Best Dressed | The Met Gala 2016 – Manus vs Machina

My favourite red carpet occasion of the year raised its stunning head and left us with a vast array of fashion at our finger tips.

The Met Gala is Anna Wintour’s night to shine and with an outlandish theme it always allows fashion’s bravest to push the boundaries and test their creative prowess. Let me begin this post by stating my 2 non-disputable rules for Met Ball attendees:

Rules for the Met Ball:

1) If you are going to attend the Met Gala then you follow the theme!

I don’t care who you are or what you do. If you are forking out thousands of dollars for a ticket to attend a fashion exhibition then you owe it to the event to at least abide by the rules. Just as important to remember is that that includes pushing yourself. Wearing a simple metallic dress does not meet my standards of following the theme… If I see you in a plain silver dress for a Manus vs. Machina theme – next!

2) If you do abstain from the theme then your outfit needs to be perfect.

If you are going to irritate spectators and be brazen enough to turn your back on the wondrous theme, that I’m sure has been painstakingly chosen for you, then you at the very least need to make sure that your off-beat outfit is absolutely flawless. If not, then why be awkward in the first place? If you’re not going to follow the theme and you wear a boring outfit then you might as well have stayed at home. This is a fashion event, darling.

That being said, the majority of stars and fashionistas alike did me proud this year and I was more than pleasantly surprised when scrolling through Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair online (where the pictures in this post were sourced from). Thus, let’s get into it.

Best Dressed Fashionistas of the Met Gala 2016:

Zendaya in Michael Kors Collection


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Emmys 2015 – Worst of The Night.

So unlike my prior post on the fashion seen at this year’s Emmys, this post might have just a tad bit of negativity thrown into the mix!

As always, we expect to see the good bad and in-between at all award shows and boy oh boy did the Emmys not disappoint. For all of the dazzling beauts of the evening have a look here at my Best Dressed post, but for some horrendous looks, some of which will curl your toes, then continue on and scroll to find the horror below.

Let’s kick things off with the worst of the worst…

Heidi Klum in Versace dress and shoes with Lorraine Schwartz jewellery:


Where on earth did this canary yellow disaster pop out of?! Heidi is a stunning supermodel with beauty and brains to boot and then she comes out looking like someone made her dress out of some very distressed canaries – this is an absolute disaster. Although it still wouldn’t have been nice, she could have at least taken off that God awful sleeve and lapel combination, I mean it’s not like she trying to cover anything up! From shoulders to toes this is a horrendous and tacky ensemble. Genuinely all that I can think of is that if I was a canary I’d rather be in a coal mine than be associated with this dress. One positive: at least this wasn’t designed by any of her Project Runway designers because that would have been the start and end of their career in one foul swoop! Heidi… get a stylist!


Dascha Polanco:

Dascha Polanco

Following on from our supermodel in distress we have Dascha Polance from Orange Is The New Black. Dascha is a beautiful, curvy woman, but here she is doing herself zero favours. Although the voluptuous form isn’t your usual Hollywood stereotype, you can make the best of your body no matter what shape or size you are and unfortunately, that is exactly the opposite of what Dascha is doing. That sheer skirt and slit just isn’t pretty. The dress as a whole is boring and not that cute, but if Dascha had just lowered the slit a few inches (maybe like 8…) then this would flatter her so  much better. This just isn’t good.

Kathryn Hahn in Vivienne Westwood with Eva Fehren jewels:

Kathryn Hayn

I hate to be mean, but Kathryn’s dress is hideous! This macabre frock is genuinely one of the worst things I have laid my eyes upon. I would say that perhaps this would look good on a model or someone, but being honest, I can’t find any good qualities about it. It looks like someone found two pairs of their nanna’s old curtains, sowed them together, threw on some make-up and hoped that no one would notice… #DIYCinderella!

Julianne Hough in Marchesa with a Jimmy Choo clutch:


Julianne looks like a modern day wicked witch of the west gone wrong in this ensemble. This dress just is not nice on her and 100% is not for an occasion like this. The sad thing is that I do think that the dress could be stunning on someone with model proportions to a different event though (I know I’m obsessed with her, but Sophie Turner perhaps?). One saving glory for Julianne is that although that head-band sucks, her hair is cute from the back!


