!




Following up, the bold neons shone in these tight, structured dresses. Another aspect brought in here is an element of sheer – something which is huge for this spring and not just in the traditional whites and blacks, but in every colour. If you can find something fashionable and sheer for spring then get your hands on it because it is going to be everywhere! I love all three of these looks, but for some reason my eyes keep being drawn to that stunning halter.



Still focusing on structure, the flirty vibe became apparent with the skirts of the above two looks. This adds another dimension to the collection which I think is striking. If I was a female starlet (and had the body for it) I would die to wear the cut out dress with the sheer skirt, it is stunning. It is by far my stand-out of the show.



Back to the tough look, more sheer, cut-outs, leather and lines bring us back to Alexander’s use of androgyny in a very sexy manner. The biker jacket and sheer top combination is striking and sexy – a modern day Rizzo.




This trio is possibly my favourite. I’m a sucker for white on the runway, but the addition of the blue-green duck egg adornments is God-like. These looks are chic, crisp yet still flirty and I defy anybody to wear them and to not look incredibly stylish. Amazing!



The final two winners for me and these pant-top combos.  The lower half of the outfits are nice, but it’s the tops which steal the show. Let’s face it, everybody is doing the crop-top and it’s certainly not going to disappear anytime soon, but this is a distinctive, fashion-forward way to make this look your own and to out-do everyone else. Again, I am particularly in love with the halter.

Now, it’s time for the looks which I did not like. There were no disasters in the collection, but the definite downfalls were due to a combination of things, namely: lack of a ‘tight fit’ (first look), loose, unattractive fabrics (the long dresses – the worst looks of the collection), odd pattern making (long dresses et al.), very odd boob placement of leather (you’ll see) and lack of imagination (the grey looks). Have a look below:

alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw11 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw13 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw19 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw29 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw30 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw38 alexander-wang-spring-summer-2015-nyfw39

Overall, I adore this collection and think that Alexander has done an amazing job. He is a super talent and is a designer that is not going anywhere. And although I didn’t like some of the looks, I genuinely think that a lot of that was due to my own taste.

Let me know what you think of the looks and my comments and for easy access to all of my Springtime Style follow the blog, my newly active twitter and/or my facebook page.

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Author: Pádraig Power.