Amy Schumer in Zac Posen:


Fair play to Amy for her amazing Emmy win, but this look was certainly not worthy. Like Dascha, Amy has some curves, but apparently doesn’t know how to use them. I find this look very surprising because even though Zac Posen isn’t always my favourite designer, he usually sculpts beautifully to the body – something which he didn’t quite get here. This gown hugs Amy in all the wrong places, her hair looks like she just had sex in the limo before hopping out and I can just tell that she had to keep pulling it up at her chest region all night.


Danielle Brooks:


Looking more parrot than canary, it seems like Danielle Brook and Heidi Klum were birds of a feather at last night’s Emmys. Tropical bird puns aside, Danielle certainly wasn’t looking too tasty on the night (sometimes I just can’t help myself). This dress was too tight on the thighs and adding extra fabric to a larger woman is never a good idea. Even twirling couldn’t help her case… next!


Christine Marzano:

This woman is absolutely stunning, but there is no excuse for this dress. Obviously trying to make a name for herself, Marzano walked the carpet in this next to nothing attire. Now, I am never one for this as I just think that it’s tacky, but asides from that, there are literally children at this event and you rock up practically naked – really Christine? If I was on the Emmy committee I wouldn’t have let her in – it’s not like she’s important anyway…

Next we have 3 dresses which, although I don’t like anyway, are here for their terrible fabric choices. This fabric should never be seen on a red carpet:

Elizabeth Moss in Oscar de la Renta:


Uzo Aduba in Jonathan Cohen:


I don’t even know who this woman is…


Carice Van Houten:

Carice Van Houten

Judging from this look, I think that maybe the red lady should stick to her colour. Carice is a beautiful woman and has killed it on the red carpet before, but unfortunately here she just isn’t looking her best. This colour washes her out, it doesn’t fit nicely and when you look at it closely, parts of the dress even look unfinished! For someone who has see in the future she really should have seen this one coming. Not a good look for her at all.

Emma Myles:


Her hair and make-up are pretty, but I honestly can’t even begin to comment on the dress… This are so many things wrong with it that there’s no point in even trying!

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Oscar de la Renta:

Maggie Gyllenhal

A bad night for the Oscar de la Renta brand, this is yet another dress designed with horrific fabric. Maggie is accustomed to donning garments with her own off-beat personal style and I completely encourage that, but not with this fabric. What is up with everyone picking these crinkly, unflattering textiles?

Alan Cumming:

Alan Cumming

The worst male of the night, Alan came with enough spare fabric for a whole other suit! I’m wondering if he’s ever come across the world ‘tailoring’? Quirky tie and pants aside, the weather at the Emmys yesterday was beautiful and really warm, which begs the question – why on earth is he wearing crocs and holding an umbrella?!

Julie Klausner:

Julie Klausner

If January Jones showed us all how to rock a green jumpsuit, Julie Klausner has shown us exactly how not. The general theme of this post so far, Julie is wearing something with both bad fit and bad fabric. This jumpsuit makes Julie look much bigger than she is and then her hair just looks like she’s going to the shop to buy dinner. Overall, this is not a good look and the sleeves don’t certainly don’t help.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Jane Krakowski:

Neithr Tracee nor Jane chose the right looks this time round. Both stars are wearing gowns which are uncomfortably tight to the extent that they can’t even stand how they normally do. Tracee’s is sucking her in in the torso and flattening her chest while Jane’s just looks uncomfortable all round.



Helen McCrory:

Helen McCrory

I’m sorry Helen, but you’re at a celebrity award ceremony, I don’t care if it’s sunny – take off the God damn glasses. Oh, and your dress isn’t nice either.

Chelsea Peretti in Gabriela Cadena:

Chelsea Perretti

Finishing off our fashion failures is Chelsea Peretti in a gown which just isn’t right. I don’t particularly like this dress anyway, but asides from that it just doesn’t suit her, and you can tell by her face that she thinks the same thing! At the end of the day, you can get the most stunning dress in all of existence, but if it doesn’t suit you then I’m afraid you just need to let it be and that’s what Chelsea should have done here. Two positives though – her leg looks amazing and I really like her shoes too!

Well that’s that folks! If you made it to the end of this post then congratulations because I’m sure you’re as tired as I am after looking at all of those looks 😛

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Grammys 2015 Red Carpet: The Worst And The Oh So Close.

This year’s Grammys was a huge success and got everyone around the globe talking. From Taylor’s dancing, to Beck beating Queen Bey, and Sam Smith stealing the show, there was no lack of theatrics and fortunately for us, the same can be said for the red carpet. So to get things going, I might as well start off with the post which usually gets you guys excited the most – my worst dressed of the evening.

Worst Dressed Goes to: Kim Kardashian West in Jean Paul Gaultier:



I’m sorry, but for me this is just a hot mess. Kim is one of the most famous celebrities in the entire world, she can literally wear anything that she wants from any renowned designer and this is what she chooses? This look comprises of too much clothing and all in the wrong places. To start off, we get it – you’re proud of your body. We don’t want to keep seeing it however! The seemed center of this robe barely covers from her belly-button to her lady parts, leaving way too much on show. Then she goes and wears the rest of the look like a throw which has way too much fabric, thus swamps her. The addition of shoulder pads, embellished pockets and cuffs all aid in completely swallowing her and make her look even more stumpy than she actually is. Finally, she finishes off the look by covering half of her face, which is usually her only saviour. Where is the fashion in this look? The only positive is that she wore glitter to the Grammys…

Joy Villa:

Joy Villa

When deciding what to wear for an award show the phrase ‘snow fence couture’ should never be one which pops to mind. Not only does this dress look ugly as hell and show us all that Joy’s career must be in serious need of a boost, but it also looks incredibly uncomfortable! Who in their right mind would want to sit in this for the evening? I didn’t think that it was possible for someone to wear a bigger outfit and have more skin on show that Kim, but Joy certainly rose to the occasion. What really gets me are those nipple pasties though – vomit worthy.

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Iggy Azalea in Giorgio Armani:


This one is tough for me. Iggy undoubtedly looks a mess. The milkmaid braid is just dire and quite frankly makes her look a fool. The sheer compartment of the skirt is also horrible and cheapens the entire look. What I find difficult is that if you look at this from the neck to the knees only, it is perfection. The dress fit flawlessly and her body is outstanding. This is one of those looks where editing and styling would have made all of the difference. Let’s face it though, the mistakes are too grave and this look is horrible. Every-time I see it all I can think of is this:




I don’t know who she’s wearing and frankly I don’t care. I love Sia, I love her music, I love her talent, but I have become sick of her. This ‘anonymity’ thing is so annoying and so fake. If you don’t want anyone to know who you are fine, but then why are you walking the red carpet? Why are you putting yourself in the position to be criticized like this? I’ll tell you why, because you like the attention! Between walking the red carpet and your new stunt of getting A-listers to be in your videos and performances, I honestly don’t think that you want your music to do the talking for you, you want the fame.

Meghan Trainor in Galia Lahav:


Meghan may be all about that bass, but she clearly isn’t all about her fashion. This is hideous. I try to be constructive, but the only constructive criticism for this dress is to burn it.

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell:


Another red carpet hoe, Lady Gaga manages to look like a walking advertisement for safe sex. Unfortunately for Gaga, old Hollywood glamour was lost somewhere between the fabric choice, her make-up, her wonky boob and and those ‘strategically placed’ cut-outs.

Rihanna in Giambattista Haute Couture with Chopard jewels:


This one is difficult for me. Rihanna looks beautiful. In fact, I think she looks jaw-droppingly stunning. That is from the bust up, however. I can see the fashion behind it, but she has just lost it for me with the scale of the gown. The combination of the colour and the size of the skirt look like a pregnant teen trying to hide her bump at her quinceanera.

Rita Ora in Prada:


This is one of the biggest tragedies of the night for me. Her hairdo is Liza Minnelli gone wrong and her dress is oh so blasé. This look shows a serious lack of style and there is nothing that I like about it.

Michelle Pesce:


Every time I come across this picture I cringe. It looks to me like the DJ should stick to her decks because this is a very, very bad look. I almost feel sorry for the crater.

Madonna in Ricardo Tisci:


How could I not include Madonna? She’s 56, has a teenage daughter, is a superstar and this is how she walks the carpet. There’s nothing to say really, I just smile when I see her looks at this stage. She’s always going to be a hot mess, but I guess that’s why we love her!

Jane Fonda in Balmain:

From one oldie to another, Jane has an amazing body. She probably has the best body of any woman her age in the entire world. As well as that, her face is striking. A good body does not a stylish woman make however, as we can see here. This is a classic case of trying to show off your body purely just to show it off. There is very little, if any at all, style in this look and the chain is disastrous.


Kat Graham in Yanina Couture:


Sheer it may be, but chic it is not. There is too much going on here. I definitely appreciate a floral pattern here and there, but this is too big and is unflattering. The addition of the white shoes aids in the overkill. Her hair and make-up is stunning, but this is not a nice dress at all. I would actually even prefer it if it was a plain black sheer and there was no pattern.


Kelly Osbourne in Christian Siriano:


30 going on 60. Perhaps the beaded gown might have translated better in person, but as Kelly herself has said, you should dress for the cameras, not for the carpet. She is just too covered up in my opinion and it’s extremely drab. I’m not only upset at Kelly for this Amish-in-the-city look though, I’m also quite disappointed in Christian Siriano. For such a talented designer and for someone who did an amazing job at dressing celebs during last year’s awards season (remember Sarah Hyland in that crop top and skirt number?), he’s really slacked off this year and has yet to land a hit.

Soli Olds – Worst Dressed Man of The Evening.


I have no idea who this man is, but he looks so, so silly. Soli, you are not black, you are not hip and (from the look of things) you are not young – why on earth are you wearing those shoes? I don’t know what he is aiming for, but everything in this look scream ‘wannabe’. Sadly, whatever it is that you’re aspiring to, you’ve missed the mark by a mile Soli.

That’s it for my full on worst dressed list, but I do have two or thee more who I just want to discuss quickly…

Debatable Looks Of The Night:

Miley Cyrus in Alexandre Vauthier:


This look frustrates me so much. Miley’s hair, face and body all look beautiful. The gown itself is gorgeous as well, what I can’t deal with though, is the cut-outs. If you filled in all of these cut-outs Miley would have looked so chic, simple and stylish. Of course, if the cut-outs were filled in then it wouldn’t be an Alexandre Vauthier gown, but I think that she would have looked so much more beautiful!

Katharine Mcphee in Emilio Pucci:

This look is another editing disaster.


This would have been a perfectly pretty look if Katharine’s stylist had edited out the accessories. The earrings, her hair and the metal straps all bring this look from polished to tacky and they ruin all of the work put into the tailoring. Next time don’t try so hard Katharine and I think you’ll be happier with the outcome.

Katy Perry in Zuhair Murad:


Katy is one of the looks that doesn’t quite work for me and I don’t know why. I know that I don’t like the shoes and think that her underwear is not right for this dress, but asides from that I’m totally confused. What do you guys think of this look?

Ariana Grande wearing Versace:


Ariana’s looks is so near perfection that it hurts. The white gown is dazzling, her make-up is flawless and I also adore all of her accessorizing, it’s the extra flap of silver material that ruins the gown. I actually don’t even mind the addition of the silver into the dress, it gives it an extra oomph, it’s the dangling material that doesn’t fit the bill.

Beyoncé in Proenza Schouler:


She is my queen and like everyone else on the planet, I worship Beyoncé. What I don’t worship is this look. I like her hair, the more I look at it, but this dress has been done. Not only has everyone and their mother worn this lace styled gown, but Beyoncé herself has even worn similar looks to it! For such a stylish woman and an icon and idol, she could definitely work on her red carpet style.

So that’s the end to my (very long) worst dressed Grammys post! Apologies about the length, but there were just so many messes on the night and I was really enjoying taking them apart 😛

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Emmys 2014, Best Dressed.

Unlike the VMAs, this year’s Emmys did not disappoint in the fashion stakes. Numerous stars not only walked the red carpet, but absolutely owned it. From edgy, modern looks to classic and chic, the multitude of styles shown was amazing and it was certainly a difficult task to whittle down the list and decide who was the best of the night. Due to this troublesome task I not only have a top 3, but also some other ladies who grabbed the spotlight in their stylish ensembles. So, without further adieu, I am going to kick things off, not with my best of the best, but with some stylish starlets who certainly showed their fashion gusto.


Heidi Klum in Zac Posen:


Heidi was stunning in this red, floor-length gown which not only highlighted the supermodel’s gorgeous figure, but also introduced us to a new, softer, more flowing direction for Zac Posen.


Gwen Stefani in Versace:


Gwen had to be added into the fold for this, edgy, chic design. The red carpet veteran is one of the few stars who took a fashion risk and it certainly paid off.


Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli Couture 5:


Allison looked every inch the perfect, polished princess and there is nothing that I would change about this outfit, especially the belt – the yellow is amazing!



Amanda Crew in Max Azria Atelier:


Amanda kept it classy in this elegant, lady-like gown. She has sparked interest in me and I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this emerging star’s flawless fashion.


Michelle Monaghan in Giambattista Valli Couture 5:


Sleek, paired back and  modern in this Giambattista Valli gown Michelle Monaghan looked beautiful. I have to say that I am not a fan of her shoes though, but I’ll let her off this once.


Julie Bowen in Peter Som:


Perhaps a tad polarizing, but this look is perfect for the Modern Family star and Julie looks edgy and fun all in one.


Julia Roberts in Elie Saab:


Julia took a fashion risk in this short, sparkly number, but I definitely think it paid off. The bejeweled Elie Saab creation was unlike anything else worn on the carpet and showed off the 46-year-old’s sensational legs amazingly.


Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli:


With regards to Sofia, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? She can rock a mermaid gown like no other and here she is staying true to herself whilst looking like a stylish sex bomb – exactly the way we like her!


Enough of ladies who did really well, now it’s time for the créme of the crop and to discuss the stars who were undoubtedly the best of the night. I can tell that you’re obviously very excited at this stage, so to add even more suspense into the fold, I’m going to show you my top 3 beginning with number 3. Working my way to the highly coveted top spot on my list let’s start here.

3: Camila Alves in Zuhair Murad’s Resort 2015:

Camilla Alves

Not only is Camila the envy of every woman in the world with Matthew McConaughey on her arm, but she also oozes sex appeal and sophistication both of which are highlighted in this look. The model and designer personified perfection in this stunning Zuhair Murad’s Resort 2015 floor-length gown with an unfathomable number of cut-outs. Stylish, sexy and striking are only 3 of the words that come to mind when describing this look.


2: Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier:


Yes, this gown is so amazing that it deserves a wide-shot. The talented actress looks every inch a movie star in this utterly ravishly Donna Karan gown. The simple black gown is made especially interesting with the gorgeous white train trailing behind. What makes this look a knock-out, however, are the perfectly placed and sized cut-outs which paired with criss-crossed straps leads to striking geometrics. She was so, so close to achieving the number 1 spot and it is very easy to see why.


1: Sarah Hyland in Christian Siriano:


And here we have it, my undoubted number 1 – Sarah Hyland. The 23 year old Modern Family starlet epitomized class, style, elegance and edge, all whilst remaining youthful. This girl has had a fashion revelation and it was so refreshing to see that one can dress graceful and elegant whilst retaining a youthful flare! Wearing a top and skirt to the Emmys is a risky thing to do, especially when it’s a crop-top. The stylish youth pulled it off sensationally, however, and showed everyone that it is OK to dress young, fun and pretty whilst still making a fashion statement. I love everything about this look, from the crisp white and bold coral, to the sliver of skin shown on her mid-drift. The cherry on top has to be her accessorizing though with her hair, make-up and earrings polishing the outfit off perfectly and elevating it to that untouchable level. Have a closer look at her hair and make-up here:




So there you have it, my best ladies of the 2014 Emmy Awards. I have to say that the fashion was outstanding!


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MTV Movie Awards: Disasters.

As stated in my previous post, this year’s MTV Movie Awards Ceremony was a fashion nightmare. Not only did numerous ‘stars’ such as J-wow et al. assault our eyes with their terrifying wardrobe choices, but fashion favourites such as Lupita Nyong’o and Holland Roden also left us down, donning outfits which were not appealing to the eye in the slightest! Multiple stars seemed to forget that, although this is one of the most fun award ceremonies, fashion still comes first and that you can have fun whilst still letting your fashion prowess shine through. We are going to kick things off with our worst of the night (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) – Lupita Nyong’o.

Although Lupita’s outfit did entail more fashion than others and obviously had some thought put behind it, it is my worst purely due to sheer disappointment. The 12 Years A Slave actress has been the one to watch throughout every 2014 red carpet and has shone, leaving everybody else in her shadow, which is why I was so shocked when I laid my eyes upon her mutli-coloured, horrifically patterned, paneled dress. Even though her hair and make-up were flawless they could not compensate for her failed fashion choices with this ugly dress and badly matched shoes. What’s worse is that there is something about this dress that could work, but with the way it was put together, it needs to be put straight into a bin-bag and incinerated, if at all possible.

Lupita in Chanel:


Next we have another shock with Bella Thorne in a horrible, boring, pastel blue mini – with flat hair to match. At the tender age of 16, Bella can be forgiven for making fashion mistakes, but the budding starlet has been showing promise in the last year which is why I am so disappointed. It must have been difficult for Bella to decide what to wear to this show as she is a role model for young girls everywhere so couldn’t over-sexualize her look, but this is definitely not the right track to go down. I think that she should take a leaf out of her co-star Zendaya’s book and go for pieces which are more fashion-forward and stop playing it safe – after all, if she is going to make some fun fashion mistakes now is the time for her to do it!

Bella Thorne in Versace:


Our final two flops of the evening are singer Pia Mia and MTV Teen Wolf star Holland Roden. Kanye West’s latest protege, Pia, did not hit the mark in any way shape or form. From what I can see, the emerging starlet took her inspiration from ‘Arabian Nights’ and ‘Hoochie Mama’ and ended up somewhere right in the middle. Rather than making her look like Princess Jasmine, the ugly fabric, massive earrings and horrid heels all led to Mia looking like she got dressed with the lights off, leaving me less than impressed with her and her stylist. Roden, on the other hand, is usually one to knock it out of the park, but she also left me underwhelmed. She hit the carpet in a Ferragamo look, but unfortunately the dress washed her out and the tailoring was a shambles. The uninspiring dress did nothing for her figure and even her pop of colour shoes were an utter disappointment. Check out the two starlets looks here:

Pia Mia and Holland Roden:


To finish off our post, we have the two worst male looks of the night, courtesy of Drake Bell and Tyler Hoechlin. Drake donned a baby blue disaster with wave-like hair and an ugly tie and then confusingly finished the look off with white trainers. I know the fading star must be trying to get some attention, but this is definitely the wrong kind. His outfit looks like something that you might wear to your sisters communion if you were a twelve-year-old, but certainly not something appropriate for someone of twenty-seven years to wear to an awards ceremony. Then we have Hoechlin who needs to realise that just because his Teen wolf character wears clothes which are made for people half his size, does not mean that he should do the same in real life. Here he wears suit pants with a denim jacket (why?!) which appears to be so tight that if he tried to raise one of his arms over his head it would tear to shreds. He then finishes off the look with an ugly pair of brogues which distract from the rest of the look, but (if possible) in a bad way. Both of these looks are less then inspiring and here you can see why:

Drake Bell and Tyler Hoechlin:


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Sasha Luss: Taking The Fashion World By Storm.


Although probably not yet know by the mass market Elite Management model Sasha Luss has been one of, if not the, breakout fashion model of the last year (following Cara Delevingne of course). Luss’s origins match her looks hailing from icy Russia. The striking Russian began her career as a bright eyed, bushy-haired teen and the mousy-brown model certainly did not  have an overnight career, but since her recent colour change to a fierce icy blonde the stunner has sky-rocketed in the fashion realm and is taking no prisoners.

Fresh-faced Luss:


The striking beauty with bone-structure that most could only dream of has worked for some of the biggest names in the business and these fashion superstars include: Dior, Valentino, Vogue Russia, Exhibition Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger and  Elie Saab, amongst more. Here is some of my favourite work from Luss beginning with editorials:

Editorial Shots:








Tommy Hilfiger:


Vogue Russia:



Max Mara:


Exhibition Magazine:



Jean-Paul Gaultier:


Giambattista Valli:




So there you have it guys, one of the top models out there at the moment and, to be blatantly honest, my 100% favourite model of the moment (yes, she even beats Cara and Kendall)!

As always, let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree. Also, if you’d like more posts on models like this one then PLEASE let me know!

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